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  • Ethnicity, Religion, and Class in Israeli Society.
    Ben-Rafael, Eliezer, and Stephen Sharot (1991)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Based on participant observation, open-ended interviews, & factor analysis of 1981-83 interview data from fathers of school age children in Beer Sheva.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Factor analysis; Religiosity; Romanian Israelis; Polish Israelis; Moroccan Israelis; Generations; Migrant; Secularization; Iraqi Israelis; Politics, Israel; Jewish, Israel; Ethnic; Israel, Beersheba
  • Secularization and the Diminishing Decline of Religion.
    Ayalon, Hanna, Eliezer Ben-Rafael, and Stephen Sharot (1986)
    Review of Religious Research 27:3: 193-207. [Also in Shlomo A. Deshen, Charles S. Liebman, and Moshe Shokeid (eds.), Israeli Judaism. The Sociology of Religion in Israel (New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction, 1995), pp. 239-253.

    Analyzes 1982-83 interview data from Beer Sheva; practice declined by generation, moreso for Moroccan & Iraqi Israelis, who began with higher levels.

    Associated Search Terms: Israel, Beersheba; Practice; Generations; Moroccan Israelis; Iraqi Israelis; Romanian Israelis; Polish Israelis; Jewish, Israel
  • Secularization and the Diminishing Decline of Religion.
    Sharot, Stephen, Hannah Ayalon, and Eliezer Ben-Rafael (1986)
    Review of Religious Research 27:3: 193-207.

    Studies 4 ethnic subgroups of Jews in Israel: Moroccan, Iraqi, Polish, & Romanian.

    Associated Search Terms: Romanian Israelis; Jewish, Israel; Israel; Secularization; Practice; Moroccan Israelis; Iraqi Israelis; Polish Israelis
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