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  • Paradise lost, paradise regained? Christian democracy in the Netherlands.
    Lucardie, Paul. (2004)
    In Steven van Hecke and Emmanuel Gerard (eds.) Christian Democratic Parties in Europe since the End of the Cold War. Leuven: Leuven University Press, pp. 159-178.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Netherlands; Netherlands
  • The Disciplinary Revolution: Calvinism and the Rise of the State in Early Modern Europe.
    Gorski, Philip S. (2003)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    The Calvinist Reformation produced the infrastructure of the state with not only a work ethic but discipline.

    Associated Search Terms: Asceticism; Germany, Brandenburg-Prussia; State; Politics; Historical; Calvinist; Discipline; Protestant Ethic; Reformation; Netherlands
  • The Politics of Recognizing Religious Diversity in Europe. Social Reaction to the Institutionalization of Islam in the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.
    Rath, Jan, Rinus Penninx, Kees Groenendijk, and Astrid Meyer (1999)
    Netherlands Journal of Social Sciences 35:1: 53-68.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Great Britain; Politics, Belgium; Pluralism; Islam, Netherlands; Netherlands; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, Belgium; Great Britain; Belgium; Politics, Netherlands
  • The Kindred Vote. Individual and Family Effects of Social Class and Religion on Electoral Change in the Netherlands, 1956-1994.
    Need, Ariana (1997)
    Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers, and Gronigen: Interuniversity Center for Social science Theory and Methodology, 1997. [Ph.D.. thesis, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, 1997]

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Netherlands; Netherlands
  • Depillarization, Deconfessionalization, and De-ideologization: Empirical Trends in Dutch Society 1958-1992.
    Dekker, Paul, and Peter Ester (1996)
    Review of Religious Research 37:4: 325-341.

    Examines the "depillarization" process in 1958-92 Dutch surveys.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; Pillarization; Politics, Netherlands
  • "They must obey our laws and customs!": Political debate about Muslim assimilability in Great Britain, France and The Netherlands.
    Husbands, Christopher T. (1995)
    In Alec G. Hargreaves and Jeremy Leaman (eds.) Racism, Ethnicity and Politics in Contemporary Europe. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 115-130.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Netherlands; Assimilation; France; Great Britain; Islam, France; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, Netherlands; Netherlands; Politics, France; Politics, Great Britain
  • The Impact of Religious Identification on Political Attitudes: An International Comparison.
    Hayes, Bernadette C. (1995)
    Sociology of Religion 56:2: 177-194.

    Analyzes 1991 survey data from 8 nations; assesses effects of non-affiliation on attitudes toward abortion, working women, capital punishment, & religion in politics.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Abortion; Capital punishment; Women; Italy; Great Britain, Northern Ireland; Germany, East; Germany, West; Netherlands; Norway; Great Britain; Comparative; Politics; Disaffiliation; Atheist
  • Maintaining Orthodoxy in a Modern World: The Case of the Orthodox Reformed and Evangelical Christians in the Netherlands.
    Dekker, Gerard, and Hijme C. Stoffels (1993)
    Social Compass 40:1: 101-110.

    Presents 1985 Dutch survey data; the doctrinally conservative Orthodox Reformed Church, & the non-denominational Dutch Evangelicals movement seem modern & are progressive on economic issues.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, Netherlands; Netherlands; Modernity; Politics, Netherlands; Gereformeerde Kerken vrijgemaakt
  • Konfession und politische Orientierung: Das Beispiel der Konfessionslosen.
    Pittkowski, Wolfgang, and Rainer Volz (1989)
    Karl-Fritz Daiber (ed) Religion und Konfession: Studien zu politischen, ethischen und religiösen Einstellungen von Katholiken, Protestanten und Konfessionslosen.... Hanover: Lutherisches Verlagshaus, 93-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Netherlands; Politics, Germany; Atheist, Netherlands; Atheist, Germany
  • Religion und Konfession: Studien zur politischen, ethischen und religiösen Einstellungen von Katholischen, Protestanten und Konfessionslosen ind er Bundesrepublic Deutschland und in den Niederlanden.
    Daiber, Karl Fritz (ed.) (1989)
    Hanover: Lutherisches Verlaghaus.

    Analyzes 1982 West German survey data, & separate Dutch data.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; Politics, Germany; Germany, West; Atheist, Germany; Atheist, Netherlands; Moral; Catholic, Netherlands; Protestant, Germany; Catholic, Germany; Politics, Netherlands; Protestant, Netherlands
  • Konfessionelle Kulturen in den Niederlanden.
    Peters, Jan, and Osmund Schreuder (1989)
    In Karl-Fritz Daiber (ed.) Religion und Konfession. Hanover: Lutherisches Verlagshaus, pp. 113-138.

    Overview of Dutch confessional cultures; presents survey data on denominational commitment of Catholic, Reformed, Neo-Calvinist, & Pietist respondents. Examines political, economic, & cultural values.

    Associated Search Terms: Neo-Calvinist, Netherlands; Denomination (organizational entity); Pietist, Netherlands; Catholic, Netherlands; Dutch Reformed, Netherlands; Economic; Values; Netherlands; Politics, Netherlands
  • Protestantism, Authoritarianism and Democracy: A Comparison of The Netherlands, the United States and South Africa.
    Jacobson, David (1987)
    Religion 17:3: 275-301.

    Calvinist religions developed in The Netherlands, the U.S.A.., & South Africa, all of which developed very different political systems.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; South Africa; Politics, South Africa; Politics, Netherlands; Comparative; Calvinist; United States; Politics, U.S.A.
  • Pillarization as a Process of Modernization.
    Ellemers, J.E. (1984)
    Acta Politica 19: 129-140.

    Associated Search Terms: Pillarization; Modernization; Politics, Netherlands; Netherlands
  • From Pillarization to New Religious Pluralism. A Social Science Congress on Religion and Politics, Amsterdam 1983.
    Thung, Mady A. (1983)
    Social Compass 30:4: 503-524.

    Overview of Dutch religion & its social scientific study, occasioned by a scholarly meeting.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; Pluralism; Catholic, Netherlands; Dutch Reformed, Netherlands; Free Reformed, Netherlands; Politics, Netherlands
  • Confessional Attachment and Electoral Behavior in the Netherlands.
    Miller, Warren E., and Philip C. Stouthard (1975)
    European Journal of Political Research 3:3: 219-258.

    Analyzes 1970 & '72 survey research from The Netherlands; links the rejections of institutional religion & institutional politics.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Netherlands; Netherlands; Catholic, Netherlands; Dutch Reformed, Netherlands; Calvinist, Netherlands
  • The Preacher and the Farmers: The Church as a Political Arena in a Dutch Community.
    Verrips, Jojada (1973)
    American Anthropologist 75:3: 852-867.

    Associated Search Terms: Farmer; Politics, Netherlands; Netherlands; Rural
  • Religion and Society in Tension.
    Glock, Charles Y., and Rodney Stark (1965)
    Chicago: Rand McNally.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Great Britain; Catholic, U.S.A.; Politics, U.S.A.; Politics, France; Politics, Colombia; Protestant, U.S.A.; Experience; United States, California, San Francisco Bay Area; Episcopal; Lutheran, Missouri Synod; Politics, Netherlands
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