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  • Messianisme et syncrétisme dans les initiatives prophétiques d'Afrique noire. Le enjeux d'une postface et d'une rencontre.
    Mary, André (2013)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 161:1: 47-68.

    Associated Search Terms: Africa; Messian; Syncretism
  • A Messiah from the Dead: Cultural Performance in Lubavitcher Messianism.
    Dein, Simon (2010)
    Social Compass 57:4: 537-554.

    Field work among the Lubavitchers after the death of their messianic rabbi shows the use of media to lessen cognitive disonance.

    Associated Search Terms: Cognitive dissonance; Messian Judaism; Jewish, Lubavitcher
  • De l'utilisation de l'apocalyptisme en Amérique du Nord afin de régénérer la planète.
    Rigal-Cellard, Bernadette (2009)
    In Martin Geoffroy and Jean-Guy Vaillancourt (eds.) La religion à l'extrême. Montréal: Médiaspaul, pp. 49-65.

    Explains the meaning of millenarianism & messianism as understood in the U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: Millenarian, U.S.A.; Routinization; United States; Messian
  • The "Scandal" of the Lubavitch Rebbe: Messianism as a Response to Failed Prophecy.
    Dein, Simon, and Lorne L. Dawson (2008)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 23:2: 163-180.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian Judaism; Jewish, Lubavitcher; Disconfirmation
  • Extreme Messianism: The Chabad Movement and the Impass of Charisma.
    Pace, Enzo (2007)
    Horizontes antropologicos 27: 32-48.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Lubavitcher; Messian; Charisma
  • Religious and Secular Views on Endtime.
    Weigert, Andrew J. (2004)
    Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Millenarian; Millennial; Eschatology; Time; Messian
  • Lubavitch Messianism.
    Alderman, Geoffrey (2003)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 45:1/2: 46-50.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Jewish, Lubavitcher
  • African American Religion: Varieties of Protest and Accommodation.
    Baer, Hans A., and Merrill Singer (2002)
    Knoxville; University of Tennessee Press.

    Discusses the history, beliefs, social organization, & rituals of African American mainstream churches, conversionist sects, messianic-nationalist sects, & thaumaturgical sects.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Messian; Thaumaturgical; Typology; African Americans
  • Les messianismes africaines face au phénomène de la sorcellerie.
    Mwene Batende, Gaston (2001)
    Cahiers des religions africaines 32:63/64: 117-126.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Sorcery
  • Messianism and Marxism: Walter Benjamin and Ernst Bloch's Dialectical Theories of Secularization.
    Goldstein, Warren S. (2001)
    Critical Sociology 27:2: 246-281.

    The two authors' dialectical theories of secularization explain their mixture of messianism & Marxism.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Benjamin, Walter; Marxian; Bloch, Ernst; Dialectic; Marxism
  • Frontiers and Families. The Children of Island Pond.
    Palmer, Susan J. (1999)
    In Susan J. Palmer and Charlotte E. Hardman (eds.) Children in New Religions. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, pp. 153-171.

    The Messianic Communities (name varies) was involved in public controversy over accusations of child abuse.

    Associated Search Terms: Messianic Communities; Corporal punishment; United States, Vermont, Island Pond
  • Lubavitch: A Contemporary Messianic Movement.
    Dein, Simon (1997)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 12/22: 191-204.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Jewish, Lubavitcher
  • When Prophecy Fails: Messianism amongst Lubavitcher Hasids.
    Dein, Simon (1997)
    In F. Bowie (ed.) The Coming Deliverer: Millennial Themes in World Religions. Cardiff: University of Wales Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Lubavitcher; Messian
  • Managing Strain, Contradictions, and Fluidity. Messianic Judaism and the Negotiation of a Religio-ethnic Identity.
    Feher, Shoshanah (1997)
    In Penny Edgell Becker and Nancy L. Eiesland (eds.), Contemporary American Religion. An Ethnographic Reader. Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira, pp. 25-49.

    Based on 1993 fieldwork in a Jewish Christian congregation in California.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Messian Judaism; Jewish Christian; Boundary maintenance
  • When Prophecy is not Validated: Explaining the Unexpected in a Messianic Campaign.
    Shaffir, William (1995)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 37: 119-136.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Disconfirmation; Jewish, Lubavitcher; Prophecy
  • Les mouvements messianiques du delta du Mékong de la fin du 19ème siècle à 1975.
    Nghia, Nguyen Xuan (1995)
    Social Compass 42:3: 317-328.

