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  • Ultra-baroque Catholicism: Multiplied images and decentered religious symbols.
    De la Torre, Renée (2016)
    Social Compass 63:2: 181-196.

    The mass production of baroque Catholic symbols in Mexico deinstitutionalizes the symbols & helps imagery prevail over textual discourse. Examples: Our Lady of Guadalupe, dressing the Christ child, non-church saints, & such internet phenomena as the 2012 Mayan apocalypse.

    Associated Search Terms: Internet; Magic; Mexico, Jalisco, Guadalajara; Popular Catholicism; Popular religion; Symbol; Syncretism; Art
  • Investigating the connection between science and this-worldly oriented superstition: A research note on the case of school adolescents in urban China.
    Hu, Anning (2015)
    Review of Religious Research 57:4: 575-586.

    Analyzes 2009 questionnaire data from junior high school students in Chinese cities. Scientific orientation & knowledge was inversely related to a magical or superstitious orientation.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Students, secondary; Magic; Science
  • The use of the term "magic" as a soco-religious category in the study of the Greco-Roman world and early Christanity.
    Aune, David E. (2014)
    In Stephen K. Black (ed.) To Set at Liberty. Essays on Early Chrisianity and its Social World in Honor of John H. Elliott. Sheffield, U.K.: Sheffield Phoenix Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Early Christian; Magic
  • A taumaturgia na Igreja Mundial do Poder de Deus: magia e pensamento mágico?
    Lopes, Marcelo (2014)
    Ciencias Sociales y Religión/Ciências Sociais e Religião 16/20: 24-38.

    Yes, there is magical thought in the healing practices of the Igreja Mundial do Poder de Deus.

    Associated Search Terms: Igreja Mundial do Poder de Deus; Magic; Healing
  • Liberami dal male. Una famiglia di guaritori nelle campagne astigiane.
    Berzano, Luigi, and Chiara Loschi (2013)
    Torino: Società Editrice Internazionale.

    Study of three generations of a family of healers, based on interviews with those who remembered them.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Popular religion; Magic; Italy, Piedmont; Healing; Healer
  • Cattolicesimo magico: Un'indagine etnografica.
    Marzano, Marco (2009)
    Milano: Bompiani

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Pentecostal, Catholic, Italy; Popular Catholicism; Italy
  • The Four M's of Religion: Magic, Membership, Morality and Mysticism.
    Collins, Randall (2008)
    Review of Religious Research 50:1: 5-15.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Magic; Membership; Mysticism
  • Salvation Goods and the Canonization Logic: On Two Popular Cults of Southern Italy.
    Mancini, Silvia (2008)
    In Jörg Stolz (ed.) Salvation Goods and Religious Markets. Theory and Applications. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 127-147.

    Based on 2004 field work on the cults of San Pio da Patrelcina (Padre Pio) & Alberto de Serradarce.

    Associated Search Terms: Exorcism; Italy, San Giovanni Rotondo; Italy, South; Magic; Popular religion; Possession; Religious goods; Saints; Italy, Salerno
  • Nouvelles considérations dubitatives sur la théorie de la magie et de la sorcellerie enafrique noire.
    Adam, Michel (2006)
    L'Homme 2006: 177-178, 279-302.

    Overview of theoreis of magic and sorcery; consideration of desperate people in Africa explaining their difficulties.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Sorcery
  • Embracing the Dark: The Magic Order of Dragan Rouge--Its Practice in Dark Magic and Meaning Making.
    Granholm, Kennet (2005)
    Abo: Abo Akademi University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Esoteric; Magic Order of Dragon Rouge
  • Identità e identificazione. Il pluralisme religioso nell'entreterra palermitano.
    Berzano, Luigi, and PierLuigi Zoccatelli (2005)
    Caltanisetta and Roma: Salvatore Sciascia.

