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  • Religion, religious tradition, and nationalism: Jewish revival in Poland and "religious heritage" in Quebec.
    Zubrzycki, Geneviève (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:3: 442-455.

    Riesebrodt distinguised religion & religious tradition, the latter capable of being secularized. The left in Polish politics seeks a revival of Polish Judaism to promote pluralism while the right seeks to strengthen Catholic Polish identity. In Quebec there is an accommodation of non-Catholic sensibilities by the left, which yet retains some Catholic symbols in public places as indicators of tradition & Quebec identity.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Riesebrodt, Martin; Politics, Poland; Politics, Canada; Pluralism; Jewish, Poland; Catholic, Poland; Catholic, Canada; Canada, Quebec; Accommodation; Poland
  • Back to School: Jewish Day School in the Lives of Adult Jews.
    Pomson, Alex, and Randal F. Schnoor (2008)
    Detroit, Michigan: Wayne State University Press.

    Parents' involvement in Judaism increases when their children enroll in Jewish day schools.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Jewish, Canada; Participant observation; Canada, Ontario, Toronto
  • Being Gay and Jewish: Negotiating Intersecting Identities.
    Schnoor, Randal F. (2006)
    Sociology of Religion 67:1: 43-60.

    Based on interviews with 30 gay Jewish men in Toronto.

    Associated Search Terms: Homosexuality; Canada, Ontario, Toronto; Jewish
  • Finding One's Place: Ethnic Identity Construction among Gay Jewish Men.
    Schnoor, Randal F. (2003)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, McGill University.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Canada, Ontario, Toronto; Ethnic; Jewish, Canada; Homosexuality
  • Organizational and philanthropic behavior of the North American Jewish community.
    Elazar, Daniel J. (2002)
    Contemporary Jewry 23: 183-194.

    Associated Search Terms: Philanthropy; Jewish, U.S.A.; Jewish, Canada
  • Boundaries and Self-presentation among the Hasidim: A Study in Identity Maintenance.
    Shaffir, William (1995)
    In Janet S. Belcove-Shalin (ed.) New World Hasidim. Ethnographic Studies of Hasidic Jews in America. Albany: State University of New York Press, pp. 31-68.

    Illustrates the value of symbolic interactionism in ethnographic research among the Hasidim of Montreal; notes the author's different reception by different sects.

    Associated Search Terms: Symbolic interactionism; Participant observation; Education; Sect; Jewish, Hasidic, Canada; Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Identity; Boundary maintenance; Proselytizing
  • Religious Group Variation in the Socioeconomic Status and Family Behavior of Women.
    Heaton, Tim B., and Marie Cornwall (1989)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 28:3: 283-299.

    Analyzes 1971-81 Canadian census data.

    Associated Search Terms: Reorganized Latter-day Saints, Canada; Polish National Catholic, Canada; Ukrainian Catholic, Canada; Jewish, Canada; Mormon, Canada; Orthodox, eastern, Canada; Family; Women; Stratification; Anglican Church of Canada; Canada; Catholic, Canada
  • Separation from the Mainstream in Canada: The Hassidic Community of Tash.
    Shaffir, William (1987)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 29:1: 19-35.

    Based on 1970s interviews & participant observation; focuses on the attempt by Tashen Hassidim to incorporate a separate community near Montreal.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Jewish, Hasidic, Canada; Participant observation
  • Sociodemographic Characteristics of Religious Groups in Canada.
    Heaton, Tim B. (1986)
    Sociological Analysis 47;1: 54-65.

    Analyzes 1981 Canadian census data; allows for a focus on smaller, often overlooked denominations.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army, Canada; Reformed, Canada; Orthodox, eastern, Canada; Denomination (organizational entity); United Church of Canada; Presbyterian, Canada; Jewish, Canada
  • De la Déviance Religieuse: Le Sous-Système Hassidique à Montréal.
    Bauer, Julien (1984)
    Cahiers de Recherches en Sciences de la Religion 5: 235-260.

