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  • Religion and interest in politics in Africa.
    Manglos, Nicolette D., and Alexander Weinreb (2013)
    Social Forces 92:1: 195-219.

    Associated Search Terms: Africa; Politics, Africa
  • Belonging and success: Religious vitality and the politics of urban space in Cape Town.
    Burchardt, Marian (2013)
    In Irene Becci, Marian Burchardt, and Jose Casanova (eds.), Topographies of Faith: Religion in Urban Spaces. Boston: Brill, pp. 167-187.

    Associated Search Terms: South Africa, Capetown; Stratification; Urban; Politics, South Africa
  • Roi sorcier, mère sorcière. Parenté, politique et sorcellerie en Afrique noire.
    Adler, Alfred (2006)
    Paris: Éditions du Félin.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Politics, Africa; Africa; Sorcery
  • Les Prélats Africains et les Tentatives de Démocratisation du Début de la Décennie 1990.
    Bédard-st-Pierre, Nadine (2006)
    Social Compass 53:4: 467-478.

    Examines pastoral letters of national councils of Catholic bishops; the prelates played a major role in the 1990s democratization of some sub-Saharan African states since they held a compromise (engaged) position in the everyday world.

    Associated Search Terms: Content analysis; Africa; Compromise; Bishop; Politics, Africa; Catholic, Africa
  • Islamic militancy in East Africa.
    Haynes, Jeffrey (2005)
    Third World Quarterly 26:8: 1321-1339.

    Associated Search Terms: Political Islam; Africa, east; Islam, Africa; Politics, Africa
  • La sociologie politique du phénomène religieux en Afrique subsaharienne: trajectoires paradigmatiques.
    Onana, Janvier (2002)
    Information sur les sciences sociales 41:3: 327-358.

    Associated Search Terms: Africa; Politics
  • Evangelicals and Politics in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.
    Freston, Paul (2001)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Provides country-by-country case studies of Evangelicals' involvement in politics.

    Associated Search Terms: Asia; Evangelical; Politics; Latin America; Africa
  • Marginalité et Instrumentalité de l'Islam dans le Presse du Maghreb Central.
    Garon, Lise (1997)
    Social Compass 44:1: 53-70.

    Political interests use Islam instrumentally, not vice-versa; based on content analysis of newspapers.

    Associated Search Terms: Algeria; Politics, North Africa; Islam, North Africa; Media; Morocco; Content analysis; Tunisia
  • La Cause des Prophètes. Politique et Religion en Afrique Contemporaine.
    Dozon, Jean-Pierre (1995)
    Paris: Seuil.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Africa; Africa; Prophecy
  • Sorcellerie et politique en Afrique, la viande des autres./The modernity of witchcraft: Politics and the occult in postcolonial Africa.
    Geschiere, Peter, with Cyprian F. Fisiy (1995)
    Paris: Karthala./Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1997.

    African witchcraft is a response to modernity, not a case of culture lag.

    Associated Search Terms: Witch; Politics, Africa; Africa; Economic
  • Religion et Modernité Politique en Afrique Noire.
    Bayart, Jean-François (1993)
    Paris: Karthala

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Africa; Politics, Africa
  • Religioni, chiese cristiane e conflitti sociali in Sud Africa.
    DelRe, Emanuela, and Michele DelRe (1993)
    Religioni e società 8/16: 73-84.

    Examines the relation of religion to the politics of apartheid in South Africa, 1950-1.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, South Africa; Segregation, racial; Race; South Africa
  • Protestantism, Authoritarianism and Democracy: A Comparison of The Netherlands, the United States and South Africa.
    Jacobson, David (1987)
    Religion 17:3: 275-301.

    Calvinist religions developed in The Netherlands, the U.S.A.., & South Africa, all of which developed very different political systems.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; South Africa; Politics, South Africa; Politics, Netherlands; Comparative; Calvinist; United States; Politics, U.S.A.
  • Religious and Moral Legitimations of Apartheid in Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk, Nationalist Party and Broederbond, 1948-Present.
    Ngcokovane, Cecil Mzingisi (1986)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Emory University. [DA 47:11 A, p. 4110]

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, South Africa; South Africa; Race; Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid Afrika; Legitimation
  • Sociological Theory, Religion and Collective Action.
    Wallis, Roy, and Steve Bruce (1986)
    Belfast: The Queen's University.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Great Britain; South Africa; Presbyterian; Comparative; Conservative; Rajneesh; Children of God; New religions; Deprivation; Hermeneutic; United States; Stark, Rodney
  • Religious Versus Linguistic Versus Class Voting: The "Crucial Experiment" of Comparing Belgium, Canada, South Africa and Switzerland.
    Lijphart, Arend (1979)
    American Political Science Review 73: 442-458.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Comparative; Canada; South Africa; Politics, Belgium
  • The Rise of Afrikanerdom: Power, Apartheid, and the Afrikaner Civil Religion.
    Moodie, T. Dunbar (1975)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: South Africa; Civil religion; Politics, South Africa; Race
  • The Dutch Reformed Churches as Vehicles of Political Legitimation in South Africa.
    Moodie, T. Dunbar (1975)
    Social Dynamics 1:2: 158-166.

    Focuses on the decline of the legitimating function of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, South Africa; Legitimation; Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid Afrika; South Africa
  • Race and Status in South Central Africa.
    Mitchell, J.C. (1970)
    In A. Tuden and L. Plotnicov (eds.) Social Stratification in Africa. New York; Free Press.

    Ranks whites' denominations in Malawi, Rhodesia, & Zambia, by ethnic group-socioeconomic status (e.g., Dutch Reformed, Portuguese & French Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Anglican, Jewish). These correspond to stances on politics & African independence.

    Associated Search Terms: Malawi; Zimbabwe; Zambia; Politics, Africa; Stratification; Ethnic
  • Christianity and Socio-Political Change in Sub-Sahara Africa.
    Hopkins, Raymond F. (1966)
    Social Forces 44:4: 555-562.

    Uses 20th century data to demonstrate that Christian missions have helped further development. Analysis with Pearson coefficients; N=10! 9 nations fomerly British, 1 Belgian (Congo), a distribution invalidating the results.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Africa; Development; Africa; Christian, Africa; Missions
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