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  • Seeing is Believing: Religious Media Consumption and Public Opinion toward Same-Sex Relationships.
    Perry, Samuel L., and Landon Schnabel (2017)
    Social Currents 4:5: 462-481.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Homosexuality
  • Tinkering with technology and religion in the digital age: The effects of internet use on religious belief, behavior, and belonging.
    McClure, Paul K. (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:3: 481-497.

    Analyzes 2010 Baylor Religion Survey data (U.S.A.); internet usage inversely predicts religious affiliation & exclusiveness while television viewing inversely predicts attendance & other time-consuming religious activities.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Internet; Media; Membership
  • Tinkering with technology and religion in the digital age: The effects of internet use on religious belief, behavior, and belonging.
    McClure, Paul K. (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:3: 481-497.

    Analyzes 2010 Baylor Religion Survey data (U.S.A.); internet usage inversely predicts religious affiliation & exclusiveness while television viewing inversely predicts attendance & other time-consuming religious activities.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Membership; Internet; Media
  • Transmitting the Spirit: Religious Convrsion, Media, and Urban Violence in Brazil.
    Oosterbaan, Martijn (2017)
    University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Conversion; Media; Participant observation; Pentecostal, Brazil
  • Televised Redemption: Black Religious Media and Racial Empowerment.
    Rouse, Carolyn Moxley, John L. Jackson, Jr., and Marla F. Frederick (2016)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; African Americans
  • Seeking Good Debate: Religion, Science, and Conflict in American Public Life.
    Evans, Michael S. (2016)
    Berkeley; University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Media; Science
  • Studying apps: Research approches to the digital Bible.
    Hutchings, Tim (2016)
    In Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha Shakkour (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 97-108.

    Describes conducting research through telephone interviews with designers of bible-oriented apps, & through immersing oneself in the use of such apps & in online "communities."

    Associated Search Terms: Ethics; Internet; Media; Participant observation
  • Antagonism in the making: Religion and homosexuality in post-Communist Poland.
    Hall, Dorota (2015)
    In Srdjan Sremac and R. Ruard Ganzevoort (eds.) Religious and Sexual Nationalisms in Central and Eastern Europe. Gods, Gays and Govrnments. Leiden: Brill, pp. 74-92.

    Based on an analysis of media texts. the tension between organized religion & homosexuality changed into a nationalist issue when Poland entered into the European Union with its "western" influence. The Catholic intelligentsia divided over the issue.

    Associated Search Terms: Homosexuality; Poland; Prejudice, anti-homosexual; Media; Catholic, Poland; Nationalism
  • For the sake of the nations: Media, homosexuality and religio-sexual nationalisms in the post-Yugoslav space.
    Sremac, Srdjan, Zlatiborka Popov Mom?inovi?, Martina Topi?, and Miloš jovanovi? (2015)
    In Srdjan Sremac and R. Ruard Ganzevoort (eds.) Religious and Sexual Nationalisms in Central and Eastern Europe. Gods, Gays and Govrnments. Leiden: Brill, pp. 52-73.

    Recounts the emergence of ethno-nationalism in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovena, & Croatia, where elites define LGBT movements as foreign & unhealthy. The media contributed to this in Serbia & Bosnia and Herzegovena.

    Associated Search Terms: Homosexuality; Serbia; Prejudice, anti-homosexual; Nationalism; Ideology; Discourse; Croatia; Bosnia; Media
  • Rationalizing judgment day: A content analysis of Harold Camping's Open Forum program.
    Sarno, Charles, Benjamin Shestakofsky, Helen Shoemaker, and Rebecca Aponte (2015)
    Sociology of Religion 76:2: 199-221.

    Content analysis of radio programs after they predicted the apocalypse.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Apocalyptic; Cognitive dissonance; Disconfirmation; Media; Millenarian, U.S.A.
  • Perception of Shari'a in Sydney and New York newspapers.
    Possamai, Adam, Bryan S. Turner, Joshua Roose, Selda Dagistanli, and Malcolm Voyce (2015)
    In Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Sociology of Shari'a: Case Studies from around the World, pp. 253-268.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia, Sydney; United States, New York, New York; Sharia; Comparative; Media
  • Industrias del creer: Orienaciones productivas del complejo ediorial cristiano en argentina.
    Algranti, Joaquín (2014)
    Desacatos 46: 108-123.

