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  • Separate and Peculiar: Old Order Mennonite Life in Ontario, 2nd ed.
    Horst, Isaac R. (2001)
    Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Ontario, Waterloo; Mennonite, Canada; Community study
  • The Waterloo Mennonites: A Community in Paradox.
    Fretz, J. Winfield (1989)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; Canada, Ontario, Waterloo
  • Religious Group Variation in the Socioeconomic Status and Family Behavior of Women.
    Heaton, Tim B., and Marie Cornwall (1989)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 28:3: 283-299.

    Analyzes 1971-81 Canadian census data.

    Associated Search Terms: Presbyterian, Canada; Salvation Army, Canada; United Church of Canada; Hutterite, Canada; Mennonite, Canada; Pentecostal, Canada; Jehovah´s Witness, Canada; Baptist, Canada; Lutheran, Canada
  • Continuity and Change among Canadian Mennonite Brethren.
    Hamm, Peter M. (1987)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Mennonite, Mennonite Brethren, North America
  • Religious Community and Individualism: Conceptual Adaptations by one Group of Mennonites.
    Smucker, Joseph (1986)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 25:3: 373-291.

    Focuses on the adaptation by rural-to-urban Mennonite migrants in an Ontario city.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; Canada, Ontario; Migrant; Individualism; Adaptation
  • Sociodemographic Characteristics of Religious Groups in Canada.
    Heaton, Tim B. (1986)
    Sociological Analysis 47:1: 54-65.

    Analyzes 1981 Canadian census data; allows for a focus on smaller, often overlooked denominations.

    Associated Search Terms: Jehovah´s Witness, Canada; Canada; Pentecostal, Canada; Hutterite, Canada; Mennonite, Canada; Lutheran, Canada; Mormon, Canada; Baptist, Canada; Anglican Church of Canada; Polish National Catholic, Canada; Ukrainian Catholic, Canada; Catholic, Canada
  • Mennonite Intermarriage: National, Regional and Intergenerational Trends.
    Driedger, Leo, Roy Vogt, and Mavis Reimer (1983)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 57:2: 132-144.

    Based on 1921-81 Canadian census data & 1977 Mennonite Church survey data from Canada.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Generations; Marriage; Mennonite, Canada
  • Who Are the Mennonites?
    Urry, James (1983)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 24:2: 241-262.

    Historical review of the Mennonites; notes identity maintenance in Canada is difficult & requires re-invention.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Mennonite, Canada; Historical
  • Dualistic and Wholistic Views of God and the World: Consequences for Social Action.
    Driedger, Leo, Raymond F. Currie, and Rick Linden (1983)
    Review of Religious Research 24:3: 225-244.

    Studies Canadian Mennonites; shows "wholists," compared to "dualists," to be more this-worldly & liberal in personal morality, community control, & minority rights.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; Dualism/monism; Mennonite, Canada; Canada
  • Individual Freedom vs. Community Control: An Adaptation of Erikson's Ontogeny of Ritualization.
    Driedger, Leo (1982)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 21:3: 226-242.

    Uses a modified version of Erik Erickson's 6-stage ontogeny of ritualization, to interpret the case of Johann Driedger, who tested the boundaries of the Gemeinschaft of an Old Colony Mennonite community.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; Community; Canada; Social control
  • Fifty Years of Mennonite Identity in Winnipeg: A Sacred Canopy in a Changing Laboratory.
    Driedger, Leo (1980)
    In Harry Loewen (ed.), Mennonite Images: Historical, Cultural, and Literary Essays dealing with Mennonite Issues. Winnipeg: Hyperion Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg; Mennonite, Canada
  • The Mennonite Family: Culture and Kin in Rural Saskatchewan.
    Anderson, Alan, and Leo Driedger (1980)
    In K. Ishwaran (ed.), Canadian Families: Ethnic Variations. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, pp. 161-180.