    Based on research in the Diocese of Monreale; focuses on the minority religions.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Italy; Magic; Jehovah´s Witness, Italy; Seventh-day Adventist, Italy; Soka Gakkai, Italy; Mormon, Italy; Folk religion; Pentecostal, Italy; Italy, Sicily, Monreale
  • The Yorùbá Traditional Healing of Nigeria.
    Adekson, Mary Olufunmilayo (2003)
    New York: Routledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Nigeria; Healing; Medical; Yorubans; Magic
  • Des nouvelles formes du religieux? Entre quête de bien-être et logique protetataire: le cas des groupes post-Nouvel-Âge en France.
    Rocchi, Valérie (2003)
    Social Compass 50:2: 175-189.

    1994-98 field work in France suggests post-New Age groups are not necessarily individualist, spontaneous, & de-institutionalized. Their theme of magic exemplifies instrumental reason.

    Associated Search Terms: France; New religions; New age; Quasi-religion; Human potential movement; Healing; Network; Rationality; Magic
  • San la Muerte. Culto y Representación Mágico-Religiosa de una Autoctonía "Misionera."
    Kraustofl, Elena María (2002)
    Posadas: Editorial Universitaria de Misiones, serie Los Tesistas.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Magic
  • Les nouvelles formes de religion dans la société globalisée: un défi à l'interprétation sociologique.
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (2002)
    Social Compass 49:2: 167-186.

    Focuses on magic in popular Pentecostalism, new age cults, etc. Case of Chile where religious identification options including "Catholic in my own way" & "believer without religion" proved useful. Neo-magic blends magic, religion, & science.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Identification; Chile; Neo-magic; Magic; Methodology
  • Neopentecostalismo, dinheiro e magia.
    Oro, Ari Pedro (2002)
    Anuario de antropologia social y cultural del Uruguay 2002/2003: 205-214.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, neo; Magic
  • Los Sacerdotes del Movimiento de Renovación Carismática en el Espiritu Santo. ¿Brujos, magos o hechiceros professionales?"
    Várguez Pasos, Luis A. (2002)
    Ciencias sociales y religión/Ciências sociais e religião 2002:4: 55-86.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Sorcery; Magic; Pentecostal, Catholic
  • Religious Syncretism.
    Dobbelaere, Karel, Luigi Tomasi, and Liliane Voyé (2002)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 13: 221-243.

    Analyzes 1998 survey data from 11 European nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Syncretism; Popular religion; Folk religion; Europe; Magic
  • Reconceptualizing Religion, Magic, and Science.
    Stark, Rodney (2001)
    Review of Religious Research 43:2: 101-120.

    Associated Search Terms: Definition of religion; Science; Magic
  • Korean Religious Culture and Its Affinity to Christianity: The Rise of Protestant Christianity in South Korea.
    Kim, Andrew Eungi (2000)
    Sociology of Religion 61:2: 117-133.

    Parallels between shaminism & some strains of Protestant Christianity explain the growth of the latter in Korea.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Korea; Korea (South); Magic; Values; Shamanism
  • God, the Devil and Witches: Religious Practices in Portugal Peasant Societies.
    Rodrigues, Donizete (2000)
    In Donizette Rodrigues and Pablo del Röo (eds.) The Religious Phenomenon: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach. Madrid: Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje, pp. 57-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Devil; Magic; Witch; Community study; Medical; Portugal, Outeiro; Rural
  • New Age: Re-Enchantment of the World?
    Höllinger, Franz (1999)
    In Luigi Tomasi (ed.) Alterntive Religions among European Youth. Aldershot, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 45-55.

    Associated Search Terms: Disenchantment; Magic; Esoteric; New age
  • Rethinking Religious Practice in Highland Guatemala: An Ethnography of Protestantism, Maya Religion, and Magic.
    Chiappari, Christopher L. (1999)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Minnesota. [DA 60:5 A, p. 1642]

    Associated Search Terms: Guatemala; Protestant, Guatemala; Syncretism; Mayan; Magic; Participant observation
  • New Age. Una nuova sensibilità culturale, un nuovo movimento religioso o una mera moda consumistica?
    Berzano, Luigi (1999)
    Bologna: Il Mulino.

