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  • Israel's Religiously Divided Society.
    Pew Research Center (2016)
    Washington: Pew Research Center

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Israel; Christian, Israel; Druze; Islam, Israel; Israel; Jewish, Haredi; Jewish, Israel; Palestinian Israelis; Practice; Statistics; Zionism; Marriage
  • Religion and sexual behaviors: Understanding the influence of Islamic cultures and religious affiliation for explaining sex outside marriage.
    Adamczyk, Amy, and Brittany E. Hayes (2012)
    American Sociologial Review 77:5: 723-746.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu; Sexual deviance; Sexual activity; Islam; Christian; Jewish
  • When Religion Meets New Media.
    Campbell, Heidi A. (2010)
    New York: Routledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian; Internet; Islam; Jewish, Orthodox
  • Hybridity as Subversion of Orthodoxy? Jews and Christians in Late Antiquity.
    Boyarin, Daniel, and Virginia Burrus (2005)
    Social Compass 52:4: 431-441.

    Focuses on 4th century phenomena.

    Associated Search Terms: Heresy; Jewish, ancient; Syncretism; Early Christian
  • The Limits of Ethnic Categories.
    Denzey, Nicola (2002)
    In Anthony J. Blasi, Jean Duhaime, and Paul-André Turcotte (eds.) Handbook of Early Christianity.Social science Approaches. Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira Press, pp. 489-507.

    Explores the meaning of "ethnic" categories in the context of ancient Jewish and early Christian contexts.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethnic; Jewish, ancient; Early Christian
  • The Economy of First-century Palestine: State of the Scholarly Discussion.
    Harland, Philip A. (2002)
    In Anthony J. Blasi, Jean Duhaime, and Paul-André Turcotte (eds.) Handbook of Early Christianity. Social Science Approaches. Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira Press, pp. 511-527.

    Overview of the economic situation of Palestine as the context of early Christianity & ancient Judaism.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Jewish, ancient; Economic
  • Civilizational Encounters in the Development of Early Christianity.
    Nielsen, Donald A. (2002)
    In Anthony J. Blasi, Jean Duhaime, and Paul-André Turcotte (eds.) Handbook of Early Christianity. Social Science Approaches. Walnut creek, California: AltaMira Press, pp. 267-290.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, ancient; Civilizations; Early Christian
  • Establishing Social Distance between Christians and Both Jews and Pagans.
    Sanders, Jack T. (2002)
    In Anthony J. Blasi, Jean Duhaime, and Paul-André Turcotte (eds.) Handbook of Early Christianity. Social Science Approaches. Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira, pp. 361-382.

    Associated Search Terms: Social distance; Early Christian; Jewish, ancient
  • Ritual Combat in the Gospels and Josephus: A New Methodological Approach.
    Staples, Peter (1999)
    Social Compass 46:4: 481-492.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Symbol; Early Christian; Jewish, ancient
  • Women and Religion.
    Berktay, Fatmagül (1998)
    Montreal: Black Rose Books.

    Traces the subordination of women in Judaism, Christianity, & Islam to the relations of production in antiquity.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Early Christian; Islam; Hebrew; Jewish; Christianity
  • Passing Over Easter. Constructing the Boundaries of Messianic Judaism.
    Feher, Shoshanah (1998)
    Walnut Creek, California: Alta Mira.

    Field study of an American Messianic Jewish congregation.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Jewish Christian; Women; Boundary maintenance; Parish; United States, California
  • Managing Strain, Contradictions, and Fluidity. Messianic Judaism and the Negotiation of a Religio-ethnic Identity.
    Feher, Shoshanah (1997)
    In Penny Edgell Becker and Nancy L. Eiesland (eds.), Contemporary American Religion. An Ethnographic Reader. Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira, pp. 25-49.

    Based on 1993 fieldwork in a Jewish Christian congregation in California.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Messian Judaism; Jewish Christian; Boundary maintenance
  • Discontinuitès et continuitès dans les recompositions du croire.
    Turcotte, Paul-André (1996)
    In Leïla Babès (ed.) Les nouelles manières de croire. Judaïsme, christianisme, islam nouvelles religiositès. Paris: Les editions de l'Atelier, pp. 23-45.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Christian; Jewish; Change; Belief
  • Archaeology, History, and Society in Galilee. The Social Context of Jesus and the Rabbis.
    Horsley, Richard A. (1996)
    Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: Trinity Press International.

