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  • Hybrid Muslim identities in digital space: the Italian blog Yalla.
    Evolvi, Giulia (2017)
    Social Compass 64:2: 220-232.

    2nd generation Muslim Italian youth adapt to Italian society in their Yalla blogs rather than remain marginal.

    Associated Search Terms: Internet; Identity; Islam, Italy; Youth; Adaptation; Italy; Generations
  • Christian-Muslim couples in the Veneto region, northeastern Italy: Dealing with religious pluralism in everyday family life.
    Cerchiaro, Francesco, Stef Aupers, and Dick Houtman (2015)
    Social Compass 62:1: 43-60.

    Based on interviews & participant observation with families formed by immigrant Muslim husbands & Italian wives. Strategies for minimizing religious differences included renunciation, closeting, convesion, & spiritualization.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Islam, Italy; Italy, Veneto; Marriage
  • I musulmani e i loro luoghi di culto.
    Rhazzali, K. (2013)
    In Enzo Pace (ed.) Le religioni nell'Italia che cambia: mappe e bussole. Roma: Carocco, pp. 47-65.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Achilles and the tortoise. A society monoplized by Catholicism faced with an unexpected religious pluralism.
    Pace, Enzo (2013)
    Social Compass 60:3: 315-331.

    Descriptive data & maps of other-than-Catholic places of worship, Catholic Charismatic Renewal centers, & Catholic ministries to immigrants.

    Associated Search Terms: Orthodox, eastern, Italy; Sikh, Italy; Pentecostal, Catholic, Italy; Migrant; Jehovah´s Witness, Italy; Italy; Islam, Italy; Catholic, Italy; Assemblies of God, Italy; Pluralism
  • L'islam in Italia tra fondamentalismo e islofobia.
    Macioti, Maria Immacolata (2012)
    Critica Sociologica 2012:1/2: 69-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Moschee d'Italia.
    Bombardieri, Maria (2012)
    Blogna: EMI

    Associated Search Terms: Mosque; Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Sufi spirituality and the code of Islam in everyday practice: Findings from a qualitative study of a Sufi group in Milan.
    Sündal, Fatma (2012)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Enzo Pace (eds.) Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular World. Religion and the Social Order 22. Leiden: Brill, pp. 181-199.

    Based on participat observation & interviews in a Jerrahi-Halveti group in Milano; focuses on a small number of converts.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Experience; Italy, Milano; Conversion; Islam, Italy; Convert; Spirituality; Sufi, Italy; Everyday life
  • Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States.
    Davis, Nancy J., and Robert V. Robinson (2012)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Focuses on the caring service side of religiously orthodox movements. The 4 movements under study bypass the state in their humanistic works. 2 would and 2 would not take over the state.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Social services; SHAS; Salvation Army, U.S.A.; Muslim Brotherhood; Italy; Israel; Egypt; Comunione e Liberazione; Catholic, Italy; Islam, Egypt; Social movement; Jewish, Sephardim, Israel
  • L'islam in Italia.
    Guolo, Renzo (2011)
    Il Mulino 2011 1: 58-63.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Islam, Italy
  • Italian secularism revisited? Muslim claims in the public sphere and the long struggle towards religious equality.
    Pace, Enzo, and A. Frisina (2011)
    In T. Keskin (ed.) The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies: Secularism, Economy and Politics. Reading: Ithaca Press, pp. 291-317.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; State; Islam, Italy
  • Young Muslims of Italy. Islam in the Everyday Life and the Public Visibility of a New Generation of Muslims.
    Frisina, Annalisa (2010)
    In Giuseppe Giordan (ed.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Vol. 1: Youth and Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 329-351.

    Based on particiipant observation in a young Muslim organization, & based on interviews.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Youth; Italy
  • La ricerca sull'immigrazione islamica in Italia: verso una nuova visibilità.
    Allievi, Stefano (2009)
    Religione e Società 65: 15-18.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Migrant; Islam, Italy
  • L'islam organizzato in Italia: un esempio di frattura organizzativa su linee nazionali.
    DiMotoli, Paolo (2009)
    Religioni e Società 65: 47-52.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Italy; Islam, Italy; Ethnic
  • Il sufismo in Italia.
    Marchi, Alessandra (2009)
    Religioni e Società 65: 53-60.

    The Italian converts & the immigrants form separate associations.

    Associated Search Terms: Sufi, Italy; Migrant; Conversion; Italy; Islam, Italy
  • Muslim women, fragmented secularism and the construction of interconnected "publics" in Italy
    Salih, Ruba (2009)
    Social Anthropology 17:4: 409-423.

    Muslim women are noted favoring the secular nature of the Italian state; in contrast, it is the Catholic Church that is trying to position itself at the center of politics.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Politics, Italy; Islam, Italy; Italy
  • "...Qui in Italia tuto è diverso...". Religione e religiosità nelle storie di vita di donne musulmane immigrate in Italia.
    Chiappelli, Tiziana (2009)
    Religione e Società 65: 61-68.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Migrant; Life histories; Islam, Italy; Italy
  • L'identità dei giovani musulmani e l"ijtihad" moderno.
    Maddanu, Simone (2009)
    Rassegna Italiani di Sociologia 2009:4:4: 655-680.

