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  • The inclusion of nonreligion in religion and human rights.
    Beaman, Lori G., Cory Steele, and Keelin Pringnitz (2018)
    Social Compass 65:1: 43-61.

    Explores tensions around the presence of "nones" in societies where there are displays of majoritarian religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist; Conflict; Minority
  • Living without God in a religious country: Polish nonbelievers as a cultural minority.
    Tyrala, Radoslaw (2018)
    Social Compass 65:1: 131-144.

    Polish nonbelievers tend to be converts to nonbelief; they rarely encounter explicit prejudice but feel pressures to conform to some rituals.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Atheist, Poland; Poland
  • Religious likes and dislikes as potential explanation for support of sexual minorities.
    Yancey, George (2018)
    Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion 14, article 2.

    Emotional feelings toward religious groups affect support for the rights of sexual minorities. Dislike of fundamentalists in particular predicts such support.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Evangelical; Minority; Sexual attitudes
  • Attitudes toward abortion among te Muslim minority and non-Muslim majority in cross-national perspective: Can religiosity explain the differences?
    Carol, Sarah, and Nadja Milewski (2017)
    Sociology of Religion 78:4: 456-491.

    Analyzes 2011 Western European telephone survey, oversampling Muslims. The Muslim minority is more likely to disapprove of abortion than is the non-Muslim majority. Within nations, the Muslims tend to reflect majority stances. Religiosity explains some of the disapproval of abortion. 2nd generation Muslims approve of abortion more than do recent 1st generation, but not 1st generation of long residence.

    Associated Search Terms: Assimilation; Abortion; Generations; Religiosity; Europe, western; Minority; Migrant; Islam, Europe
  • Politicizing Islam. The Islamic Revival in France and India.
    Parvez, Z. Fareen (2017)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Privatization; Stratification; Politics, India; Minority; Laïcité; India, Hyderabad; Islam, France; France, Lyons; Islam, India
  • Cosmopolitan Dharma. Race, Sexuality, and Gender in British Buddhism.
    Smith, Sharon E., Sally R. Munt, and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip (2016)
    Leiden: Brill

    Study of ethnic minority adherents of western Buddhism in Britain.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Great Britain; Great Britain; Minority
  • The Muslim Question in Europe. Political Controversies and Public Philosophy.
    O'Brien, Peter (2016)
    Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Europe; Europe; Minority; Politics, Europe
  • Online crowdsourcing methods for identifying and studying religious groups as special populations.
    Springer, Victoria A., Peter J. Martini, and James T. Richardson (2016)
    In Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha Shakkour (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 27-37.

    Minority & controversial or stigmatized groups can be reached inconspicuously for research purposes on the internet. The MTurk tool provided by Amazon is particularly useful.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethics; Internet survey; Methods; Minority; Stigma
  • Race, religion, and anti-poverty policy attitudes.
    Brown, Ronald E.; R. Khari Brown; Davin Phoenix; and James S. Jackson (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:2: 308-323.

    Analyzes the non-Latino white, Latino, & African American subsamples of 2008 National (U.S.A.) Politics Study data. Because the non-Latino white subsample had greater variance in support for aid to the poor, homilies on the subject had greater effect on them than on others.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, U.S.A.; Minority; Latino Americans; African Americans; Homily; Ethnic; Poverty; Stratification; Race
  • London Youth, Religion, and Politics: Engagement and Activism from Brixton to Brick Lane.
    DeHanas, Daniel Nilsson (2016)
    Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, London; Minority; Youth; Civic engagement; Bangladeshi British; Islam, Great Britain; Jamaican British
  • African Pentecostals in Catholic Europe. The Politics of Presence in the Twenty-First Century.
    Butticci, Annalisa (2016)
    Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press

    Participant observation of African Pentecostal worship in Ital; in practice they parallel Catholicism in their sacramental materiality--especially that of folk Catholicism. The worship also establishes a anti-structure a term the author does not use.

    Associated Search Terms: Marginality; Prejudice, racial; Popular Catholicism; Pentecostal, Italy; Participant observation; Minority; Material culture; Materiality; Relic; Art; Italy; Migrant; Anti-structure; Catholic, Italy; Certeau, Michel de; Competition; Experience; Folk religion; Gramsci, Antonio; African Italians
  • Social affiliation from religious disaffiliation: Evidence of selective mixing among youth with no religious preference durign the transition to college.
    Sepulvado, Brandon, Michael Penta, David Hachen, and Omar Lizardo (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:4: 833-841.