    Literary antecedents, social origins, & early communes of the new age, as well as typical beliefs, attitudes, & organizations.

    Associated Search Terms: Damanhur; Commune; Syncretism; Social movement; Network; Findhorn; Magic; New age
  • Micro Foundations of Religion: A Revised Theory.
    Stark, Rodney (1999)
    Sociological Theory 17:3: 264-289.

    Elaborates Stark's earlier exchange theory & expands rational choice theory to explain more dimensions of human nature; religion consists of very general explanations that justify & specify the terms of exchange with god(s).

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Definition of religion; Exchange theory; Rational choice theory
  • La magia nella società secolare.
    Berzano, Luigi (1998)
    In Arnaldo Nesti (ed.) Potenza e impotenza della parola. Scritti in onore di Vittorio Dini. Firenze: Tibergraph Editrice, pp. 79-87.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic
  • Catholicism and Problem-Solving in Dagbon.
    Boi-Nai, Vincent, and Jon P. Kirby (1998)
    Social Compass 45:4: 533-553.

    Overview of the insertion of Catholicism in north Ghana & analysis of a survey of what the Dagomba regard as problems to be solved by religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Islam, Ghana; Popular religion; Catholic, Ghana; Ghana, Dagbon; Dagomba
  • Individualism and Community in Alternative Spiritual "Magic."
    Bloch, Jon P. (1998)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 37:2: 286-302.

    Rather than being individualist, new age magic establishes solidarity among cultural resistors; based on 22 unstructured interviews & field observation.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Magic; New age; Spiritualist, U.S.A.
  • Thinking about Magic.
    Brown, Michael F. (1997)
    In Stephen D. Glazier (ed.) Anthropology of Religion. A Handbook. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, pp. 121-136.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic
  • L'incanto del magico. La magia come fattore di reincantamento e frammentazione della religione nel Sud America.
    Eleta, Paula (1997)
    In Roberto Cipriani, Paula Eleta, and Arnaldo Nesti (eds.) Identità e mutamento nel religioso latinoamericano. Teorie e ricerche. Milan: Francoangeli, pp. 110-138.

    Associated Search Terms: Enchantment; Latin America; Magic
  • De l'intégration au Catholicisme aux croyances parallèles.
    Michelat, Guy (1997)
    In Yaves Lambert, Guy Michelat, and Albert Piette (eds.) Le religieux des sociologues. Trajectoires personnelles et débats scientifiques. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 77-88.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Paranormal; Dimensions of religiosity; Catholic, France; Astrology
  • Half-Belief and the Paradox of Ritual Instrumental Activism: A Theory of Modern Superstition.
    Campbell, Colin B. (1996)
    British Journal of Sociology 47;1: 151-166.

    In a world that highlights instrumental action, superstition resolves the tension that develops when the rational response is inactivity & resignation.

    Associated Search Terms: Superstition; Magic
  • Volksreligion und Herrschafts-kirche. Die Werzeln religiösen Verhaltens in westlichen Gesellschaften.
    Höllinger, Franz (1996)
    Opladen: Leski + Budrich.

    Presents comparative data from western European nations & the U.S. on religious identification, practice, prayer, belief in God, belief in magic & astrology. Focuses especially on Germany, Netherlands, & Ireland.

    Associated Search Terms: Disenchantment; Ireland; Netherlands; Germany; Astrology; Magic; Religiosity; Privatization; Comparative; Secularization; Change; Definition of religion
  • La "nébuleuse mystique-ésotérique": une décomposition du religieux entre humanisme revisité, magique, psychologique.
    Champion, Françoise (1995)
    In Jean-Baptiste Martin (ed.) Le défi magique. Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon, pp. 314-325.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Esoteric; Mysticism
  • Le bouddhisme et la formation de la personnalité vietnamienne d'aujourd'hui.
    Thu, Nguyen Tai (1995)
    Social Compass 42:3: 287-294.

