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  • Un corps qui fait images: le rituel de la crucifixion (Liban).
    Aubin-Boltanski, Emma (2016)
    Social Compass 63:2: 213-233.

    Based on interviews with Maronite female mystics who bear the marks of the stigmata, which appear on Good Friday. Focuses particularly on one. Pictures & statues are important in home churches, though de-emphasized as Latin rite imports in the official churches.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Maronite, Lebanon; Lebanon; Ritual; Stigmata; Art; Mystic; Feast
  • Between real and virtual communities: Sufism in Western societies and the Naqshbandi Haqqani case.
    Piraino, Francesco (2016)
    Social Compass 63:1: 93-108.

    For most Sufi order members in the West, the internet provides a space for affirmation, not live mysticism. For some Naqshbandi disciples, it is also a space for practicing religion through rituals, prayer requests, initiation, & religious experiences.

    Associated Search Terms: Prayer; Mysticism; Ritual; Experience; Initiation; Internet; Islam, Sufi
  • Uncertainty at the heart of a ritual in Lebanon 2011.
    Aubin-Boltanski, Emma (2014)
    Social Compass 61:4:511-523.

    Based on accounts of women from various Christian churches who have stigmata in Lebanon. Part of the phenomenon is skepticism directed toward the female mystics.

    Associated Search Terms: Doubt; Lebanon; Marian; Mystic
  • Misticismo, ascetismo e azione nella sociologia della religione di Max Weber.
    Kalberg, Stephen (2012)
    Etnografia e Richerca Qualitativa 2: 163-184.

    Associated Search Terms: Asceticism; Mysticism; Weber, Max
  • Érudition et mystique dans le monachisme chrétien.
    Albert, Jean-Pierre (2011)
    Archives de sciences socales des religions 154: 45-60.

    Associated Search Terms: Mystic; Scholar; Monasticism
  • Jésus aux îles Féroé, ou comment se réinvente la relation au divin.
    Pons, Christophe (2011)
    In Sophie Houdart and Oliver Thiery (eds.) Humains, non-humains. Comment repeupler les sciences sociales. paris: La Découverte, pp. 339-349.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark, Faroe Islands; Mysticism; Enthusiasm; Individualism
  • Spirituality and Systems of Belief.
    Pace, Enzo (2011)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Religion, Spirituality and Everyday Practice. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 23-32.

    Systems theory approach to characterizing spirituality in dialectic with religion. Notes the usefulness of Troeltsch's Spiritualismus (mysticism) with reference to spirituality.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Mysticism; Troeltsch, Ernst; Dialectic; Systems theory
  • Il neo-misticismo nella società massificata e l'empatia creatrice.
    Ferrarotti, Franco (2010)
    La Critica Sociologica 175: 15-28.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Mass society; Empathy
  • Children of Jesus and Mary. The Order of Christ Sophia.
    Lewis, James R., and Nicholas M. Levine, with Christine Johnson, Lucille Michaels, Mary Francis Drake, and Scott L. Thumma (2010)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Study of a new religion, based on interviews, insider knowledge, and questionnaires. Unlike many new religions, this is not a youth phenomenon.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Order of Christ Sophia; Astrology; Esoteric; Syncretism
  • L'anthropologue "insouffisant": implication du corps et esprit de la voix en pays Baay Faal.
    Pezeril, Charlotte (2010)
    Social Compass 57:4: 449-463.

    Based on 1997-2002 ethnography in Senegal. Bodily participation is methodologically useful in the study of mysticism.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Mysticism; Mouride, Senegal; Methodology; Islam, Sufi, Baay Faal; Islam, Senegal; Senegal
  • The Anthropologist and the Initiated: Reflections on the Ethnography of Mystical Experience among the Sufis of Aleppo, Syria.
    Pinto, Paulo G. (2010)
    Social Compass 57:4: 464-478.

    An ethnographer's account of participation in Sufi ritual to access the mystical experiences at the core of the religious phenomenon.

    Associated Search Terms: Methodology; Experience; Body; Islam, Sufi; Islam, Syria; Mysticism; Participant observation; Syria, Aleppo
  • Religious Individualism, Modern Individualism and Self-fulfilment: A few Reflections on the Orgins of Contemporary Religious Individualism. Translated by Deborah Furet.
    Hervieu-Léger, Danièle (2008)
    In Eileen Barker (ed.) The Centrality of Religion in Social Life. Essays in Honour of James A. Beckford. Aldershot, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 29-40.