    Analyzes cell phone connection data from a cohort of University of Notre Dame first year students. Finds religious non-affiliates & non-Catholic affiliates in their own networks.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Network; Atheist; Students, undergraduate; Homophily
  • Le monachisme dans l'Église et la société. Une perspective de sociologie historique.
    Turcotte, Paul-André (2015)
    In Jason Zuidema (ed.) Understanding the Consecrated Life in Canada. Critical Essays on Contemporary Trends. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Cognitive minority; Monasticism; Troeltsch, Ernst; Weber, Max
  • Karaite stories: Narrating subjectivity in a marginal moshav.
    Cicurel, Inbal Ester (2015)
    Contemporary Jewry 35:3: 263-284.

    Based on interviews with Karaites from a smallholder cooperative village in Israel. Examines contemporary stories about hostility toward a Jewish denomination that separated from Rabbani Judaism in late antiquity.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Story telling; Prejudice, religious; Minority; Jewish, Karaite, Israel; Israel; Identity; Discrimination
  • The Regime of Religious Pluralism: Uncovering the Cultural Dimensions of American Religious Belonging.
    Nabors, Bradly (2015)
    Unpublished Ph.D dissertation, University of Southern California.

    Based on interviews with U.S. atheists & Muslims.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, U.S.A.; Individualism; Islam, U.S.A.; Pluralism; United States; Minority
  • God, yoga, and karate.
    Yi, Joseph, and Daniel Silver (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:3: 596-615.

    Analyzes on-line business directories (Yellow pages). Conservative churches concentrate in less educated & minority areas, yoga in more educated & white areas.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, U.S.A.; Yoga, U.S.A.; Minority; Conservative, U.S.A.; Culture; Stratification
  • My Soul Is in Haiti. Protestantism in the Haitian Diaspora of the Bahamas.
    Louis, Bertin M., Jr. (2015)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Based on 2002-05 field work. The particularly ascetic Protestants of the Haitian diaspora identify themselves as Kretyen (Christian) rather than Pwotestan (Protestant). They maintain their boundaries against Bahamians, "uncoverted" (Catholic-Vodou), & Pwotestan Haitian Bahamians.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Bahamas; Boundary maintenance; Transnational; Haitian Bahamians; Migrant; Nationalism; Participant observation; Protestant, Bahamas; Ritual; Stratification; Diaspora; Music
  • Unwanted: Muslim Immigrants, Dignity, and Drug Dealing.
    Jackson, Pamela Irving (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Minority; Germany; Drug; Deviance/social control; Assimilation; Islam, Germany
  • Secularism and Religion in Multi-faith Societies. The Case of India.
    Sen, Ragini, Wolfgang Wagner, and Caroline Howarth (2014)
    Dordrecht: Springer.

    Based on open-ended interviews from a purpose sample of Hindu & Muslim young adult Indians. Secularism was understood as peaceful pluralism &, by the authors, as a form of social capital.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, India; Pluralism; Minority; Islam, India; India; Social capital; Secularism; Conflict; Young adults; Hindu, India
  • Atheist Awakening: Secular Activism & Community in America.
    Cimino, Richard, and Christopher Smith (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press

    Based on participant observation in atheist meetings & events, on interviews, surveys, & content analyses of literature & websites. Awakened atheism & religious activism dialectically need each other.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Secular humanism; Atheist, U.S.A.; Ritual; Participant observation; Minority; Media; Internet; Identity; Schism; Dialectic; Content analysis
  • Expresiones de la discriminación hacia grupos religiosos minoritarios en México.
    Garcia, Amalia, and Jorge Horbath (2013)
    Sociedad y Religión 23/39: 12-53.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Mexico; Discrimination
  • Expanding the scope of regulation: Some reflections of religious minorities in Canada.
    Beaman, Lori G. (2013)
    In David Kirkham (ed.) State Responses to Minority Religions. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, pp. 217-229.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Canada; Minority
  • L'"organisation" des musulmans de Suisse. Dynamiques endogènes et injonctions de la société majoritaire.
    Mesgarzadeh, S., S. Nedjar, and M. Bennani-Chaïbi (2013)
    In Christophe Monnot (ed.) La Suisse des mosquées. Derrière la voile de l'unité musulman. Genève: Labor et Fides, pp. 53-76.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Switzerland; Organization; Islam, Switzerland
  • Race, belonging, and participation in religious congregations.
    Martinez, Bandon C., and Kevin D. Dougherty (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:4: 713-732.

