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  • Examining the effects of exposure to religion in the workplace on perceptions of religious discrimination.
    Scheitle, Christopher P., and Elaine Howard Ecklund (2017)
    Review of Religious Research 59:1: 1-20.

    Analyzes FfK Knowledge Panel (U.S.A.) data. The more religion is discussed at work, the greater are perceptions of religious discrimination. Where religion is never discussed, minorities perceive religious discrimination.

    Associated Search Terms: Discrimination; Prejudice
  • Quest for inclusion: Australia and Islamophobia.
    Bouma, Gary D. (2016)
    In Douglas Pratt and Rachel Woodlock (eds.) Fear of Muslims? International Perspectives on Islamophobia. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 67-78.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Islam, Australia
  • Religion-related hate crimes: Data, trends, and limitations.
    Scheitle, Christopher P., and Michelle Hansmann (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:4: 859-873.

    The Uniform Crime Reports, based on police reports, show a decline in religiously-based hate crimes, comparable to that of hate crimes generally in the U.S.; the National Crime Victimization Survey shows stable rates in religiously-based hate crimes over time.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Hate crimes; Prejudice, religious; Methods
  • Social networking sites and digital ethnography
    Allen, Chris (2016)
    In Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha Shakkour (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 39-48.

    Describes studying Islamophobia in Britain by sending e-questionnaires to persistent posters of Islamophobic messages.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Methods; Internet survey; Ethics
  • Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies.
    Adida, Claire L., David D. Laitin, and Marie-Anne Valfort (2016)
    Cambridge, Massachuses: Harvard University Press

    Associated Search Terms: Assimilation; Discrimination; France; Islam, France; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Beheading the Saint: Nationalism, Religion and Secularism in Quebec.
    Zubrzycki, Geneviève (2016)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec; Feast; Identity, national; Migration; Politics, Canada; Prejudice, anti-religious; Secularization
  • "I was a Muslim, but now I am a Christian": Preaching, legitimation, and identity management in a southern Evangelical church.
    Marti, Gerardo (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:2: 250-270.

    Based on 2012-13 participant observation in a Charlotte Evangelical church. Case study of a convert immigrant pastor who contends with his minority status through his homilies.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Discourse; Race; Participant observation; Legitimation; Homily; Evangelical, U.S.A.; Case study; United States, North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Chrisian nationalism and white racial boundaries: Examining whites' opposition to interracial marriage.
    Perry, Samuel L., and Andrew L. Whitehead (2015)
    Ethnic and Racial Sudies 38:10: 1671-1689.

    Associated Search Terms: Racial attitudes; Christian Identity; Prejudice, racial; Marriage
  • Both ethnic and religious: Explaining employment penalties across 14 ethno-religious groups in the United Kingdom.
    Khattab, Nabil, and Tariq Modood (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:3: 501-522.

    Based on 2002-2013 British employment data. Finds both racial & cultural/religious employment discrimination.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethnic; Great Britain; Prejudice, racial; Prejudice, religious; Race; Stratification; Work; Discrimination
  • The racialization of Muslim converts in Britain and their experiences of Islamophobia.
    Moosavi, Leon (2015)
    Critical Sociology 41:1: 41-56.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Islam, Great Britain; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Racialization
  • How Academics view Conservative Protestants.
    Yancey, George, Sam Reimer, and Jake O'Connell (2015)
    Sociology of Religion 76:3: 315-336.

    Based on open-ended items in a survey of American professors. Critics of conservative Protestants see them as intolerant, unscientific opponents. "Theological definers" rate them less negatively. Low information respondents lack knowledge of or interest n them. Contact lessens low ratings of conservative Protestants.

    Associated Search Terms: Professor; Prejudice, religious; Contact theory; Conservative, U.S.A.
  • Karaite stories: Narrating subjectivity in a marginal moshav.
    Cicurel, Inbal Ester (2015)
    Contemporary Jewry 35:3: 263-284.

    Based on interviews with Karaites from a smallholder cooperative village in Israel. Examines contemporary stories about hostility toward a Jewish denomination that separated from Rabbani Judaism in late antiquity.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, religious; Rural; Minority; Jewish, Karaite, Israel; Israel; Identity; Discrimination; Story telling
  • Terrified: How Anti-Muslim Fringe Organizations Became Mainstream.
    Bail, Christopher A. (2014)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • A European intifada? On the new form of an old European anti-Semitism in he new millennium.
    Topi?, Martina (2014)
    In Martina Topi? and Srdjan Sremac (eds.) Europe as a Multiple Modernity: Multiplicity of Religious Identities and Belonging. Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.: Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 35-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Semitism; Europe
  • Relationships between religion and intolerance towards Muslims and immigrants in Europe: A multilevel analysis.
    Doebler, Stefanie (2014)
    Review of Religious Research 56:1: 61-86.

