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  • Les "Sectes" vues par les "Religions": le Discours Médiatique des Prêtres et des Pasteurs en Argentine.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (1998)
    Social Compass 45:3: 437-459.

    Examines the labeling process in references to controversial religions by Catholic & Historical Protestant clergy in their broadcasts.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Labeling; Argentina
  • Moral Entrepreneuring in Japan: A Labeling Theory Analysis of the Salvation Army's Efforts.
    Nelson, Jack E. (1998)
    Review of Religious Research 40:1: 35-54.

    Historical case study of Salvation Army missionary endeavors in Japan.

    Associated Search Terms: Labeling; Japan; Missions; Moral; Alcohol; Moral entrepreneur; Symbolic crusade; Salvation Army, Japan
  • Despicable Deviants: Labelling Theory and the Polemic of the Pastorals.
    Pietersen, Lloyd (1997)
    Sociology of Religion 58:4: 343-352.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Status degradation; Labeling; Symbolic interactionism
  • La déviance supposée du 'phénomène sectaire': l'exemple de la religion aumiste.
    Berzano, Luigi (1996)
    In Massimo Introvigne and J. Gordon Melton (eds.), Pour en Finir avec les Sectes. Le débat sur le rapport de la commisisonparlementaire. Torino and Paris: CESNUR; Milano; Di Giovanni, pp. 315-320.

    Associated Search Terms: Anti-cult movement; Aum Shinrikyo; New religions; Labeling
  • Better Dead than Red: Local Letters and the Rajneesh Movement.
    Shay, Roshani, and Ted Shay (1995)
    In Mary Jo Neitz and Marion S. Goldman (eds.) Sex, Lies and Sanctity: Religion and Deviance in Contemporary North America. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 131-151.

    Examines letters to Oregon newspaper editors about the Rajneesh settlement.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Oregon; Media; Labeling; Rajneesh
  • Introduction.
    Neitz, Mary Jo, and Marion S.Goldman (1991)
    In Mary Jo Neitz and Marion S. Goldman (eds.) Sex, Lies and Sanctity: Religion and Deviance in Contemporary North America. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, Inc., pp. 1-10.

    Associated Search Terms: Deviance/social control; Labeling; Sect; Moral
  • Deviance Labeling and Normative Strategies in the Canadian
    Kent, Stephen A. (1990)
    Canadian Journal of Sociology 15:4: 393-416.

    Applies deviance & labeling theory to strategies of new religions & the anticult movement in Canada.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; New religions; Anti-cult movement; Resource mobilization; Deviance/social control; Labeling
  • Calling Jesus Names. The Social Value of Labels in Matthew.
    Malina, Bruce J., and Jerome H. Neyrey (1988)
    Sonoma, California: Polebridge.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Labeling
  • Leaving and Labeling: Voluntary and Coerced Disaffiliation from Religious Social Movements.
    Richardson, James T., Jan van der Lans, and Frans Derks (1986)
    Research in Social Movements, Confcit and Change 9: 97-126.

    Associated Search Terms: Labeling; Disaffiliation; Social movement
  • Disaffiliation: Some Notes on "Falling from the Faith."
    Brinkerhoff, Merlin B., and Kathryn L. Burke (1980)
    Sociological Analysis 41:1: 41-54.

    Develops a typology of those who leave fundamentalist sects, & model of the accompanying labeling process.

    Associated Search Terms: Symbolic interactionism; Labeling; Disaffiliation; Heresy
  • Protestantism and Retrospective Labeling: A Cross-cultural Study in Person Perception.
    Goitein, Bernard, and Mordechai Rotenberg (1977)
    Human Relations 30:6: 487-497.

    Compares Israelis & Americans; the latter scored higher on a Protestant Ethic scale & were more likely to respond to a case in determinist terms.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Protestant Ethic; Israel; United States; Labeling
  • New Forms of Deviancy in a Fundamentlait Church: A Case Study.
    Richardson, James T. (1975)
    Review of Religious Research 16:2: 134-141.

    Reviews a fundamentalist church's conflict over finances; uses labeling theory, boundary maintenance moral entrepreneurship, & degradation ceremonies.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Labeling; Fundamentalist, U.S.A.; Boundary maintenance; Moral entrepreneur; Degradation ceremony
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