    Associated Search Terms: Argentina; Media
  • Christian religious radio production in Benin: The case of Radio Maranatha.
    Grätz, Tilo (2014)
    Social Compass 61:1: 57-66.

    Largely descriptive account of Radio Maranatha in Benin.

    Associated Search Terms: Benin; Media; Evangelical, Benin
  • Missão Midiática Afrikania: Representando a "Religião Tradicional Afrikana" na esfera pública cristã em Gana.
    Witte, Marleen de (2014)
    Religião e Sociedade 34:2: 161-183.

    Media forming the public image of an indigenous religion, Afrikania Mission.

    Associated Search Terms: Afrikania Mission; Ghana; Media
  • Médias religieux, esprits voyageurs. Diffusion publique et secret dans le Pentecôtisme et dans la religion traditionnelle au Ghana.
    De Witte, Marleen (2014)
    Social Compass 61:1: 11-20.

    Traditional religions in Ghana have borrowed presentation styles from Christian Pentecostal broadcasts.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist; Ghana; Media; Pentecostal, Ghana
  • Christendom, the Ummah and Community in the Age of Televangelism.
    Howell, Julia Day (2014)
    Social Compass 61:2: 234-249.

    Some features of late-modern North Atlantic religiosity are appearing in Asian Islamic mobilizations in Indonesia: mass audience revival ministries promoted through television, and mass prayer rallies, seeker spirituality, fluid participation, focus on experience, lay leaders, and preference for a loving God. Comments by François Gauthier, pp. 261-271.

    Associated Search Terms: Revivalism; Indonesia; Islam, Indonesia; Media
  • Las radios católicas españolas. Historia, desarrollo y programación
    Santos Diez, María Teresa, and Jesús Ángel Pérez Dasilva (2014)
    Revista de Estudios Sociales 50: 140-154.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Spain; Historical; Media; Spain
  • The Sacred in the Modern World: A Cultural Sociological Approach.
    Lynch, Gordon (2014)
    Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Argues for a sociology of the sacred in the modern world. Focuses on the dark side of the sacred, as seen in religiously-inspired bombings, the cover-up of child abuse in care facilities operated by churches, & a broadcast network declining to appeal for funds for Palestinian children under Israeli occupation.

    Associated Search Terms: Abuse; Violence; Sacred; Media; Institution
  • Religion publique et médiation religieuse chez les musulmans mauriciens.
    Eisenlohr, Patrick (2014)
    Social Compass 61:1: 48-56.

    Focuses on the use by diaspora South Asian Muslims on Mauritius of sound media to circulate Muslim devotional poetry.

    Associated Search Terms: Mauritius; Islam, Mauritius; Literature; Poetry; Media
  • Regulaciones a una devoción estigmatizada: culto a san la muerte en Buenos Aires.
    Fidanza, Juan Martin Lopez and María Cecília Galera (2014)
    Debates NER 25:1: 171-196.

    Regulation, especially by the media, of the stigmatized saint San Muerte in Buenos Aires.

    Associated Search Terms: Stigma; Folk religion; Media; Regulation; Argentina, Buenos Aires; Saints
  • Use of Islam in the definition of foreign otherness in Switzerland: A comprative analysis of media discourse between 1970-2004.
    Lindemann, Anaid, and Jörg Stolz (2014)
    Islamophobia Studies Journal (online) 2:44-58.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Islam, Switzerland; Media; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Switzerland
  • Symbolic filtering: Selectively permeable Evangelical boundries in an age of religious pluralism.
    Bok, Jared (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:4: 808-825.

    Content analysis of 2 American Evangelical missionary magazines show that in a pluralist environment even as boundaries are weakened in some respects they are strengthened in others.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Pluralism; Boundary maintenance; Media; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Religion, migration et esthétique des médias. Notes concernant la circulation et la réception des films provenant du Nigéria à Kinshasa.
    Pype, Katrien (2014)
    Social Compass 61:1:30-38.

    Sees the circulation of Nigerian Pentecostal videos in Kinshasa as an aspect of broader commercial and migratory relations between Nigeria and the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Democratic Republic of the Congo; Media; Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa
  • Mobile Sunna: Islam, small media and community in Niger.
    Sounaye, Abdoulaye (2014)
    Social Compass 61:1:21-29.