    Analyzes 2010 European Values Study data. "Fundamentalism" predicts prejudice against immigrants & Muslims. Attendance & denominational membership are unrelated to that prejudice. Fundamentalism is operationalizes as "there is only one true religion."

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Exclusivism; Islam, Europe; Migrant; Prejudice, anti-immigrant; Europe
  • Anti-social networking findings from a pilot study on opposing Dudley Mosque using facebook groups as both site and method for research.
    Allen, Chris (2014)
    Sage Open 4:1.

    Associated Search Terms: Internet; Great Britain, Dudley; Islam, Great Britain; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Use of Islam in the definition of foreign otherness in Switzerland: A comprative analysis of media discourse between 1970-2004.
    Lindemann, Anaid, and Jörg Stolz (2014)
    Islamophobia Studies Journal (online) 2:44-58.

    Associated Search Terms: Media; Islam, Switzerland; Switzerland; Discourse; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Hoping for a godly (white) family: How desire or religious heritage affects whites' attitudes toward interracial marriage.
    Perry, Samuel L. (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:1: 202-218.

    Analyzes 2007 Baylor Religion Survey data. Whites desire for their children to marry whites is in part blended wit a desire to pass on their religious heritage.

    Associated Search Terms: Endogamy; Family; Marriage; Prejudice, racial; Race; United States
  • A Muslim president? Misperceptions of Barack Obama's faith in the 2008 presidential campaign.
    Layman, Geoffrey C., John C. Green, and Kerem Ozan Kalkan (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:3: 534-555.

    Analyzes 2008 U.S.A. survey data to show prior dispositions & prejudice affecting electoral behavior.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Politics, U.S.A.; United States
  • Opposing Muslims and the Muslim headscarf in Western Europe.
    Helbling, Marc (2014)
    European Sociological Review 30:2: 242-257.

    Associated Search Terms: Clothing; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Europe, western; Islam, Europe
  • So Many Christians, So Few Lions: Is There Christianophobia in the United States?
    Yancey, George, and David A. Williamson (2014)
    Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.

    Analyzes 2012 National (U.S.A.) Election Survey data. Focuses on prejudice against conservative protestants. Anti-fundamentalists tend to be white, well-educated, & wealthy. A second on-line survey of political anti-conservative Christians groups confirmed the finding.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-religious; Conservative, U.S.A.; Education; United States; United States
  • Why People Will Not Vote for Atheist Candidates.
    Djupe, Paul A., Brian R. Calfano, and Chelsea Back (2013)
    In Paul A. Djupe and Brian R. Calfano (eds.) God Talk: Experimenting with the Religious Causes of Public Opinion. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, pp. 74-92.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist; Politics; Prejudice, religious
  • Dehumanizing Christians.
    Yancey, George (2013)
    Piscataway, New Jersey Transaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Stereotype; Prejudice, anti-religious
  • Religious group cues and citizen policy attitudes in the United States.
    Adkins, Todd, Geoffrey C. Layman, David E. Campbell, and John C. Green (2013)
    Politics and Religion 6:2: 235-263.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, U.S.A.; Prejudice, anti-religious
  • Deprivitzation of disbelief?: Non-religiosity ad anti-religiosity in 14 Western European countries.
    Ribberink, Egbert, Peter Achterberg, and Dick Houtman (2013)
    Politics and Religion 6: 101-120.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe, western; Atheist, Europe; Prejudice, anti-religious
  • Passing the dinner table test: Retrospective and prospective approaches to tackling Islamophobia in Britain.
    Allen, Chris (2013)
    Sage Open 3:2.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Islam, Great Britain; Great Britain
  • Islamophobie: Comment les élites Françaises construisent le problem musulman.
    Hajjat, Abdellali, and Marwan Mohammed (2013)
    Paris: La Découverte.

    Associated Search Terms: Elite; Social problem; Social construction of reality; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; France; Islam, France
  • Between critical and uncritical understandings: A case study analyzing the claims of Islamophobia made in the context of the proposed "super-mosque" in Dudley, England.
    Allen, Chris (2013)
    Societies 3:2: 186-203.

    Associated Search Terms: Case study; Great Britain, Dudley; Islam, Great Britain; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Sexual prejudice among Christian college students, denominational teachings, and personal religious beliefs.
    Woodford, Michael R., Denise Levy, and N. Eugene Walls (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:1: 105-130.

