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  • L'économie dans l'utopie monastique: les stratégies d'adaptation.
    Jonveaux, Isabelle (2013)
    Social Compass 60:2: 160-173.

    Based on 2004 fieldwork at European monasteries, & data on their incomes & expenditures.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Other-worldly asceticism; Monasticism; Adaptation
  • Le Monastére au travail: le Royaume de Dieu au défi de l'économie.
    Jonveaux, Isabelle (2011)
    Paris: Bayard.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Other-worldly asceticism; Monasticism
  • Corporéités, Ascéticismes et Sécularisation dans le Discours de la Confrérie Naqshbandi Turque Contemporaine.
    Manço, Ural (2010)
    Social Compass 57:4: 479-492.

    Analysis of the discourse of a late 20th century Sufi sheik.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Sufi; Asceticism; Inner-worldly asceticism; Islam, Turkey; Mobility (vertical); Other-worldly asceticism; Secularization; Turkey; Discourse
  • Salvation Goods and Culture Goods: An Interpretation of Max Weber.
    Merz-Benz, Peter-Ulrich (2008)
    In Jörg Stolz (ed.) Salvation Goods and Religious Markets. Theory and Applications. Bern: Peter Lang, pp. 19-30.

    Weber's depiction of the rational elimination of distractions from a subjective dwelling on the divne is a more convincing model of religious rationality than that proposed in rational choice theory.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Rational choice theory; Other-worldly asceticism; Religious goods; Weber, Max; Asceticism; Inner-worldly asceticism; Rationality
  • Aspetti cognitivi della fuga dal mondo. Il caso dell'eremitismo.
    Turina, Isacco (2006)
    Rassegna italiani di sociologia 2006:2: 297-328.

    contemporary eremetism in Italy has only limited success because of the cognitive effort needed for it.

    Associated Search Terms: Hermit; Other-worldly asceticism; World rejection; Asceticism
  • Buddhist and Protestant Korean Immigrants. Religious Beliefs and Socioeconomic Aspects of Life.
    Kwon, Okyun (2003)
    New York: LFB Scholarly Publishing.

    Based on interview, questionnaire, & participant observation data from New York; questionnaires were sent to a national U.S. sample of Korean Buddhist temples.

    Associated Search Terms: Cho-gye; Buddhist, U.S.A.; Comparative; United States, New York, New York; Korea; Other-worldly asceticism; Inner-worldly asceticism; Christian, Korea; Generations; Economic; Assimilation; Migrant; Protestant, U.S.A.; Korean Americans
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