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  • Transforming Catholicism: Liturgical Change in the Vatican II Church.
    Maines, David R., and Michael J. McCallion (2007)
    Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Ritual; Conflict; United States, Michigan, Detroit; Catholic, U.S.A.; New class
  • Rethinking the Secularization of American Public Life.
    Smith, Christian (2003)
    In Christian Smith (ed.) The Secular Revolution. Power, Interests, and Confict in the Secularization of American Public Life. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp. 1-96.

    Argues that secularization should not be thought of as an inevitable macro-level process but a complex of deliberate & contested group maneuvers.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Conflict; Social movement; Differentiation; Rationalization; New class; Intellectuals; United States
  • The Politics of Gender and the "Two-party" Thesis in American Protestantism.
    Swatos, William H., Jr. (1997)
    Social Compass 44:1: 23-35.

    Critique of survey research on U.S. Protestantism; sees denominational cosmopolitanism in tension with congregational localism.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Women; New class; Local/cosmopolitan; Schism; Protestant, U.S.A.; Methodology; Merger
  • Evangelicals in the New Class: Class Versus Subcultural Predictors of Ideology.
    Schmalzbauer, John A. (1993)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 32:4: 330-342.

    Analyzes 1972-89 General Social Survey (U.S.A.) data, white Evangelical subsample; shows both new class & Evangelical subculture predicting attitudes on sexual mores, abortion, sex roles, & civil liberties.

    Associated Search Terms: Abortion; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Jewish, U.S.A.; Atheist, U.S.A.; Education; Stratification; Catholic, U.S.A.; Civil liberties; Sexual attitudes; Sex role; New class; United States
  • Religious Elites in Advanced Capitalism: The Dialectic of Power and Marginality.
    Hunter, James Davison, and James E. Hawdon (1991)
    In W. Clark Roof (ed.), World Order and Religion. Albany: State University of New York Press, pp. 39-63.

    Notes that in the West religious elites have been marginalized by other knowledge-workers. Reports some 1987 questionnaire data from American elites & telephone interview data from Great Britain.

    Associated Search Terms: Power; Marginality; Great Britain; United States; New class; Elite; Intellectuals
  • The Neoconservative Critique of Liberal Evangelicals: A Response to Berger and Hunter.
    Cleveland, Kyle (1990)
    Review of Religious research 31:3: 280-290.

    Interprets the critiques by Peter Berger & James Davison Hunter as ideological.

    Associated Search Terms: Hunter, James Davison; Berger, Peter L.; New class
  • Religion, Development, and Changing Paradigms.
    Hargrove, Barbara J.W. (1988)
    Sociological Analysis 49:S: S33-S48.

    Associated Search Terms: New class
  • Ritual Conflict as Social Conflict: Liturgical Reform in the Roman Catholic Church.
    Dinges, William D. (1987)
    Sociological Analysis 48:2: 1380157.

    Resisting liturgical reform reflected conflicts linked to a weakening of Catholic identity amidst pluralism, to role status loss of clerical elites, & to the rise of a new knowledge class in the church.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Clergy role; New class; Conflict; Catholic; Pluralism
  • The Emerging New Class: Implications for Church and Society.
    Hargrove, Barbara J.W. (1986)
    New York: Pilgrim.

    Associated Search Terms: Professions; New class
  • Différenciation Religieuse et Position de Classe. Dossiers Empiriques et Modèle Wébérien.
    Rousseau, André (1980)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 49:1: 29-42.

    Uses Weber's model of a middle class distancing itself from peasant ritualism & from elite skepticism, to interpret survey data on the "new petite bourgeoisie" in French Catholicism.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; New class; Catholic, France; France
  • The New Class and the Young Evangelicals.
    Hunter, James Davison (1980)
    Review of Religious Research 22:2: 155-169. Comment by Boyd Reese 24:3 (1983): 261-267. Reply by James Davison Hunter 24:3 (1983): 267-276.

    Within theological conservative American Protestantism, young Evangelicals are a structural, political, & ideological parallel to the "new class" of liberal knowledge workers.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, U.S.A.; New class; Politics, U.S.A.; Content analysis
  • The American Catholic Call for Liberty and Justice for All: An Analysis in the Sociology of Knowledge./Toward the Establishment of Liberal Catholicism in America.
    Varacalli, Joseph A. (1980)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Rutgers University. [DA 41:1 A, p. 410]/Washington: University Press of America, 1981.

    Interprets the U.S. Catholic Bicentennial, "Liberty & Justice for All," with charisma dispersion, rationalization, & the sociology of knowledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; New class; Catholic, U.S.A.; Rationalization; Charisma; Sociology of knowledge
  • The Cultural Politics of Established Churches.
    Martin, David (1979)
    Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 6:1/2: 287-301.

    Disestablishment brings specialization & hence entry of the clergy into the left-leaning ranks of professionals.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Politics; Disestablishment; New class
  • Communautés utopiques et structures sociales: le cas de la Belgique francophone.
    Voisin, Michel (1977)
    Revue française de sociologie 18:2: 271-300.

    Links the emergence of utopian communes in Belgium with the interests of new petit-bourgeois professions & the institutional crisis of the 1960s.

    Associated Search Terms: New class; Utopian; Commune; Belgium
  • Pratique Idéologique, Pratique Social et Intérêts de Classe.
    Dassetto, Felice (1975)
    Recherches sociologiques 6:2: 222-238.

    Analyzes the discourse of A.J. Greimas, an influential social leader in the slums of Rome; shows a detachment of middle class social service personnel from the traditional social world they once shared with the Catholic Church.

    Associated Search Terms: New class; Italy, Rome; Stratification
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