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  • A post-secular reading of public sociology.
    Hashemi, Morteza (2016)
    Social Compass 63:4: 461-477.

    Critique of Michael Burroway's call for an engaged public sociology.

    Associated Search Terms: Secular; Post-secular; Value free theory
  • The Making of a Postsecular Society: A Durkheimian Approach to Memory, Pluralism and Religion in Turkey.
    Rosati, Massimo (2015)
    Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular; Turkey; Pluralism
  • Traditional, modern, and post-secular perspectives on science and religion in the Untied States.
    O'Brien, Timothy L., and Shiri Noy (2015)
    American Sociological REview 80:1: 92-115.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular; Science; United States
  • Exploring the postsecular: Three meanings of "the secular" and their possible transcendence.
    Casanova, José V. (2013)
    In Craig Calhoun, Eduardo mendieta, and Jonathan Van Antwerpen (eds.) Habermas and Religion. Cambridge: Polity Press, pp. 27-48.

    Associated Search Terms: Secular; Post-secular
  • Post-secularity and religion in Britain: An empirical assessment.
    Bruce, Steve (2013)
    Jouranl of Contemporary Religion 28:3: 369-384.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Post-secular
  • Are we still secular? Explorations on the secular and post-secular.
    Casanova, José V. (2012)
    In P. Nynäs, M. Lassander, and T. Utriainen (eds.) Post-Secular Society. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction, pp. 27-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular
  • Trajectories of post-secular complexity: An introduction.
    Moberg, Marcus, and Kennet Granholm (2012)
    In Peter Nynäs, M. Lassander, and T. Utriainen (eds.) Post-Secular Society. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction, pp. 95-128.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular
  • Public Religions and the Postsecular: Critical Reflections.
    Beckford, James A. (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:1: 1-19.

    Finds 6 general meanings of "post secular." Responses of the British government to pluralism, its efforts at equality, and its respect for the voluntary sector have little to do with post-secularism.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Post-secular
  • The emergence of post-dogmatic religion.
    Riis, Ole (2012)
    Implicit Religion 15:4: 423-438.

    Religion is increasingly centering on values & emotional groundings rather than on doctrinally distinct churches.

    Associated Search Terms: Doctrine; Emotion; Secularization; Post-dogmatic
  • Spirituality, Activism, and the 'Postsecular' in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
    Wilcox, Melissa M. (2012)
    In Peter Nynäs and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip (eds.) Religion, Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, pp. 37-50.

    Based on interviews & observation of a communal spirituality-based (i.e., no religious affiliation) LGBT group involving some parody of Catholic nuns.

    Associated Search Terms: LGBT; Orders/congregations; Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; Spirituality; Activism; Participant observation; Nun; Post-secular
  • Postcolonialism and religion: new spaces of "belonging and participation" in the postsecular city.
    Baker, Christopher, and Justin Beaumont (2011)
    In Justin Beaumont and Christopher Baker (eds.) Postsecular Cities--Space, Theory and Practice. London: Continuum, pp. 33-49.

    Associated Search Terms: Belonging, sense of; Post-secular; Urban
  • Can Post-Secular Society Tolerate Religious Differences?
    Dillon, Michele (2010)
    Sociology of Religion 71:2: 139-156.

    Appreciation of Habermas's recognition of religion as a resource for democracy but also notes limits to tolerance.

    Associated Search Terms: Tolerance; Post-secular; Habermas, Jürgen
  • After secularization?
    Gorski, Philip S., and Ates Altinordu (2008)
    Annual Review of Sociology 34: 55-85.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular
  • Conjugating the Modern/Religious, Conceptualizing female Religious Agency: Contours of a "post-Secular" Conjuncture.
    Bracke, Sarah (2008)
    Theory, Culture and Society 25:6: 51-67/

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular; Feminist theory
  • In Spite of the Times: The Postsecular Turn in Feminism.
    Braidotti, Rosi (2008)
    Theory, Culture, and Society 25:6: 1-24.

    Associated Search Terms: Post-secular; Feminist theory
  • Jews in Disneyland: Religion in Post-Modern Times.
    Lyon, David (2000)
    Cambridge, U.K.: Polity Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Post-modern
  • Religiosità del nuovo areopago: credenze e forme religiose nell'epoca postsecolare.
    Berzano, Luigi (1994)
    Milano: Franco Angeli.

    Associated Search Terms: Damanhur; Post-secular; New age
  • Interpretazione del fenomeno religioso in una società postmoderna.
    Tomasi, Luigi (1990)
    Studi sociale 7/8: 23-53.

    Reviews the literature on secularization, privatization, modernity, & post-modernity; draws implications for membership in & identification with churches.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Membership; Post-modern; Secularization; Identity
  • Religione e irreligione nell'età post-industriale.
    Acquaviva, Sabino S., and Gustavo Guizzardi (eds.) (1971)
    Roma: A.V.E. Editrice

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Post-industrial
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