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  • Religion, Science, and Secularization Theory on a Danish Island.
    Buckser, Andrew S. (1996)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 35:4: 432-441.

    2 religious movements in Denmark show the secularization thesis wanting.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark, Mors Island; Identity; Grundtvigian, Denmark; Pietist, Denmark; Secularization
  • The Social Control of Religious Zeal: A Study of Organizational Contradictions.
    Miller, Jon (1994)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press.

    Studies how beliefs, class, & organization shaped the 1828-1918 African missions of the Missionary Evangelical Society, a Pietist group based in Basel, Switzerland.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Authority; Clergy; Basel Mission; Ghana; Pietist; Organization; Missions
  • The first Protestant mission to India: Its social and rleigious developments.
    Hudson, D. Dennis (1993)
    Sociological Bulletin 42:1/2: 37-63. [In Rowena Robinson (ed.) Sociology of Religion in India. New Delhi: Sage, 2004, pp. 199-230.

    Historical report on the early 18th century Danish-sponsored mission to a southeast India area the Danish East India Company had rented.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, India; Missions, India; India, Tranquebar; Historical; Pietist, India
  • Communities of Faith: Sectarianism, Identity, and Social Change on a Danish Island.
    Buckser, Andrew S. (1993)
    Unpublished PhD. Dissertation, University of California, Berkeley. [DA 54:10 A, p. 3788] [Providence, Rhode Island: Berghahn, 1996]

    Studies 3 groups on Mors Island: an independent congregation (Grundtvigian), Danish Inner Mission Society (pietist), Apostolic Church (pentecostal); sees no tension with scientific world view, but rather identity & community formation.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark, Mors Island; Grundtvigian, Denmark; Pentecostal, Denmark; Identity; Community; Pietist, Denmark
  • The Merton Thesis: Oetinger and German Pietism.
    Becker, George (1992)
    Sociological Forum 7:4: 641-660.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Pietist, Germany; Germany; Protestant Ethic; Merton, Robert K.
  • Pietism's Confrontation with Enlightenment Rationalism: An Examination of the Relation between Ascetic Protestantism and Science.
    Becker, George (1991)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 30:2: 139-158.

    Associated Search Terms: Science; Pietist; Asceticism; Historical; Protestant Ethic; Merton, Robert K.
  • Historical Role Analysis in the Study of Religious Change: Mass Educational Development in Norway, 1740-1891.
    Flint, John T. (1990)
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Pietist; Lutheran, Norway; Secularization; Norway; Education; Change
  • Konfessionelle Kulturen in den Niederlanden.
    Peters, Jan, and Osmund Schreuder (1989)
    In Karl-Fritz Daiber (ed.) Religion und Konfession. Hanover: Lutherisches Verlagshaus, pp. 113-138.

    Overview of Dutch confessional cultures; presents survey data on denominational commitment of Catholic, Reformed, Neo-Calvinist, & Pietist respondents. Examines political, economic, & cultural values.

    Associated Search Terms: Neo-Calvinist, Netherlands; Denomination (organizational entity); Pietist, Netherlands; Catholic, Netherlands; Dutch Reformed, Netherlands; Economic; Values; Netherlands; Politics, Netherlands
  • Closed Circles. An Essay on Culture and Pietism in Norway.
    Lundby, Knut (1988)
    Social Compass 35:1: 57-66.

    Associated Search Terms: Norway; Network; Pietist, Norway
  • The Fallacy of the Received Word: A Reexamination of Merton's Pietism-science Thesis.
    Becker, George (1986)
    American Journal of Sociology 91:5: 1203-1218.

    Associated Search Terms: Merton, Robert K.; Pietist; Science; Asceticism; Protestant Ethic
  • Le Courant évangélique Français: Un "Intégrisme Protestant"?
    Baubérot, Jean, and Jean-Paul Willaime (1985)
    Social Compass 32:4: 393-411.

    Discusses the revival of French evangelicalism (orthodox, pietist, pentecostal) & how the phenomenon differs from integrism.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Pentecostal, France; Pietist; Evangelical, France
  • A Phenomenological Transformation of the Social Scientific Study of Religion.
    Blasi, Anthony J. (1985)
    New York & Bern: Peter Lang.

    Associated Search Terms: Phenomenology; Weber, Max; Ritual; Typology; Moral; Conversion; Latin America; Anti-structure; Cognitive distortion; Pietist (mentality); Definition of religion
  • Amana: From Pietist Sect to American Community.
    Barthel, Diane L. (1984)
    Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Pietist; Amana; Commune
  • The Fallacy of the Latest Word: The Case of "Pietism and Science."
    Merton, Robert K. (1984)
    American Journal of Sociology 89:5: 1091-1121.

    Associated Search Terms: Pietist; Science; Protestant Ethic
  • Pietism and Science: A Critique of Robert K. Merton's Hypothesis.
    Becker, George (1984)
    American Journal of Sociology 89:5: 1065-1090. Comment by Robert K. Merton 89:5: 1091-1121.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant Ethic; Pietist; Asceticism; Merton, Robert K.; Science
  • Piétistes juifs et protestants. Une analyse comparative.
    Gutwirth, Jacques (1975)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 20/40: 53-66.

    Finds structural parallels between the Hasidim & the small pietist church, Association évangélique de Générargues; based on 1971-74 observations of the latter.

    Associated Search Terms: France, Gard, Générargues; Participant observation; Jewish, Hasidic; Comparative; Pietist, France
  • L'Eveil du sentiment national. Rôle du piétisme dans la naissance du patriotisme.
    Kaiser, Gerhard (1966)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 22: 59-80.

    Examines the role of Pietism in the formation of German nationalism.

    Associated Search Terms: Pietist; Germany; Nationalism
  • Puritanism, Pietism and Science.
    Merton, Robert K. (1936)
    Sociological Review 28:1: 1-30.

    Relates Puritan values to the pursuit of science.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant Ethic; Puritan; Pietist; Science
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