    Based on 2010 field work in Gaya, a town at the border of Niger, Nigeria, and Benin. Notes the use the Izala movement made of radio, cassettes, CDs, and DVDs.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Niger; Izala (West African Muslim reform movement); Media; Niger; Participant observation
  • Atheist Awakening: Secular Activism & Community in America.
    Cimino, Richard, and Christopher Smith (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press

    Based on participant observation in atheist meetings & events, on interviews, surveys, & content analyses of literature & websites. Awakened atheism & religious activism dialectically need each other.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Secular humanism; Atheist, U.S.A.; Ritual; Participant observation; Minority; Media; Internet; Identity; Schism; Dialectic; Content analysis
  • Lone Star Muslims. Transnational Lives and the South Asian Experience in Texas.
    Afzal, Ahmed (2014)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Based on field work in a Houston suburb; retailers adde3d Muslim religious goods to their inventories. Ismaili Islam facilitated a work ethic. One chapter deals with the use of Islam & South Asian culture as a resource for gay men.

    Associated Search Terms: Pakistani Americans; Assimilation; Economic; Homosexuality; Islam, U.S.A.; Media; Transnational; Mobility (vertical); Participant observation; United States, Texas, Houston; Urban; Ismaili, U.S.A.; Migrant
  • Pulpit and press: Denominational dynamics and the growth of religious magazines in anteellum America.
    Goldstein, Adam, and Heather A. Haveman (2013)
    American Sociological Review 78:5: 797-827.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Historical
  • The effects of R-rated movies on adolescent and young adult religiosity: media as self-socialization.
    Davignon, Phil (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:4: 615-628.

    Analyzes 2003, '05, & '07 data from the National Study of Youth and Religion. Adolescents self-socialize by viewing R-rated movies, & that predicts less attendance but not less belief.

    Associated Search Terms: Adolescents; Belief; Youth; Media; Socialization; Practice
  • The fringe effect: Civil society organizations and the evolution of media discourse about Islam.
    Bail, Christopher A. (2012)
    American Sociological Review 77: 855-879.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Media
  • Religious socialization in a media age.
    Lövheim, Mia (2012)
    Nordic Journal of Religion and Society 25:2: 151-168.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Media
  • Atheisms unbound: The role of the new media in the formation of a secularist identity.
    Smith, Christopher, and Richard Cimino (2012)
    Secularism and Nonreligion 1:1: 17-31.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist; Internet; Media
  • Atheisms unbound: The role of the new media in the formation of a secualrist identity.
    Smith, Christian, and Richard Cimino (2012)
    Secualrism and Nonreligion 1:1: 17-31.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist; Media; Identity
  • Pornography, Religion, and the Happiness Gap: Does Pornography Impact the Actively Religious Differently.
    Patterson, Richard, and Joseph Price (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:1: 79-89.

    Analyzes 1973-2006 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data; church attendance is related to less watch of X-rated movies. Watching the movies is related to less general happiness, especially among attenders in denominations where members have strong opinions critical of pornography.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; United States; Pornography; Practice
  • Taking Sufism to the Streets: Majelis Zikir an Majelis Shalawat as New Venues for Popular Islamic Piety in Indonesia.
    Zamhari, Arif, and Julia Day Howell (2012)
    Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs 46:2: 47-75.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Islam, Indonesia; Indonesia; Prayer group
  • Une réforme dans la fidélité: la revue Maintenant (1962-1974) et la "mise à jour" du catholicisme québécois.
    Roy, Marie-Andrée (2012)
    Québec: Presses de l'Université Laval.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec; Catholic, Canada; Change; Media
  • The Making of the Pentecostal Melodrama: Religion, Media and Gender in Kinshasa.
    Pype, Katrien (2012)
    New York: Berghahn.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Congo, People's Republic of the; Media; Congo, People's Republic of the; Participant observation
  • Baring Their Souls in Online Profiles or Not? Religious Self-Disclosure in Social Media.
    Bobkowski, Piotr S., and Lisa D. Pearce (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:4: 744-762.

    Examines online MySpace profiles of respondents in the 2007-08 wave of the National (U.S.A.) Survey of Youth and Religion. Religiosity, believing that religion is a public matter, & religiosity of friends were positively associated with religious identification & disclosure in the profiles.