    1955-77 longitudinal community study; 1969-71 survey of 18 group settlements (2 Mennonite), focusing on identity, church attendance, language, & customs.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Saskatchewan; Mennonite, North America; Family; Identity; Practice; Ethnic
  • Continuity and Change among Canadian Mennonite Brethren, 1925-1975: A Study of Sacralization and Secularization in Sectarianism.
    Hamm, Peter M. (1978)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, McMaster University. [DA 39:6 A, p. 3639]

    Analyzes a Mennonite Brethren subsample from 1972 survey data, & reviews denominational literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Mennonite, Mennonite Brethren, North America
  • A Tale of Two Strategies: Mennonites in Chicago and Winnipeg.
    Driedger, Leo, J. Winfield Fretz, and Donovan E. Smucker (1978)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 52:4: 294-311.

    Profile of Mennonite churches in Chicago, 1893-1940; comparisons with Winnipeg, with a note on Chicago Mennonites in 1977.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Illinois, Chicago; Canada, Manitoba, Winnipeg; Mennonite, North America
  • Mennonite Change: The Old Colony Revisited, 1955-1977.
    Driedger, Leo (1977)
    Mennonite Life 32:4: 4-12.

    Compares by re-study a community in the Hague-osler area of Saskatchewan; the earlier study was reported in Driedger's M.A. thesis.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Saskatchewan, Hague-Osler; Mennonite, Canada
  • Ethnic Identity among Mennonite and Other Students of German Heritage.
    Driedger, Leo, and Jacob Peters (1976)
    In Stewart Crysdale and Les Wheatcroft (eds.), Religion in Canadian Society. Toronto: Macmillan of Canada, pp. 449-461. [Abridged from Mennonite Quarterly Review 47:3 (1973)]

    Analyzes data from ethnic German students at the University of Manitoba, circa 1972.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; German Canadians; Canada; Students, undergraduate
  • Background Religious Denomination, Parental Emphasis, and the Religious Orientation of University Students.
    Hunsberger, Bruce E. (1976)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 15:3: 251-255.

    Shows Mennonite students at the University of Manitoba accepted parental religions more than did Catholic & moreso yet than did United Church of Canada Students.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Canada; Students, undergraduate; United Church of Canada; Mennonite, Canada; Canada; Socialization
  • Canadian Mennonite Urbanism: Ethnic Villagers or Metropolitan Remnant?
    Driedger, Leo (1975)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 49:3: 226-241.

    Analyzes 1961-71 census data & Winnipeg student data on ethnic identity strength & social distance.

    Associated Search Terms: Social distance; Canada; Ethnic; Urban; Mennonite, Canada
  • An Interactionist Approach to the Sociology of Religion.
    Gaede, Stan D. (1974)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Vanderbilt University. [DA 35:7 A, p. 4697]

    Tests models of secularization, behavioral concomitants of religion, & sect assimilation, with North American Mennonite data.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, North America; Assimilation; Mennonite, Canada; Symbolic interactionism; Secularization; Sect
  • Native Rebellion and Mennonite Invasion: A Focus on Two Canadian River Valleys.
    Driedger, Leo (1972)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 46:3: 290-300.

    Examines the Mennonite settlement of the Red River Valley (1869-74) & the Saskatchewan River Valley (1884-95), both made possible by Canadian government military action.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada; Migration; Mennonite, Canada
  • Urbanization of Mennonites in Canada.
    Driedger, Leo (1972)
    In henry Poettcker and Rudy Regehr (eds.), Call to Faithfulness: Essays in Canadian Mennonite Studies. Altona, Manitoba: D.W. Friesen, pp. 143-155.

    Examines social changes from rural to urban patterns & their effect on community solidarity.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Mennonite, Canada; Canada
  • Conventionality and Acquiescence in a Communal Society.
    Boldt, Edward A. (1969)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Alberta.

    Mennonites but not Hutterites are shown tending to acquiesce more than a "worldly" control group; the view that Gemeinschaft reduces deviance by producing acquiescence is challenged.

    Associated Search Terms: Conventionality; Hutterite, Canada; Mennonite, Canada; Canada; Community
  • Psycho-Social Roles of Mennonite Children in a Changing Society./Mennonite Children in Waterloo County.
    Kurokawa, Minako (1969)
    Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology 6:1: 15-35./In Jean Leonard Elliott (ed.) Immigrant Groups. Scarborough, Ontario: Prentice-Hall, 1971, pp. 33-46.