    Sees rural movements of the Mekong Delta as efforts to re-establish disintegrating peasant society.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Cao Dai; Revitalization movement; Hoa Hao; Vietnam, Mekong Delta; Messian
  • Interpreting Adversity: Dynamics of Commitment in a Messianic Redemption Campaign.
    Shaffir, William (1994)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 36:1: 43-53.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Commitment
  • Jewish Messianism Lubavitch Style: An Interim Report.
    Shaffir, William (1993)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 35: 115-128.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Jewish, Lubavitcher
  • Radical Religious Movements: A Global Perspective.
    Fossen, Anthony B. van (1992)
    In Bronislaw Misztal and Anson D. Shupe, Jr. (eds.), Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective. Revival of Religious Fundamentalism in East and West. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, pp. 151-163.

    Associated Search Terms: Millenarian; Millennial; Social movement; Prophecy; Messian
  • African American Religion in the Twentieth Century: Varieties of Protest and Accommodation.
    Baer, Hans A., and Merrill Singer (1992)
    Knoxville; University of Tennessee Press.

    Discusses the history, beliefs, social organization, & rituals of African American mainstream churches, conversionist sects, messianic-nationalist sects, & thaumaturgical sects.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; African Americans; Identity; Thaumaturgical; Typology
  • Millennium, Messianism and Medicine among the Lubavitch of Stamford Hill.
    Dein, Simon (1992)
    International Journal of Social Psychiatry 18: 262-267.

    Associated Search Terms: Millennial; Millenarian, Great Britain; Jewish, Lubavitcher, Great Britain; Great Britain, London; Medical; Messian
  • Un mesias brasileño contemporaneo: el Hermano José.
    Oro, Ari Pedro (1991)
    Christianismo y sociedad 29:3: 61-66.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Brazil
  • Islamisme, messianisme et utopie au Maghreb.
    Chekroun, Mohammed (1991)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 75: 127-150. Comment by Constant Hamès 75: 150-152.

    Examines a Moroccan movement led by Abdessalam Yacine.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Messian; Morocco; Islam, Morocco
  • Pentecostalismo e Identidad Etnica.
    Santamaria, Daniel J. (1990)
    Cristianismo y sociedad 28:3: 7-13.

    Notes the appeal of Pentecostalism to indigenous ethnic groups who are experiencing crises.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Pentecostal, Latin America; Migration; Native peoples, South America
  • Na amazônia um messias de indios e brancos. Para uma antropologia do messianismo.
    Oro, Ari Pedro (1989)
    Petrópolis: Vozes.

    Focuses on the followers of José Francisco da Cruz.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Tucuna; Brazil; Native Brazilians; Irmandade do Santa Cruz
  • Nouveaux prophètes et malaise rural. Les Eotilé de la Côte d'Ivoire et le prophète Gbahié Jeannot.
    Perrot, Claude-Hélène (1988)
    Revue de l'Institut de Sociologie 1988:3/4: 249-258.

    Based on 1985 observation of a new messian movement emerging, after the priests of the existing cult failed to remedy a food scarcity.

    Associated Search Terms: Prophet; Rural; Messian; Eotile; Ivory Coast
  • Nouvelles Réflexions sur les Messianismes.
    Laburthe-Tolra, Philippe (1988)
    Revue de l'Intitut de Sociologie 1988:3/4: 239-248.

    Reviews the treatment by Georges Balandier & his critics of the relationship between political & messian movements in Africa.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Balandier, Georges; Social movement; Messian
  • The Babi and Baha'i Religions: From Messianic Shi'ism to a World Religion.
    Smith, Peter (1987)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Iran; Messian; Babi; Baha´i, Iran
  • Jewish Messianism, Religious Zionism, and Israeli Politics the Impact and Origins of Gush Emunim.
    Don-Yehiya, Eliezer (1987)
    Middle Eastern Studies 23: 215-234.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Israel; Jewish, Israel; Zionism; Israel; Gush Emunim; Messian
  • Une Grille d'Analyse des Mouvements Messianiques Appliquées au Cas de Louis Riel.
    Martel, Gilles (1986)
    Studies in Religion/Sciences religieuses 15:2: 205-220.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Manitoba; Messian; Riel movement; Historical
  • Le Messianisme de Louis Riel.
    Martel, Gilles (1984)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Riel movement; Canada, Manitoba; Messian; Historical
  • Messianism, Mysticism, and Magic: A Sociological Analysis of Jewish Religious Movements.
    Sharot, Stephen (1982)
    Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press.

    Focuses on popular Jewish religious movements in the medieval & early modern periods.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Jewish; Messian; Historical; Mysticism
  • Mouvements messianiques et protestation sociale. Le cas du Kitawala chez les Kumu du Zaire.
    Mwene-Batende, Gaston (1982)
    Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo: Bibliothéque du Centre d'Études des Religions Africaines.