    Sees the Buddhist renaissance in Vietnam as an antidote to individualism amidst change; Buddhism became more intellectual & demagicalized.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Vietnam; Rationalization; Individualism; Vietnam; Change; Magic
  • A Rational Choice Model of Religious Behavior in Japan.
    Miller, Alan S. (1995)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 34:2: 234-244.

    Analyzes 1976-77 Tokyo area survey data; shows religious correlates of chronic illness, death of a close relative, & social isolation.

    Associated Search Terms: Rational choice theory; Death; Medical; Network; Magic; Japan, Tokyo
  • Answered Prayers: Miracles and Milagros Along the Border.
    Oktavec, Eileen (1995)
    Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, New Mexico; United States, Texas; Magic; Prayer; United States, Arizona
  • La Religiosità in Sicilia.
    Canta, Carmelina Chiara (1995)
    Caltanissetta: Sciascia.

    Analyzes 1994 interview data from Sicily; shows percentages of types of adherent & public opinion on various topics.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Belief; Italy, Sicily; Politics, Italy; Dimensions of religiosity; Practice; Values; Education; Age; Factor analysis; Membership
  • Never Again the Burning Times: Paganism Revived.
    Orion, Loretta (1995)
    Prospect Heights, Illinois: Waveland Press.

    Ethnography of a North American Wicca coven.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Wicca, U.S.A.; Neopagan, U.S.A.; Magic; Medical; Witch
  • La Chaîne et la chance.
    Albert, Jean-Pierre (1994)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 39/86: 235-262.

    Examines the "Saint Anthony chain letter" phenomenon.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic
  • La magie à nos portes.
    Introvigne, Massimo (1994)
    Montréal: Éditions Fides.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic
  • Le Défi Magique: Satanisme, Sorcellerie, Volume II.
    Martin, Jean-Baptiste, and Massimo Introvigne (eds.) (1994)
    Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Satanist; Witch
  • Magia, racionalidade e sujectos políticos.
    Montero, Paula (1994)
    Revista brasileira de ciências sociais 9/26: 72-90.

    Magical beliefs in Brazil are involved in the rational & the public, rather than limiting themselves to the archaic & private.

    Associated Search Terms: Rationality; Privatism; Brazil; Magic; Modernity; Secularization; Moral
  • Europe's Receptivity to New Religious Movements: Round Two.
    Stark, Rodney (1993)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 32:4: 389-397.

    Shows new religions to be more common in most European nations than in the U.S.; reports high & from surveys in several nations of believers in fortune telling, good luck charms, & astrology.

    Associated Search Terms: Astrology; New religions; Magic; Europe
  • Rationalité dans le magie: économie du Xangô de Recife (Brésil).
    Motta, Roberto (1993)
    In Marie-José Jolivet and Diana Rey-Hulman (eds.) Jeux d'identité: études comparative à partir de la Caraibe. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 355-365.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Brazil, Pernambuco, Recife; Xango
  • Umbanda and Quimbanda Magic in Brazil: Rethinking Aspects of Bastide's Work.
    Hess, David J. (1992)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 79: 135-153.

    Questions Bastide's view that Umbanda rites lacked order & that there is a clear distinction between black & white magic in Umbanda.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Magic; Bastide, Roger; Umbanda; Brazil, Bahia
  • Maghi e magie nell'Italia di oggi.
    Macioti, Maria Immacolata (1991)
    Firenze: Pontecorboli Editore.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Magic
  • Quando a magia é legitima?: Ajudando Mardona na Copa do Mundo.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (1991)
    Revista USP (São paulo): 11: 56-64.

    Associated Search Terms: Sport; Magic
  • La Magie Divine et ses Méthodes Opérationnelles. Étude Ethnologique sur une Théurgie.
    Defoor, Agnès (1991)
    Paris: Cariscript.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Magic
  • Persective, magic, ancestors, and indigenous Christianity.
    Mullins, Mark R. (1991)
    Japan Christian Quarterly 57:1: 60-62.

    Associated Search Terms: Japan; Christian, Japan; Magic; Ancestor
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