    Reviews recent archaeological evidence on Galilee; discounts any heavy Hellenistic cosmopolitanism or Judaistic scribalism at the popular level.

    Associated Search Terms: Palestine; Jewish, ancient; Early Christian
  • The Category of the Primordial in the Study of Early Chrsitianity and Second-century Judaism.
    Grosby, Steven (1996)
    History of Religions 36: 140-163.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Jewish; Historical; Primordial
  • Paolo: fariseo, cristiano e dissonante.
    Taylor, Nicholas H. (1996)
    Religioni e società 11/24: 22-39.

    Interprets the career of Paul of Tarsus in terms of cognitive dissonance.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Jewish, Pharisaic; Cognitive dissonance
  • Deviance and Apostasy. Some Applications of Deviance Theory to First-Century Judaism and Christianity.
    Barclay, John M.G. (1995)
    In Philip F. Esler (ed.), Modeling Early Christianity. Social-Scientific Studies of the New Testament in its Context. London: Routledge, pp. 114-127.

    [Also in David G. Horrell (ed.), Social-Scientific Approaches to New Testament Interpretation (Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1999), pp. 289-307]

    Associated Search Terms: Disaffiliation; Deviance/social control; Early Christian; Jewish, ancient
  • Messianic Judaism: Ethnicity in Revitalization.
    Stokes, Bruce H. (1994)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of California, Riverside. [DA 56:32, p. 1001]

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Jewish Christian; Participant observation; Revitalization movement
  • Matthew's Christian-Jewish Community.
    Saldarini, Anthony J. (1993)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Jewish
  • Political Oppression in Jewish Apocalyptic Literature: A Social-Scientific Approach.
    Esler, Philip Francis (1993)
    Listening. Journal of Religion and Culture 28;3: 181-199.

    Overview of Jewish & Christian apocalyptic, & comparisons with parallel phenomena.

    Associated Search Terms: Millenarian; Millennial; Apocalyptic; Introversion; Jewish; Early Christian
  • Schismatics, Sectarians, Dissidents, Deviants: The First One Hundred Years of Jewish-Christian Relations.
    Sanders, Jack T. (1993)
    Valley Forge, Pennsylvania: Trinity Press International; London: SCM.

    Explains early Jewish-Christian tensions in terms of boundary maintenance of threatened Jewish identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Identity; Jewish; Boundary maintenance; Deviance/social control; Early Christian
  • Extraordinary Groups. An Examination of Unconventional Life-Styles, 5th Ed.
    Kephart, William M., and William W. Zellner (1993)
    New York; St. Martin's Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian Science, U.S.A.; Jewish, Hasidic, Satmar; Jehovah´s Witness; Mormon; Father Divine; Oneida; Jewish, Lubavitcher; Amish, Old Order, U.S.A.; Commune; Jewish, Hasidic, Satmarer
  • Her Share of the Blessings. Women's Religions Among Pagans, Jews, and Christians in the Greco-Roman World.
    Kraemer, Ross Shepard (1992)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Describes gender specific women's religions & women's roles in non-gender specific religions, in Greek, Hellenistic, Roman, Jewish, & Christian contexts. Uses Mary Douglas' grid/group.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Jewish; Greece, ancient; Early Christian; Hellenistic; Rome, ancient; Women; Grid/group; Historical
  • Gender Roles in a Scribal Community.
    Wire, Antoinette Clark (1991)
    In David L. Balch (ed.) Social History of the Matthean Community. Cross-Disciplinary Approaches. Minneapolis: Fortress, pp. 87-121.

    Compares Chinese literati, Qumran community members, Pharisees, & Matthean Christians.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Gender role; Jewish, Pharisaic; Early Christian; Jewish, Qumran
  • Understanding the man Jesus. A Historical-sociological Approach.
    Zeitlin, Irving M. (1990)
    Ultimate Reality and Meaning 13:3: 164-176.