    Associated Search Terms: Kitawala; Jehovah´s Witness; Zaire; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Messian; Kumu
  • Millénarisme et trinité chretienne. Quelques notes sur le discours millénariste dans les Andes.
    Urbano, Henrique Osvaldo (1977)
    Caheirs du Centre de Recherches en Sociologie Religieuse 1: 133-144.

    Based on field work in southern Peru; notes indigenous messianism borrowing from Christian trinitarian discourse.

    Associated Search Terms: Peru; Messian; Native Peruvians; Syncretism
  • Les messianismes en Amérique du Sud.
    Schaden, Egon (1976)
    In Henri-Charles Puech (ed.) Histoire des Religions, tome III. Paris: Gallimard, pp. 1051=1109.

    Associated Search Terms: Latin America; Messian
  • Mythes et mouvements messianiques.
    Pereira de Queiroz, Maria Isaura (1975)
    Diogènes 90: 90-114.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Messian; Myth
  • Messianismo e espiritismo.
    Negrão, Lislias Nogueira (1975)
    Cadernos 8: 329-357.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Spiritualist, Brazil; Brazil
  • La représentation de la mort chez les Juifs d'Alsace.
    Raphaël, Freddy (1975)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 39: 101-117.

    Notes that mortuary rites performed by Jews in Alsace serve to affirm the messianic hope of resurrection in the Promised Land.

    Associated Search Terms: Death; Jewish, France; Messian; France, Alsace
  • Movimenti socio-religiosi fra gli Indios del Chaco argentino.
    Siffredi, Alejandra (1975)
    La critica sociologica 36: 167-204.

    Overview & typology of the many messian protest movements that developed among the indigenous people of the Chaco region of Argentina.

    Associated Search Terms: Protest; Native Argentinians; Argentina; Social movement; Messian
  • L'Église Orthodoxe grècque et le messianisme en Afrique.
    Hadzimichali, Nectaire (1975)
    Social Compass 22:1: 85-95.

    Orthodoxy did not enter 20th century Africa in a mission by an encounter of Greek messianism & parallels linking religion & nation in the Ugandan & Kenyan independence struggles & post-independence nationalism of Congolese Kimbanguism.

    Associated Search Terms: Democratic Republic of the Congo; Uganda; Zaire; Messian; Greek Orthodox, Africa; Kenya
  • Religion and Revolution.
    Lewy, Guenter (1974)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Islam; Sudan; Sri Lanka; Spain; Mexico; India; Germany; Egypt; China; Burma; Brazil; Latin America; Africa; Puritan, Great Britain; Catholic, Mexico; Jewish; Hindu, India; Christian; Revolution; Messian; Cargo cult; Anabaptist
  • Sociologie des l'espérance./Sociology of Hope, tr. Carol Martin-Sperry.
    Desroche, Henri (1973)
    Paris: Calmann-Lévy./London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Hope
  • A Millenarian Movement in Korea and Great Britain.
    Cozin, Mark (1973)
    A Sociological Yearbook of Religion in Britain 6: 100-121.

    Reviews the impact of Christian missions in Korea; describes the Unification Church movement.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Unification Church; Korea; Missions; Great Britain
  • Magic and the Millenium: A Sociological Study of Religious Movements of Protest among Tribal and Third-World Peoples.
    Wilson, Bryan R. (1973)
    New York: Harper & Row.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Messian; Millenarian; Third world; Revitalization movement
  • Images messianiques du Brésil.
    Pereira de Queiroz, Maria Isaura (1972)
    Cuernavaca, Mexico: Centro Intercultural de Documentación.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Brazil
  • Charismatic and Ideological Leadership in Secular and Religious Millenarian Movements: A Sociological Study.
    Eichler, Margrit (1972)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Duke University. [DA 33:3 A, p. 1236]

    Associated Search Terms: Charisma; Millerism; Messian; Social movement; Anabaptist
  • Le messianisme congolais et ses incidences politiques. Kimbanguisme-Matsouanisme-autres mouvements.
    Sinda, Martial (1972)
    Paris: Payot.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Zaire; Politics, Republic of the Congo; Messian; Kimbangu; Republic of the Congo; Matsouanist; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Zaire; Politics, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Materials for a History of Studies of Crisis Cults: A Bibliographic Essay.
    LaBarre, Weston (1971)
    Current Anthropology 12: 3-44.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian
  • Messianism in Russia: Religious and Revolutionary.
    Murvar, Vatro (1971)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 10:4: 277-338. Comment by Margrit Eichler 11:2 (1972): 187-191. Reply by Vatro Murvar 11:2: 192-194.

    Associated Search Terms: Soviet Union; Messian; Revolution
  • Idéologies révolutionnaires et méssianismes religeiux.
    Desroche, Henri (1970)
    Economie et humanisme 196: 11-32.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Revolution
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