    Second generation Muslims in Italy make adaptations for their hybrid identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Adaptation; Youth; Italy; Islam, Italy; Generations
  • Din wa dynya: l'ortopraxxi islamica nella quotidianità degli immigrati marocchini.
    Fantauzzi, Annamaria (2009)
    Religioni e società 65: 37-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Everyday life; Migrant; Moroccan Italians; Italy, Turin; Islam, Italy
  • Giovani Musulmani d'Italia.
    Frisina, Annalisa (2007)
    Roma: Carocci.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Islam, Italy; Youth
  • Le Diverse Anime dell'Islam.
    Mantovan, Claudia (2006)
    Studi emigrazione 162: 445-465.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy, Veneto; Bangladeshi Italians; Islam, Italy; Participant observation; Senegalese Italians
  • Why are Mosques a Problem? Local Politics and Fear of Islam in Northern Italy.
    Saint-Blancat, Chantal, and Ottavia Schmidt di Friedberg (2005)
    Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 31:6: 1083-1104.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Italy; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Italy; Islam, Italy
  • Sociologie degli attori musulmani: leadership islamiste in Italia.
    Guolo, Renzo (2004)
    Religioni e società 50: 8-12.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Leadership; Italy
  • Islam italiano.
    Allievi, Stefano (2003)
    Torino: Einaudi.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Sociology of a newcomer: Muslim migration to Italy--Religious visibility, cultural and political reactions.
    Allievi, Stefano (2003)
    Immigrants & Minorities 22:2-3: 141-154.

    Associated Search Terms: Migrant; Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Mobilisations laïques et religieuses des musulmans en Italie.
    Saint-Blancat, Chantal, and Ottavia Schmidt di Friedberg (2002)
    Cahiers d'Etudes sur la Méditerranée orientale et la monde turco-Iranien 33: 91-106.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Islam, Italy
  • Islamofobia all'italiana.
    Sciortino, Giuseppe (2002)
    Polis 2002:1: 103-126.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice; Islam, Italy; Italy
  • The Islamic Presence in Italy: Social Rootedness and Legal Questions.
    Allievi, Stefano, and F. Castro (2000)
    In Silvio Ferrari and Anthony Bradney (eds.) Islam and European Legal Systems. Aldershot, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 155-180.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Italy
  • L'islam in italia. Una presenza plurale.
    Saint-Blancat, Chantal (1999)
    Roma: Ed. Lavoro.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Italy; Islam, Italy
  • I nuovi musulmani.
    Allievi, Stefano (1999)
    Roma: Ed. Lavoro.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Conversion; Islam, Italy
  • Tra identità e fede: una religiosità plurale.
    Saint-Blancat, Chantal (1999)
    In Chantal Saint-Blancat (ed.) L'Islam in Italia: una presenze plurale. Roma: Edizioni Lavora.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Islam, Italy; Pluralism
  • Etica, religione e religiosità nell'Islam italiano.
    Saint-Blancat, Chantal (1999)
    Religioni e società 35: 82-96.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Moral; Religiosity; Italy
  • Muslim Minorities in Italy and Their Image in Italian Media.
    Allievi, Stefano (1997)
    In Steven Vertovec and Ceri Peach (eds.) Islam in Europe. The Politics of Religion and Community. New York: St. Martins, pp. 211-223.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Italy; Islam, Italy
  • The Muslim Community in Italy.
    Allievi, Stefano (1996)
    In Gerd Nonneman, Tim Niblock, and Bogdan Szajkowski (eds.) Muslim Communities in the New Europe. Reading, U.K.: Ithaca Press, pp. 315-329.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Islam, Italy
  • L'Islam in Italia: profili storici e sociologici.
    Allievi, Stefano (1996)
    In Silvio Ferrari (ed.) L'Islam in Europa. Lo statuto giuridico delle comunità musulmane. Bologna: Il Mulino, pp. 241-267.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Islam, Italy
  • Muslim Organisations and Islam-State Relations: The Italian Case.
    Allievi, Stefano (1996)
    In W.A.R. Shadid and P.S. van Koningsveld (eds.) Muslims in the Margin. Political Responses to the Presence of Islam in Western Europe. Kampen: Kok Pharos, pp. 182-201.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Islam, solidarietà e lavoro. I muridi senegalesi in Italia.
    Schmidt di Friedberg, Ottavia (1994)
    Torino: Fondazione Agnelli.

    Associated Search Terms: African Italians; Labor; Islam, Italy; Migrant
  • Il Ritorno dell'islam. I musulmani in Italia.
    Allievi, Stefano, and Felice Dasetto (1993)
    Roma: Edizioni Lavoro.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Il ritorno dell'islam.
    Allievi, Stefano, and Felice Dassetto (1993)
    Torino: Einaudi.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Italy
  • Islam in emigrazione: continuità e cambiamento dell'identità religiosa.
    Belaid, Abdelsalam, Starlin Arush, Kamal Chaifouroosh, and Vanessa Maher (1991)
    Religioni e società 12: 43-54.

    Based on 1988-91 participant observation & life history research among Moslem immigrants in Turin.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Islam, Italy; Italy, Turin; Migrant
  • Una Confraternità Musulmana in Emigrazione: I Murid del Senegal.
    Carter, Donald (1991)
    Religioni e società 12: 60-78.

    Examines the founding of a dahira, a Mouride association, in the Senegalese immigrant community of Turin.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Italy; Dahira; Migrant; Italy, Turin; Mouride, Italy; Ethnic; Senegalese Italians
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