    Focuses on the extent to which a Mennonite identity adversely affects children in their interactions with the wider society.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; Children; Canada, Ontario, Waterloo County
  • Beyond Community Integration and Stability: A Comparative Study of Oriental and Mennonite Children.
    Kurokawa, Minako (1969)
    Journal of Social Issues 25:1: 195-213.

    Compares American oriental & Canadian Mennonite children; suggests that the social control allows little overt antisocial action but that there are still covert symptoms of maladjustment. Sees cultural conflict related to mental disturbance.

    Associated Search Terms: Asian Americans; Deviance/social control; Canada; Mennonite, Canada; United States
  • The Protestant Ethic Versus the Spirit of Capitalism.
    Barclay, Harold B. (1969)
    Review of Religious Research 10:3: 151-158.

    The Holdeman Mennonites, as seen with the group at Linden, Alberta, encourage individual private enterprise yet stifle the evolution of any complex corporate system out of such enterprises.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Alberta, Linden; Protestant Ethic; Economic; Mennonite, North America
  • The Old Colony Mennonites: Dilemmas of Ethnic Minority Life.
    Redekop, Calvin (1969)
    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Mennonite, Old Colony, North America; Sect; Canada
  • A Perspective on Canadian Mennonite Urbanization.
    Driedger, Leo (1968)
    Mennonite Life 23:4: 147-151.

    Observes new forms of Mennonite community developing in Canadian cities.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Mennonite, Canada; Canada
  • Mennonites in Vancouver--a Survey.
    Letkeman, Peter (1968)
    Mennonite Life 23:4: 160-164.

    Examines behavioral patterns of Mennonites in Vancouver & the relationship between Mennonites & the larger community.

    Associated Search Terms: Community; Mennonite, Canada; Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
  • Development in Higher Education among Mennonites in Manitoba.
    Driedger, Leo (1967)
    Manitoba Journal of Educational Research 3: 24-34.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Mennonite, North America; Canada, Manitoba
  • The Distribution of Religious Groups in Alberta, 1961.
    Lester, Geoffrey Austin (1966)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Alberta.

    Religion has been an important factor in migrations into Alberta--e.g., Mormons & Mennonites.

    Associated Search Terms: Migration; Mormon, Canada; Mennonite, Canada; Canada, Alberta; Ecology
  • The Sectarian Black and White World. (Old Colony Mennonites).
    Redekop, Calvin (1959)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Chicago.

    Associated Search Terms: Dogmatism; Sect; Mennonite, Canada; Mennonite, U.S.A.
  • In Search of Utopia. The Mennonites in Manitoba.
    Francis, E.K. (1955)
    Altona, Manitoba: D.W. Friesen; Glencoe, Illinois: Free Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; Canada, Manitoba
  • A Sect in Modern Society. The Old Colony Mennonites of Saskatchewan.
    Driedger, Leo (1955)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Chicago.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Saskatchewan; Mennonite, Canada
  • The Canadian Mennonites. A Study of an Ethnic Group in Relation to the State and Community with Emphasis on Factors Contributing to Success or Failure of Its Adjustment to Canadian Ways of Living.
    Thielman, George T. (1955)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Western Reserve University.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Assimilation; Canada; Mennonite, Canada
  • The Mennonite School Problem in Manitoba.
    Francis, E.K. (1953)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 27: 204-206.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Mennonite, Canada; Canada, Manitoba
  • Tradition and Progress among the Mennonites in Manitoba.
    Francis, E.K. (1950)
    Mennonite Quarterly Review 24: 312-328.

    Associated Search Terms: Mennonite, Canada; Canada, Manitoba
  • Mennonite Contributions to Canada's Middle West.
    Francis, E.K. (1949)
    Mennonite Life 4:2:21-23.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Manitoba; Mennonite, Canada
  • Mennonite Institutions in Early Manitoba: A Study of their Origins.
    Francis, E.K. (1948)
    Agricultural History 22:144-155.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Mennonite, Canada
  • Study of Mennonite Communities in Western Ontario.
    Watts, Clayton R. (1942)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Washington University.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Ontario; Mennonite, Canada
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