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  • What "cultural religion" says about secularization and national identity: A neglected religio-political configuration.
    Laniel, Jean-François (2016)
    Social Compass 63:3: 372-388.

    Between secularity and religious institutions having authority over society, there is cultural religion, which is prevalent in the West. Focuses on the example of France & other nations.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel; Boulard, Fernand; Bellah, Robert N.; Demerath, Nicholas Jay III; Turcotte, Paul André; Davie, Grace; Civil religion; Vicarious religion; Catholic, France; France; Political religion; Identity; Cultural religion
  • Aux origines du 'Groupe de Sociologie des Religions' et de ses Archives.
    Poulat, Émile (2006)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 136: 25-37.

    Focuses on the first generation associated with the Archives.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel; Isambert, François-André; Sociology of religion, France; Poulat, Émile; Archives de sciences sociales des religions; Desroche, Henri; Groupe de Sociologie des Religions; Maître, Jacques
  • Quarante ans dégà....
    Isambert, François A. (1996)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 41/93: 5-22.

    Associated Search Terms: Archives de sciences sociales des religions; Sociology of religion; LeBras, Gabriel; Maître, Jacques; Poulat, Émile; Desroche, Henri; Isambert, François-André
  • Pratique religieuse des Catholiques en France: Approches sociologiques globales et espaces de référence (1930-1980).
    Terrenoire, Jean-Paul (1994)
    Archvies de sciences sociales des religions 39/87: 153-187.

    Retrospective essay on the sociology of religious practice in France. LeBras & Boulard emphasized historical contingencies & territorial constraints; Pin, Isambert, & Terrenoire social & economic contexts.

    Associated Search Terms: Boulard, Fernand; LeBras, Gabriel; Terrenoire, Jean-Paul; Pin, Émile Jean; Practice; Isambert, François-André; Catholic, France; France
  • Gabriel LeBras. De la sociologie religieuse à une sociologie des religions.
    Desroche, Henri (1970)
    Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie 58: 173-176.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel
  • La sociologie religieuse de Gabriel LeBras.
    Poulat, Émile, Jean Gaudemet, Fernand Boulard, and Jacques Maître (1969)
    Année sociologique 20: 301-334.

    4 essays reflecting on the work of Gabriel LeBras.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel
  • La Sociologia Religiosa en Francia. Ivnestigaciones Sociales de la Escuela de LeBras.
    Boix Selva, E. (1962)
    Cuadernos de Información Económica y Sociológica 11/12: 193-232.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel; Sociology of religion; France
  • La conception de la sociologie religieuse chez Gabriel LeBras.
    Steeman, Theodore M. (1959)
    Social Compass 6:1: 1-17.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel
  • The Dechristianization of the French Working Class.
    Moody, Joseph N. (1958)
    Review of Politics 20: 46-69.

    Extensively reviews the literature on the decline of religion in France, especially among the working class, from its initially weak position.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel; Secularization; Catholic, France; Labor; France
  • Développement et dépassement de l'étude de la pratique chez Gabriel Le Bras.
    Isambert, François A. (1956)
    Caheirs internationaux de sociologie 20:1: 149-169.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; LeBras, Gabriel
  • The LeBras Approach to the History of the Diocese of Fort Wayne.
    McAvoy, Thomas T. (1956)
    Indiana Magazine of History 52: 369-382.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Indiana, South Bend; United States, Indiana, Fort Wayne; LeBras, Gabriel; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • Domaines et méthodes de la sociologie religieuse dans l'oeuvre de G. LeBras./Areas and Methods of a Sociology of Religion. The work of Gabriel LeBras.
    Desroche, Henri (1955)
    Revue d'histoire et de philosophie rleigieuses 34:2: 128-158./Journal of Religion 35:1: 34-47.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel
  • Una introduzione alla sociologia religiosa: Il pensiero di G. Le Bras.
    Grillo, G. (1955)
    Aggiornamnti sociali 6:6: 235-240.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel
  • Un estudio de sociologia religiosa.
    Gonzalez Casanova, Pablo (1947)
    Revista mexicana de sociologia 9:3: 353-366.

    Associated Search Terms: LeBras, Gabriel
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