    Associated Search Terms: Internet; Media
  • Virtually religious: Technolgy and internet use in American congregations.
    Thumma, Scott (2011)
    Hartford Institute for Religion Research, March:

    Associated Search Terms: Internet; Media
  • The new atheism and the formation of the imagined secularist community.
    Cimino, Richard, and Christopher Smith (2011)
    Journal of Media and Relgion 10:4: 24-38.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist; Media; Internet
  • Religious media use among African Americans, Black Caribbeans, and non-Hispanic whites: Findings from the National Survey of American Life.
    Taylor, Robert Joseph, and Linda M. Chatters (2011)
    Journal of African American Studies 15:4: 433-454.

    Associated Search Terms: African Americans; Caribbean Americans; Media
  • Is the Market Moral? Protestant Assessments of Market Society.
    Steensland, Brian, and Zachary Schrank (2011)
    Review of Religious Research 53:3: 257-277.

    Evaluation of market forces in 2 American Protestant publications--Christianity Today & Christian Century.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Liberal/conservative; Media; Content analysis
  • Religión y cambio climático: incidencia de lo religioso en las representaciones del medio ambiente.
    Parker Gumucio, Cristián (2010)
    Revista Caminhos 8:2: 25-51. Also in Cristián Parker Gumucio (ed.) Religión, política y culura en América Latina: NuevasMiradas. Santiago du Chili: Instituto de Estudios Avanzados—ACSRM, 2011, pp. 359-386.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Environmentalism
  • From Religious to Consumption-related Routine Activities? Analyzing Ireland's Economic Boom and the Decline in Church Attendance.
    Hirschle, Jachen (2010)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49:4: 673-687. Comment by David Voas 688-690. Reply by Hirschle 691-693.

    Analyzes 1988-2005 survey data from Ireland; religious values did not decline with the decline in church attendance, suggesting consumption of alternative symbolic media rather than secularization.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Consumerism; Ireland; Secularization; Media
  • The media and the Catholic Church in Ireland: Reproting clerical child sex abuse.
    Donnelly, Susie, and Tom Inglis (2010)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 25;1: 1-19.

    Associated Search Terms: Abuse; Catholic, Ireland; Ireland; Media; Sexual abuse
  • Sunday celluloids: Visual media and Protestant boundaries with secular culture.
    Draper, Scott, and Jerry Z. Park (2010)
    Sociological Spectrum 30:4: 433-458.

    Content analysis of homily references to cinema; compares Evangelical with mainline Protestant.

    Associated Search Terms: Boundary maintenance; Content analysis; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Homily; Protestant (mainline), U.S.A..; Media
  • The new face of global evangelism: Virtualizing spiritual experience.
    Cornelio, Jayeel Serrano (2009)
    In F.K.G. Lim (ed.) Mediating Piety: Technology and Religion in Contemporary Asia. Leiden: Brill, pp. 183-207.

    Associated Search Terms: Media
  • Technologies, religion and social mediation.
    Turner, Bryan S. (2009)
    In Francis Lim (ed.) Mediating Piety: Technology and Religion in Contemporary Asia. Leiden: Brill, pp. 29-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Media
  • Revolve, the Biblezine. A transevangelical text.
    Harding, Susan F. (2009)
    In James S. Bielo (ed.) The Social Life of Scriptures. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Biblicism. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 176-193.

    Study of the "Revolve" Bible, which is in magazine form for female youth.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth culture; Literature; Women; Media
  • The Short-wave Faith: Christian Broadcasting and the Transformation of the Spiritual Landscape of the Hmong in Northern Vietnam.
    Ngô, Thi Thank Tâm (2009)
    In K.G.F. Lim (ed.) Mediated Piety: Technology and Religion in Contemporary Asia. Leiden: Brill, pp. 139-158.

    Based on 2004-08 field work in Hmong communities in Vietnam.

    Associated Search Terms: Hmong; Protestant, Vietnam; Vietnam; Participant observation; Media
  • Fighting over "Mormon": Media Coverage of the FLDS and LDS.
    Cragun, Ryan T., and Michael Nielsen (2009)
    Dialogue: A Journalof Mormon Thought 43: 65-104.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon; Media; Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Conflict
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