    Analyzes 2001 U.S. Congregational Life Survey data. Members of the largest racial group in a given congregation have a stronger sense of belonging & participate more deeply.

    Associated Search Terms: Congregation; Belonging, sense of; Membership; Race; Minority
  • Origins and consequences of religious freedoms: A global overview.
    Finke, Roger (2013)
    Sociology of Religion 74:3: 297-313.

    Reviews motives & other factors in the state regulation of religions; conflict often results from restriction & persecution.

    Associated Search Terms: Freedom of religion; State; Minority; Conflict; Persecution
  • Les mosquées bosniaques face au double stigmate du "Yougo" et du musulman.
    Behloul, Samuel M. (2013)
    In Christophe Monnot (ed.) La Suisse des mosquées. Derrière la voile de l'unité musulman. Genève: Labor et Fides, pp. 77-95.

    Associated Search Terms: Bosnian Swiss; Islam, Switzerland; Minority; Stigma; Switzerland
  • Managing minority religious and ethnic groups in Australia: Implications for social cohesion.
    Richardson, James T. (2013)
    Social Compass 60:4: 579-590.

    Observations developed while on sabbatical in Australia.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Australia; Cohesion; Islam, Australia; Minority; Sharia; Law
  • Negotiating the "genuine" religion: Muslim diaspora communities in the context of the Western understanding of religion.
    Behloul, Samuel M. (2012)
    Journal of Muslims in Europe 1: 7-26.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Minority
  • Battles over symbols: The "religion" of the minority versus the "culture" of the majority.
    Beaman, Lori G. (2012)
    Journal of Law and Religion 28:1: 67-104.

    Associated Search Terms: Freedom of religion; Minority
  • Contested secularities: Religious minorities and secular progressivism in the Netherlands.
    Schuh, Cora, Marian Burchardt, and Monika WhlrabSahr (2012)
    Journal of Religion in Europe 5:3: 349-383.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Secular; Netherlands
  • El mapa de minories religioses de Catalunya.
    Fons Duocastella, Clara, Blanca Luque Capellas, and Mar?a Forteza González (2012)
    Revista Catalana de Sociologia 28: 15-2.

    Associated Search Terms: Ecology; Minority; Spain, Catalonia
  • Religious Trends and Social Integration: Muslim Minorities in the Netherlands.
    Maliepaard, Mieke (2012)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Utrecht.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Netherlands; Assimilation; Netherlands; Minority
  • Religious Diversity in Mexico: Socioeconomic Attainment and Family Structure.
    Heaton, Tim B., David Knowlton, and Lynn England (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 54:3: 311-330.

    Based on 2010 Mexican census data. Religious minorities in Mexico have more normative family structures & are better off socio-economically than Catholics.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Minority; Mexico; Stratification; Pluralism
  • Different Gods: Integrating Non-Christian Minorities into a Primarily Christian Society.
    Breton, Raymond (2012)
    Montréal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Minority; Migrant; Canada
  • Group size and the trajectory of religious identification.
    Hoverd, William James, Quentin D. Atkinson, and Chris G. Sibley (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:2: 286-303.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from New Zealand registered voters; members of smaller, minority religions identified with their religions more strongly.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; New Zealand; Size; Identity
  • Social integration and religious identity expression among Dutch Muslims: The role of minority and majority group contact.
    Maliepaard, Mieke, and Karen Phalet (2012)
    Social Psychology Quarterly75:2: 131-148.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; Minority; Islam, Netherlands; Identity; Assimilation
  • Diversity, Donations, and Disadvantage: The Implications of Personal Fundraising for Racial Diversity in Evangelical Outreach Ministries.
    Perry, Samuel L. (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 53:4: 397-418.

    Analyzes web-based survey data from Evangelical outreach ministers. The Evangelical model of personal fund raising for such parachurch ministries (e.g. university campus outreach) presupposes & thus privileges white American cultural expectations.