    Contrasts traditional ascetic individualism & modern individualism; the latter has absorbed contemporay religious individualism. Traces the history of the change from the former to the latter.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Mysticism
  • The Four M's of Religion: Magic, Membership, Morality and Mysticism.
    Collins, Randall (2008)
    Review of Religious Research 50:1: 5-15.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Magic; Membership; Mysticism
  • Salvation Goods and Culture Goods: An Interpretation of Max Weber.
    Merz-Benz, Peter-Ulrich (2008)
    In Jörg Stolz (ed.) Salvation Goods and Religious Markets. Theory and Applications. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 19-30.

    Weber's depiction of the rational elimination of distractions from a subjective dwelling on the divne is a more convincing model of religious rationality than that proposed in rational choice theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Rational choice theory; Other-worldly asceticism; Religious goods; Weber, Max; Asceticism; Inner-worldly asceticism; Rationality
  • Serbian Orthodox Religiousness: An Empirical and Comparative Portrait.
    Flere, Sergej, and Rudi Klanjsek (2008)
    Review of Religious Research 50:1: 35-48.

    Compares religiosity of Serbian Orthodox students in Serbia, Muslim ones in Bosnia, & Catholic ones in Slovenia. The Serbians were more religious than the Slovenians but less than the Bosnians, & were not highly mystical, experiential, or civil religious.

    Associated Search Terms: Serbian Orthodox, Serbia; Bosnia; Catholic, Slovenia; Civil religion; Comparative; Experience; Islam, Bosnia; Mysticism; Serbia; Slovenia; Students, undergraduate; Religiosity
  • Spirituality/spiritualismo. Ricerche sulla genealogia e la semantica di una catgoria controversa.
    DeMarco, Pietro, and Stefano Miniati (2006)
    Religioni e società 55: 38-49.

    Definitional essay minimizing the distinction between spirituality & religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Troeltsch, Ernst; Mysticism
  • Spiritualità come resistenza al laicismo: il movimento Nur in Turchia.
    Introvigne, Massimo (2006)
    Religioni e società 55: 50-58.

    During the era of Attaturk when public religion was restricted, the mystic/spiritualist movement of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi developed by way of compensation.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Turkey; Islam, Turkey; Nur movement
  • Il misticismo intramondano della via dei sikh.
    Pace, Enzo (2005)
    In D. Denti, M. Ferrari, and F. Perocco (eds.) I sikh: Storia e immigrazione. Milano: Franco Angeli, pp. 115-132.

    Associated Search Terms: Inner-worldly; Mysticism; Sikh
  • Embedded Motion. Sacred Travel among Mevlevi Dervishes.
    Nikolaisen, Bente (2004)
    In Simon Coleman and John Eade (eds.) Reframing Pilgrimage. Cultures in Motion. London: Routledge, pp. 91-104.

    Based on interviews with Turkish dervishes who travel out of the country to perform their ritual in public. Mevlevi dervishes often debated which destinations were appropriate.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Turkey, Istanbul; Dervish; Islam, Sufi, Mevlevi; Pilgrimage; Islam, Turkey
  • La renaissance du Hassidisme de 1945 à nos jours.
    Gutwirth, Jacques (2004)
    Paris: Odille Jacob.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, London; United States, New York, New York; United States; Israel, Jerusalem; Jewish, Hasidic, U.S.A.; Mysticism; Charisma; Belgium, Antwerp; Jewish, Hasidic, Israel; Jewish, Hasidic, France; Jewish, Hasidic, Belgium
  • Main Street Mystics: The Toronto Blessing and Reviving Pentecostalism.
    Poloma, Margaret M. (2003)
    Walnut Creek, California: AltaMira.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, neo, Canada; Prophecy; Healing; Liminality; Music; Experiential dimension; Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship; Canada, Ontario, Toronto; Participant observation; Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship; Glossolalia; Mysticism; Vineyard Churches; Toronto Blessing
  • Mysticism: Troeltsch's Third Type of Religious Collectivities.
    Daiber, Karl-Fritz (2002)
    Social Compass 49:3: 329-341.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Troeltsch, Ernst
  • Max Weber's Mysticism.
    Adair-Toteff, Christopher (2002)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 43:3: 339-353.