    By gaining influence among Montreal Jews, the Lubavitcher risk losing their specificity.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Canada; Jewish, Lubavitcher, Canada; Canada, Quebec, Montreal
  • Jewish Communities, Jewish Education and Quebec Nationalism.
    Bauer, Julien (1984)
    Social Compass 31:4: 391-407.

    The Jewish community experiences cross-pressures among Canadian, Quebec, & Jewish identities, especially in educational settings.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec; Jewish, Canada; Identity; Education; Nationalism
  • Nationalisation et dénationalisation le cas des collectivités sacrales excentriques.
    Zylberberg, Jacques (1984)
    Social Compass 31:4: 409-426.

    Minority religious movements stand in contrast to the religious legitimators of the state; considers the cases of the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Montréal Hassidim, & the Catholic Pentecostals in Canada.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Canada; Pentecostal, Catholic, Canada; Jewish, Hasidic, Canada; Legitimation; Jehovah´s Witness, Canada
  • Hassidic Jews and Quebec Politics.
    Shaffir, William (1983)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 25:2: 105-118.

    Examines the reaction of Montreal's 2 largest Hassidic groups (Lubavitcher & Tasher) to 1970-80s Quebecois nationalism.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Politics, Canada; Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Tasher, Canada; Jewish, Lubavitcher, Canada; Jewish, Tasher, Canada
  • Jewish Identity: The Maintenance of Urban Religious and Ethnic Boundaries.
    Driedger, Leo (1980)
    Ethnic and Racial Studies 3:1: 67-88.

    Examines how much Jews in Winnipeg maintain boundaries with residential segregation, institutional completeness, cultural identity, & social distance.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Identity; Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg; Jewish, Canada
  • The Role of Women in Synagogue Ritual in Canadian Conservative Congregations.
    Lazar, Morty M. (1978)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 20:2: 165-171.

    Analyzes responses from 21 Canadian conservative congregations; shows ritual involvement of women permitted but not compelled, resulting in less than fully equal participation.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Conservative, Canada; Women; Practice; Canada
  • Witnessing as Identity Consolidation: The Case of the Lubavitcher Chassidim.
    Shaffir, William (1978)
    In Hans Mol (ed.) Identity and Religion. International, Cross-cultural Approaches. Beverly Hills, California: Sage, pp. 39-57.

    Based on participant observation in Montreal.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Jewish, Lubavitcher, Canada; Participant observation
  • Spanning the Generations: A Study in Jewish Identity.
    Kallen, Evelyn (Latowsky) (1977)
    Don Mills, Ontario: Longman Canada.

    Analyzes data from adult members of 3 north Toronto synagogues, based on 1966-69 field work & telephone survey data, & 1970-72 questionnaire data from Jewish youth in Toronto.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Ontario, Toronto; Youth; Jewish, Canada
  • Synagogues in Transition: Religious Revival or Ethnic Survival?
    Kallen, Evelyn (Latowsky) (1976)
    In Stewart Crysdale and Les Wheatcroft (eds.) Religion in Canadian Society. Toronto: Macmillan, pp. 278-288.

    Extract from the 1969 dissertation by Evelyn Latowsky (Kallen).

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Ontario, Toronto; Jewish, Canada; Ethnic
  • Jewish-Gentile Intermarriage: Definitions and Consequences.
    Frideres, James S., and Jay E. Goldstein (1974)
    Social Compass 21:1: 69-84.

    Data from a western Canadian community suggest an absence of negative consequences for children of their parents' exogamy.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; Canada; Family; Jewish, Canada
  • Life in a Religious Community: The Lubavitcher Chassidim in Montreal.
    Shaffir, William (1974)
    Toronto: Holt, Rinehart & Winston of Canada.

    Participant observation & interview study, beginning in 1967.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Lubavitcher, Canada; Participant observation; Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Community study
  • Hassidim et judaïcité à Montréal.
    Gutwirth, Jacques (1973)
    Recherches sociographiques 14:3: 291-326.

    Unlike other Montreal Jews, the Hasidim did not opt for Anglophone culture or for Zionism.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Jewish, Hasidic, Canada
  • The Structure of a Hassidic Community in Montreal.
    Gutwirth, Jacques (1972)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 14:1: 43-62.

