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  • Religious pathways from adolescence to adulthood.
    Lee, Bo Hyeong Jane, Lisa D. Pearce, and Kristen M. Schorpp (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:3: 678-689.

    Analyzes waves 1,3, & 4 of the 1994-2008 National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health data (U.S.A.). Identifies 7 pathways relative to religion: consistently high, consistently low, late declining, increasing, consistently affiliated but inactive, early declining, & returning.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescence; Life course; Membership; Practice; Prayer; Salience
  • The long arm of religion: Childhood adversity, religion, and self-perception among Black Americans.
    Henderson, Andrea K. (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:2: 324-348.

    Analyzes 2001-03 National Survey of America Life: Coping with Stress in the 21st Century data from African Americans & Caribbean Americans. Religious coping & attendance buffer negative long-term effect of poor childhood health & low childhood SES on self-esteem & efficacy. However, childhood religious salience ("socialization") exacerbated them.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Caribbean Americans; Life course; Salience; African Americans; Coping; Efficacy; Self-esteem
  • Religious Zionist singles: Caught between "family values" and "young adulthood."
    Engelberg, Ari (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:2: 349-364.

    Based largely on interviews with single Israeli Zionist (not ultra-orthodox) young adults, who experience cross pressures from family expectations of early marriage & youth culture social networks. They cope through compartmentalization, viewing young adulthood as separate from the rest of the life course.

    Associated Search Terms: Young adults; Life course; Jewish, Israel; Family; Compartmentalization; Israel; Jewish, Zionist
  • Religious experiences of GBTQ Mormon males.
    Bradshaw, William S., John P. Dehlin, Tim B. Heaton, Renee V. Galliher, Ellen Decoo, and Katherine A. Crowell (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 311-329.

    Analyzes online internet survey data from current & former Mormon homosexual men. Compares the religious experience of men along the continuum of sexual orientation as measured by a Kinsey Scale.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon; Life course; Homosexuality; Internet survey
  • After the wedding night: Sexual abstinence and masculinities over the life course.
    Diefendorf, Sarah (2015)
    Gender & Society 29:5: 647-669.

    Associated Search Terms: Gender role; Sexual repression; Life course; Masculinity ideology; Sexual activity; Gender traditionalism
  • Does religiousness increase with age? Age changes and generational differences over 35 years.
    Bengtson, Vern L., Norella M. Putney, Merril Slversten, and Susan C. Harris (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 363-379.

    Based on a Southern California panel study. Religiosity increases with age, though attendance drops in old age. For younger cohorts, spirituality becomes increasingly detached from religion & God is less transcendent & more immanent.

    Associated Search Terms: God, concept of; Life course; Practice; Age; United States, California; Panel study; Transcendence; Spirituality; Immanence; Gerontology; Generations
  • Religion and physical health from childhood to old age.
    Idler, Ellen L. (2014)
    In Ellen L. Idler (ed.) Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 203-250.

    Overview of studies of religion & health for different stages of the life course.

    Associated Search Terms: Health; Life cycle; Life course
  • Childhood Misfortune, Ultimate Redemption? A Stress Process--Life Course Analysis of Adult Born-Again Experiences.
    Schafer, Markus H. (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:1: 25-56.

    Analyzes 1995 questionnaire and 2004-06 follow-up questionnaire data (Midlife Development in the United States data). People broadly victimized as children are more likely than others to have a born-again experience.

    Associated Search Terms: Life course; Victimization; United States; Panel study; Conversion; Born again experience; Stress
  • Patterns of change in religious service attendance across the life couse: Evidence from a 34-year longitudinal study.
    Hayward, R. David, and Neal Krause (2013)
    Social Science Research 42:6: 1480-1489.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Life course; Longitudinal
  • Religion and volunteering over the adult life course.
    Johnston, Joseph B. (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:4: 733-752.

    Analyzes 1986, '89, '94, & 2002 Americans' Changing Lives panel data. Increased religious belief & attendance over the life couse increases volunteering in religious activities, & that in turn increases volunteering in non-religious activities as well.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Life course; Practice; Volunteering
  • Wie verändert sich die Religiosität im Lebensverlauf? Eine Panelanalyse unter Berücksichtigung von ost-West-Unterschieden.
    Lois, Daniel (2011)
    Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 63:1: 83-110.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Germany; Germany, East; Germany, West; Life course
  • Evangelical Journeys: Choice and Change in a Northern Irish Religious Subculture.
    Mitchell, Claire, and Gladys Ganiel (2011)
    Dublin: University College Dublin Press.

    Analysis of religious change throughout the lifecourse. Based on 95 interviews with current or former Northern Irish Evangelicals.

    Associated Search Terms: Everyday life; Life course; Emerging church; Evangelical, Great Britain; Atheist, Great Britain; Life histories; Great Britain, Northern Ireland
  • The perceived relationship between life events and religiosity among individuals raised in a Mormon community.
    Chou, Hui-Tzu Grace (2010)
    Mental Health, Religion, and Culture 13:5: 437-451.

    Associated Search Terms: Life course; Religiosity; Mormon, U.S.A.; Students, undergraduate
  • A life-course perspective on spirituality and desistance from crime.
    Giordano, Peggy C., Ryan D. Schroeder, and Patrick M. Seffrin (2008)
    Criminology 46:1: 99-132.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Spirituality; Life course
  • In the course of a lifetime: Tracing religious belief, practice, and change.
    Dillon, Michele, and Paul Wink (2007)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Panel interview study of respondents born in Oakland, California, 1920/21 & 1924/29.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, California, Oakland; Gerontology; Life course; Life histories; Panel study; Longitudinal
  • Losing my Religion: The Social Sources of Religious Decline in Early Adulthood.
    Uecker, Jeremy E., Mark D. Regnerus, and Margaret L. Vaaler (2007)
    Social Forces 85:4: 1667-1691.

    Analyzes 1994-95 & 2001-02 panel interview data from '94-95 grade 7-12 U.S. students. Practice but not religiosity decline in early adulthood; the deline is furthered by drug abuse & non-normative sexual activity, lessend by higher education & marriage.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Life course; Young adults; Practice; Panel study; Marriage; Education; Age; Drug; Students, secondary
  • Is spirituality detrimental to generativity?
    Dillon, Michele, Paul Wink, and Kristen Fay (2003)
    Journal for the Scietnific Study of Religion 42:3: 427-442.

    Analyzes 1920s-70s panel interview data; childhood religiosity & adolescent spirituality correlated respectively with elders' communal & individual dimensions of concern about future generations.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Gerontology; Religiosity; Life course
  • Religious Trajectories and Transitions Over the Life Course.
    Ingersoll-Dayton, Berit, Neal Krause, and David L. Morgan (2002)
    International Journal of Aging and Human Development 55:1: 51-70.

    Associated Search Terms: Life course
  • Key decisions in the lives of the Old Order Amish: Joining the church and migrating to another settlement.
    Greksa, Lawence P., and Jill E. Korbin (2002)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 76: 373-398.

    Associated Search Terms: Life course; Amish, Old Order, U.S.A.
  • The Faith Development of Men and Women Over the Life Course.
    Cornwall, Marie (1989)
    In Stephen J. Bahr (ed.) Aging and the Family. Lexington, Massachusetts: Lexington Press, pp. 115-139.

    Associated Search Terms: Life course
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