    Jesus is seen in the context of the Judaism contemporary with him, especially his relationship to the Pharisee sect.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Pharisaic; Early Christian
  • Opression and Revolt in Ancient Palestine: The Evidence in Jewish Literature from the Prophets to Josephus.
    Lang, Graeme (1989)
    Sociological Analysis 49:4: 325-342. Comment by Anthony J. Blasi 51:4 (1990): 395-399. Reply by Graeme Lang 51:4: 401-405.

    Associated Search Terms: Hebrew; Jewish; Early Christian; Historical
  • Jesus and the Judaism of His Time.
    Zeitlin, Irving M. (1988)
    Cambridge, England: Polity Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish; Early Christian
  • Religion und Lebensführung. Studien zu Max Webers Religions- und Herrschaftssoziologie, 2 vols.
    Schluchter, Wolfgang (1988)
    Frankfurt: Suhrkamp.

    Associated Search Terms: Hebrew; Puritan; Otherworldliness; Weber, Max; Early Christian; Asceticism; Confucian, China; China; Charisma; Daoist, China; Buddhist; Hindu; Rationalization; Islam; Jewish; Protestant Ethic
  • Ethnic Judaism and the Messianic Movement.
    Kohn, Rachel L.E. (1987)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 29:2: 85-96.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish Christian; Ethnic
  • Les judéo-chrétiens d'aujourd'hui.
    Gutwirth, Jacques (1987)
    Paris: Ed. Du Cerf.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish Christian; Jews for Jesus
  • Jewish Conversion and the Rise of Christianity: Rethinking Received Wisdom.
    Stark, Rodney (1986)
    In Kent Harold Richards (ed.) Society of Biblical Literature Seminar Papers. Atlanta: Scholars Press, pp. 314-329.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Conversion; Jewish, ancient
  • Religion and Revolution.
    Lewy, Guenter (1974)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam; Sudan; Sri Lanka; Spain; Mexico; India; Germany; Egypt; China; Burma; Brazil; Latin America; Africa; Puritan, Great Britain; Catholic, Mexico; Jewish; Hindu, India; Christian; Revolution; Messian; Cargo cult; Anabaptist
  • Christian Science and the Jews.
    Appel, John J. (1969)
    Jewish Social Studies 31:2: 100-121.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish; Christian Science; Conversion
  • Dimensions of Canadian Religions A Preliminary Study.
    Nosanchuk, T.A. (1968)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 7;1: 109-110.

    Relates 9 Canadian religions to each other on a scale, based on judgments made by 15 judges, most of them campus chaplains.

    Associated Search Terms: Jehovah´s Witness, Canada; Catholic, Canada; Anglican Church of Canada; Canada; Baptist, Canada; Unitarian, Canada; Jewish, Canada; Christian Science, Canada; United Church of Canada; Lutheran, Canada
  • Randerscheinungen des Judentums und das Problem der Entstehung des Gnostizismus.
    Rudolph, Kurt (1967)
    Kairos 9:2: 105-122.

    Examines Jewish & Hellenist influences on Jewish, heathen, & Christian gnosticisms.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Gnostic; Jewish, ancient
  • Alternation and Conversion in Jewish Identities.
    Travisano, Richard V. (1967)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Minnesota.

    Associated Search Terms: Alternation; Conversion; Jewish, U.S.A.; Hebrew Christian
  • Churches and War Attitudes.
    Droba, Daniel Dboslav (1932)
    Sociology and Social Research 16:6: 547-552.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Presbyterian, U.S.A.; Students, undergraduate; Congregational, U.S.A.; Christian Science, U.S.A.; Baptist, U.S.A.; Methodist, U.S.A.; Lutheran, U.S.A.; Peace/war; Episcopal; Jewish, U.S.A.
  • From Apocalypse to Martyrology.
    Riddle, Donald W. (1927)
    Anglican Theological Review 9:3: 260-280.

    Sees Jewish apocalyptic literature & Christian martyrologies as writings designed to control the religions' members during episodes of persecution.

    Associated Search Terms: Social control; Martyr; Literature; Jewish; Early Christian; Apocalyptic; Hebrew; Persecution
  • A Sociological Study of the Bible.
    Wallis, Louis (1912)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Based on the author's articles in the American Journal of Sociology; organizes the material chronologically.

    Associated Search Terms: Justice; Early Christian; Jewish; Hebrew; Historical
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