    Associated Search Terms: Typology; Mysticism; Weber, Max
  • The Mystical Option in a Postmodern Setting: Morphology and Sense.
    Nesti, Arnaldo (2002)
    Social Compass 49:3: 379-392.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-modern; Mysticism; Troeltsch, Ernst
  • 'Power of Mysticism' and 'Mysticism of Power': Understanding the Sociopolitical History of a Neo-Hindu Movement.
    Squarcini, Federico (2002)
    Social Compass 49:3: 343-364.

    Traces the routinization of charisma after the death of the founder of ISKCON, Svami Bhaktivedanta.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Hare Krishna; Habitus; Charisma; Routinization
  • Du Nouvel-Âge aux Réseaux Psycho-Mystique.
    Rocchi, Valérie (2000)
    Ethnologie française 4: 583-590.

    Associated Search Terms: New age; Network; Mysticism
  • Dire la Transe en Islam Mystique. De l'Expérience au Language Autorisé.
    Andezian, Sossie (2000)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 111: 25-40.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Trance; Islam
  • The "New Age" Worldview of Polish Students.
    Doktór, Tadeusz (1999)
    Social Compass 46:2: 215-224.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; New age; Poland; Students, undergraduate; Mysticism; Stress; Self-esteem; Socialization; Experience
  • A Tradição Mistica Afro-Brasileira.
    Carvalho, José Jorge de (1997)
    Religião e sociedade 18:2: 93-122.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Africanist, Brazil
  • Zwischen Theologie und Soziologie. Ernst Troeltschs Typen der christlichen Gemeinschaftsbildung: Kirche, Sekte, Mystik.
    Molendijk, Arie L. (1996)
    Gütesloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus.

    Associated Search Terms: Troeltsch, Ernst; Typology; Mysticism; Church; Sect
  • Mysticism, World View and Personality among Students in Poland in 1987 and 1992.
    Doktór, Tadeusz (1996)
    In Nils G. Holm and Kaj Bjorkwist (eds.), World Views in Modern Society: Empirical Studies on the Relationship between World View, Culture, Personality and Upbringing. Turku: Abo Akademi University, pp. 47-57.

    Associated Search Terms: World view; Mysticism; Change; Students, undergraduate; Poland
  • La "nébuleuse mystique-ésotérique": une décomposition du religieux entre humanisme revisité, magique, psychologique.
    Champion, Françoise (1995)
    In Jean-Baptiste Martin (ed.) Le défi magique. Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon, pp. 314-325.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Esoteric; Mysticism
  • Nouveaux mouvements religieux et nouvelles religiosités mystiques-ésotériques.
    Champion, Françoise (1995)
    Cahiers français 273: 13-18.

    Associated Search Terms: Esoteric; Mysticism; New religions
  • Religion et Société: Hypothèses de Relecture des Mouvements Hérétiques.
    LaRocca, Tomaso (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 109-119.

    Focuses on Thomas Müntzer, & the historical trajectory of the mystical/revolution dialectic, 11th-18th centuries.

    Associated Search Terms: Revolution; Mysticism; Reformation; Historical
  • Les religieuses catholiques en France: deux systèmes de représentation du monde.
    Talin, Kristoff (1995)
    Social Compass 42:1: 35-46.

    Analyzes survey data from French female religious. Describes conservatives in terms of other-worldly asceticism, progressive ones in terms of inner-worldly, & contemplatives in terms of mysticism.

    Associated Search Terms: Sisters; Inner-worldly asceticism; Catholic, France; Orders/congregations; Mysticism; Otherworldliness
  • La croyance en l'alliance de la science et de la religion dans les nouveaux courants mystiques et ésotériques.
    Champion, Françoise (1993)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 38/82: 205-222.

    Analyzes the logic of a mysticism that sees itself continuous with science, & that seems to be current in recent times.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Mysticism
  • "Meine eigene Theologie ist spiritualistisch": Zur Funktion der "Mystik" als Sozialform des modernen Christentums.
    Rendtorff, Trutz (1993)
    In Friedrich Wilhelm Graf and Trutz Rendtorff (eds.) Ernst Troeltsch Soziallehren. Troeltsch-Studien Band 6. Gütersloh: Gütersloher Verlagshaus, pp. 178-192.