    Compares Belzer Hassidim of Montreal to a post-World War II, largely Hungarian immigrant community in Antwerp.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Belgium, Antwerp; Canada, Quebec, Montreal; Jewish, Hasidic, Belgium; Jewish, Hasidic, Canada
  • Halifax Jews: A Community within a Community.
    Gillis, A. Ronald, and Paul C. Whitehead (1971)
    In Jean Leonard Elliott (ed.), Immigrant Groups. Scarborough, Ontario: Prentice-Hall, pp. 84-94.

    Examines the minority status of Jews in Halifax.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax; Jewish, Canada
  • Religious Affiliation and Use of Drugs among Adolescent Students.
    Whitehead, Paul C. (1970)
    Journal for the scientific Study of Religion 9:2: 152-154. [Also in Stewart Crysdale and Les Wheatcroft (eds.) Religion in Canadian Society. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, 1976, pp. 479-484]

    Analyzes questionnaire data from 7th grade-high school students in Halifax; reports % Protestants, Catholics, Jews, & nones using selected drugs.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Canada; Students, primary; Students, secondary; Tobacco; Drug; Alcohol; Catholic, Canada; Atheist; Jewish, Canada; Canada, Nova Scotia, Halifax
  • Three Toronto Synagogues: A Comparative Study of Religious Systems in Transition.
    Kallen, Evelyn (Latowsky) (1969)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Toronto.

    Based on 1967 telephone interviews & participant observation; notes trends toward conservatism & a heightened Jewish identity in Orthodox, Conservative, & Reform synagogues in northern suburban Toronto.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Canada, Ontario, Toronto; Ethnic; Jewish, Canada
  • Dimensions of Canadian Religions A Preliminary Study.
    Nosanchuk, T.A. (1968)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 7;1: 109-110.

    Relates 9 Canadian religions to each other on a scale, based on judgments made by 15 judges, most of them campus chaplains.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Unitarian, Canada; Jehovah´s Witness, Canada; Christian Science, Canada; Lutheran, Canada; Baptist, Canada; Jewish, Canada; Catholic, Canada; Anglican Church of Canada; United Church of Canada
  • The Fredericton Jewish Community: A Study in Class, Status, and Religion.
    Foote, Raymond L. (1967)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, University of New Brunswick.

    Bases an analysis on 3 hypotheses: 1) Economic success led to a decline in Orthodox customs; 2) Economic differentiation lessened community cohesion; 3) The social isolation of the community had diminished.

    Associated Search Terms: Mobility (vertical); Canada, New Brunswick, Fredericton; Jewish, Canada
  • The Demography of the Jewish Community in Canada.
    Rosenberg, Louis (1959)
    Jewish Journal of Scoiology 1:2: 217-233.

    Analyzes 1831-1958 Canadian census data; includes language, occupation, & demographic variables pertaining to the Jewish population of Canada.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Demography; Jewish, Canada
  • A People and Its Faith: Essays on Jews and Reform Judaism in a Changing Canada.
    Rose, Albert (ed.) (1959)
    Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Jewish, Reform, Canada
  • Change in Jewish Religious Life.
    Kogen, David Chaim (1951)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, University of British Columbia.

    Based on participant observation, interview, & questionnaire data from Vancouver, British Columbia; focuses on a conflict over changes in practice & organization.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Conflict; Jewish, Canada; Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver; Change
  • Canada's Jews: A Social and Economic Study of Jews in Canada in the 1930s.
    Rosenberg, Louis (1939)
    Bureau of Social and economic Research, Canadian Jewish Congress. [Canada's Jews: A Social and Economic Study of Jews in Canada up to the 1930s. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1993]

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Canada; Canada; Demography
  • Catholics, Jews, and Protestants. A Study of Relationships in the United States and Canada.
    Silcox, Claris Edwin, and Galen M. Fisher (1934)
    New York: Harper

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Ecumenism; Catholic, Canada; Protestant, U.S.A.; Jewish, Canada; Jewish, U.S.A.; Protestant, Canada
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