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  • Configuraciones de poder en el campo evangélico indígena del Chaco argentino.
    Ceriani Cernadas, César (2014)
    Sociedad y Religión 24/41: 13-41.

    Associated Search Terms: Power; Evangelical, Argentina; Argentina, Chaco region; Native Argentinians
  • L'"Evangelio": pentecôtisme indigène dans le Chaco argentin.
    Wright, Pablo G. (2002)
    Social Compass 49:1: 43-66.

    Overview of Pentecostal indigenous churches in the Grand Chaco region.

    Associated Search Terms: Argentina, Chaco region; Pentecostal, Argentina; Native Argentinians
  • Toba Pentecostalism Revisited.
    Wright, Pablo G. (1992)
    Social Compass 39:3: 355-375.

    Epistemological critique of studies conducted by Elmer Miller, of Pentecostalism among an Argentine indigenous people.

    Associated Search Terms: Miller, Elmer; Native Argentinians; Pentecostal, Argentina; Methodology; Argentina; Toba
  • Pentecostal Contributions to the Proletarianization of the Toba.
    Miller, Elmer S. (1982)
    In Jean Barstow (ed.) Culture and Ideology: Anthropological Perspectives. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp. 58-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Native Argentinians; Stratification; Pentecostal, Argentina; Argentina, Toba
  • Movimenti socio-religiosi fra gli Indios del Chaco argentino.
    Siffredi, Alejandra (1975)
    La critica sociologica 36: 167-204.

    Overview & typology of the many messian protest movements that developed among the indigenous people of the Chaco region of Argentina.

    Associated Search Terms: Messian; Argentina; Native Argentinians; Protest; Social movement
  • Shamans, Power Symbols, and Change in Argentine Toba Culture.
    Miller, Elmer S. (1975)
    American Ethnologist 2:3: 477-496.

    Associated Search Terms: Power; Argentina, Chaco region; Shaman; Symbol; Toba; Native Argentinians; Change
  • Movimientos milenaristas de los aborigenes chaqueños entre 1903 y 1933.
    Bartolomé, Leopoldo (1971)
    Suplemento antropológica 7:1/2: 107-120.

    Associated Search Terms: Argentina, Chaco region; Native Argentinians; Millenarian
  • De la Algarroba al Algodón. Movimientos milenaristos del Chaco argentino.
    Cordeu, Edgardo J., and Alejandra Siffredi (1971)
    Buenos Aires: Juárez Editor.

    Associated Search Terms: Argentina, Chaco region; Native Argentinians; Millenarian
  • The Argentine Toba Evangelical Religious Service.
    Miller, Elmer S. (1971)
    Ethnology 10:2: 149-159.

    Associated Search Terms: Native Argentinians; Toba; Pentecostal, Argentina; Syncretism; Healing; Worship; Argentina
  • Pentecostalism among the Argentine Toba.
    Miller, Elmer S. (1967)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Pittsburgh. [DA 28:12 B, p. 4855]

    Associated Search Terms: Native Argentinians; Toba; Argentina; Pentecostal, Argentina
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