    Associated Search Terms: Troeltsch, Ernst; Mysticism
  • Individualisme, protetation holiste et hétéronomie dans les mouvances mystiques et ésotériques contemporaines.
    Champion, Françoise (1991)
    Social Compass 38:1: 33-41.

    Associated Search Terms: Esoteric; New religions; Mysticism; Individualism
  • Normal Revelations: A Rational Model.
    Stark, Rodney (1991)
    In David G. Bromley (ed.) Religion and the Social Order: Volume I. New Developments in Theory and Research. Greenwich, Connecticut: JAI Press, pp. 239-251.

    Sees convictions of profound personal revelation a normal occurrence.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Origins of religion; Experience; Rationality
  • The Mysticism and Asceticism of Medieval Women: Some Comments on the Typologies of Max Weber and Ernst Troeltsch.
    Bynum, Caroline W. (1991)
    In Caroline W. Bynum, Fragmentation and redemption: Essays on Gender and the Human body in Medieval Religion. New York: Zone Books, pp. 53-78.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Weber, Max; Typology; Troeltsch, Ernst; Europe, medieval; Asceticism; Mysticism
  • La nébuleuse mystique-ésotérique: orientations psychoreligieuses dans les courants mystiques et ésotériques contemporains.
    Champion, Françoise (1990)
    In Françoise Champion and Danièle Hervieu-Léger, De l'émotion en religion. Renouveaux et traditions. Paris: Centurion, pp. 17-69.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Emotion; Esoteric
  • Mistiche orientali contemporanea.
    Terrin, Aldo Natale (1989)
    Urbino: Quattro Venti; Collana: Il Nuovo Leopardi.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Mysticism
  • L'Église, la secte, la mystique et l'ordre religieux
    Turcotte, Paul-André (1989)
    Église et theologie 20:1: 77-98.

    Associated Search Terms: Orders/congregations; Mysticism; Typology
  • Scholars, Sects and Sanghas, 1: Recruitment to Asian-based Meditation Groups in North America.
    Gussner, R.E., and S.D. Berkowitz (1988)
    Sociological Analysis 49:2: 136-170.

    Analyzes 1984 questionnaire data from members of 10 Asian-based mystic groups in North America; shows a need for community having only moderate importance, & only younger members having countercultural or therapeutic reasons for joining.

    Associated Search Terms: Mystic; Conversion; New religions; Deprivation
  • Mystik und Askese im Leben mittelaltericher Frauen: Einige Bemerkungen zu den Typologien von Max Weber und Ernst Troeltsch.
    Bynum, Caroline W. (1988)
    In Wolfgang Schluchter (ed.) Max Webers Sicht des Okzidentalen Christentums: Interpretation und Kritik. Frankfurt: Suhrkamp, pp. 355-382.

    Associated Search Terms: Weber, Max; Troeltsch, Ernst; Typology; Europe, medieval; Asceticism; Mysticism; Women
  • L'esperienza mistica e il tempo ierofanico.
    Demarchi, Franco (1987)
    Religioni e società 2:3: 34-53.

    General consideration of mysticism, based on the thought of Dom Anselmo Stolz (1900-1942).

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism
  • Mysticism.
    Hood, Ralph W., Jr. (1985)
    In Phillip E. Hammond (ed.), The Sacred in a Secular Age. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 285-297.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism
  • Les derniers kabbalistes d'Allemagne.
    Scholem, Gerschom (1985)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 60:1: 9-26.

    Explores the elective affinity between kabbalistic mysticism & Zionism in 18th century Germany.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, Kabbalist, Germany; Zionism; Germany; Mysticism
  • Pour une Sociologie de la Mystique Juive: A Propos et Autour du "Sabbataï Sevi" de Gershom Scholem.
    Löwy, Michaël (1984)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 57:1: 5-14.

    Examines the historical & economic conditions that fostered Sabbatianism, the mid-17th century popular movement that traversed the entire Jewish diaspora.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Jewish
  • Mystique et Politique: …Sayyid Qutb.
    Carré, Olivier (1984)
    Paris: Cerf.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Islam; Politics
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