    Associated Search Terms: Race; Parachurch agencies; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Minority; Contributions; Ethnic
  • Las representaciones de la religión en el espacio público entre los líderes religioso minoritarios en México. Entre deseo de reconocimiento y exigencia de participación.
    Mancilla, Alma (2011)
    Revista de estudios sociales 39: 80-94.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico; Minority
  • Construyendo redes: minorías religiosas en Aragón.
    Bahillo, Carlos A. Gómez, María Alexia Sanz Hernández, Nuria del Olmo Vincen, and carlos Franco de Espés Mantecón (2011)
    Barcelona: Icaria.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Spain, Aragón
  • Religious Commitment, Skepticism, and Struggle among U.S. College Students: The Impact of Majority/Minority Religious Affiliation and Institutional Type.
    Small, Jeremy L., and Nicholas A. Bowman (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:1: 154-174.

    Analyzes 2004 survey data from U.S.a. undergraduates; majority (Protestant) students experienced increased religious commitment & decreased skepticism compared to religious minoriites, but with greater struggle.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, undergraduate; Minority; Education
  • La ville africaine d'après la production de langue française. Conditions économiques, migration urbaine et protestation religieuse.
    Ollagnon, Matthieu (2011)
    Social Compass 58:1: 61-68.

    The African city is a site of cultural recomposition that can be studied from a symbolic interactionist perspective, especially with regard to religious minorities.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban; Symbolic interactionism; Minority; Africa
  • Religious identification and politicization in the face of discrimination: Support for political Islam and political action among the Turkish and Moroccan second generation in Europe.
    Fleischmann, Fenella, Karen Phalet, and Olivier Klein (2011)
    British Journal of Social Psychology 50:4: 628-648.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Europe; Turkish Europeans; Discrimination; Identity; Generations; Politics, Europe; Moroccan Europeans; Minority; Migrant
  • Pluralidades latentes: minorías religiosas en el País Vasco.
    Ruiz Vieytez, Eduardo Javier (2010)
    Barcelona: Icaria.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Pluralism; Spain
  • Y tu (de) quién eres?: Minorías religiosas en Andalucía.
    Briones, Rafael, Sol Tarrés, Óscar Salguero, Estefanía Fernández, Clara Macías, and Verónica Suárez (2010)
    Barcelona: Icaria.

    Associated Search Terms: Spain, Andalusia; Minority
  • Generational Differences in Ethnic and Religious Attachment and Their Interrelation: A Study among Muslim Minorities in the Netherlands.
    Maliepaard, Mieke, Marcel Lubbers, and Mérove Gijsberts (2010)
    Ethnic and Racial Studies 33:3: 451-471.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Netherlands; Minority; Generations; Ethnic; Netherlands
  • Les Églises unie, anglicane et catholique et la communauté anglo-québécois: portrait et enjeux contemporains.
    Wilkins-Laflamme, Sarah (2010)
    Thèse de maîtrise en sociologie, Université d’Ottawa.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Canada; United Church of Canada; Canada, Quebec; Anglican Church of Canada; Minority
  • Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. National Case Studies.
    Bouma, Gary D., Rod Ling, and Douglas Pratt (2010)
    Dordrecht: Springer.

    Provides reports on the separate nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Nauru; Northern Marianas; New Zealand; Papua-New Guinea; Philippines; Pluralism; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Women; Brunei Darussalam; New Caledonia; Micronesia; Singapore; Palau; Samoa; Solomon Islands; Timor Leste; Tonga (island nation); Tuvalu; Vanuatu; Marshall Islands; Kiribati; Competition; Minority; State; Australia; Ecumenism; Fiji; French Polynesia; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia
  • Muslim Minorities in Modern States: The Challenge of Assimilation.
    Israeli, Raphael (2009)
    New Brusnwick, New Jersey: Transaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Assimilation; Minority; Islam
  • Bound by Denominational Ties: Dilemmas of Asian Ministry in the Episcopal Church.
    Lam, Pui-yan (2009)
    Review of Religious Research 51:2: 134-155.

    Based on participation in meetings and interviews; notes hindrances to establishing and maintaining ministries of Episcopal Asian Americans.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Asian Americans; Episcopal
  • From Religion to Religions. Public Policies and Religious Minorities in Catalonia.
    Griera, Mar (2009)
    Upublished Ph.D. dissertation, Univrsitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

    Associated Search Terms: Minority; Pluralism; Spain, Barcelona
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