    Analyzes 2009 survey data from students at a large Midwest U.S. university; doctrinal stance by one's denomination & agreement with that were important predictors of disapproval of homosexuality.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, undergraduate; Syncretism; Doctrine; Prejudice, anti-homosexual; Homosexuality; Belief; Students, graduate
  • Stereotypes of Muslims and support for the war on terror.
    Sides, John, and Kimberly Gross (2013)
    Journal of Politics 75:3: 583-598.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, U.S.A.; War; Islam, U.S.A.; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Stereotype
  • Le mythe de l'islamisation: Essai sur une obsession collective.
    Liogier, Raphaël (2012)
    Paris: Seuil.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • On doing the sociology of anti-Semitism.
    Fine, Robert (2012)
    European Sociologist 33: 4-7.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Semitism
  • Antisemitism in France. Past and present.
    Altglas, Véronique (2012)
    European Societies 14:2: 259-274.

    Associated Search Terms: France; Prejudice, anti-Semitism
  • Memory, community, and opposition to mosques: The case of Badalona.
    Astor, Avi (2012)
    Theory and Society 41:4: 325-349.

    Associated Search Terms: Community; Memory; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Spain, Badalona
  • Is there a crisis of secularism in western Europe?
    Modood, Tariq (2012)
    Sociology of Religion 73:2: 130-149.

    Secularism of the state in Europe enters into conflict with multicuturalism when the latter includes a desecularizing Islam. It also encounters Islamophobia.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; Islam, Europe; Pluralism; Secularism; State; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Determinants of Attitudes toward Muslim Students among Flemish Teachers: A Research Note.
    Agirdag, Orhan, Patrick Loobuyck, and Mieke Van Houtte (2012)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 51:2: 368-376.

    Analyzes 2008-09 questionnaire data from Flemish teachers. Female, Muslim, & younger teachers, & those with 4-year degrees were more positive toward Muslim students, while those in majority-Muslim schools were more negative toward them.

    Associated Search Terms: Teachers; Belgium; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Education; Flemish Belgians; Islam, Belgium
  • On the receiving end: Discrimination toward the non-religious in the United States.
    Cragun, Ryan T., Barry Kosmin, Ariella Keysar, Joseph H. Hammer, and Michael Nielsen (2012)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 27:1: 105-127.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, U.S.A.; United States; Prejudice, anti-religious; Discrimination
  • Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe.
    Taras, Raymond (2012)
    New York: Columbia University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, U.S.A.; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; United States
  • Islamopobia? Religion, Contact with Muslims, and the Respect for Islam.
    Jung, Jong Hyun (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 54:1: 113-126.

    Analyzes 2006 survey data from U.S.A. adults. having a religion, especially Evangelical & religion with a punitive image of God, positively predicts prejudice against Muslims. Contact with Muslims mitigates that for most, but increases it among Evangelicals & African American Protestants.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; God, image of; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Divine boundaries: How religion shapes citizens' attitudes toward immigrants.
    McDaniel, Eric L., Irfan Nooruddin, and Allyson Faith Shortle (2011)
    American Politics Research 39:1: 205-233.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-immigrant; Migrant
  • Anti-Muslim attitudes in the Netherlands: Tests of contradictory hypotheses derived from ethnic competition theory and intergroup contact theory.
    Michael Savelkoul, Peer Scheepers, Jochen Tolsma, and Louk Hagendoorn (2011)
    European Sociological Review 27:6: 741-758.

    Associated Search Terms: Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Competition; Ethnic; Islam, Netherlands
  • Religion und Religiosität als Ursache von Homonegativität: Eine Mehrebenenanalyse in 79 Staaten.
    Jäckle, Sebastian, and Georg Wenzelburger (2011)
    Berliner Journal für Soziologie 21:2: 231-263.

    Based on World Values Survey data; denomination predicts prejudice against homosexuals.

    Associated Search Terms: Denomination (organizational entity); Prejudice, anti-homosexual; Homosexuality
  • Secular intolerance in a post-Christian society: The case of Islam in the Netherlands.
    DeKoster, W., Dick Houtman, S. van Bohemen, et al. (2011)
    In Dick Houtman, S. Aupers, and W. deKoster (eds.) Paradoxes of Individualization: Scoial Control, Social Conflict in Contemporary Modernity. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 141-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Netherlands; Netherlands; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Historical events and spaces of hate: Hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims in post-9/11 America.
    Disha, Ilir, James C. Cavendish, and Ryan D. King (2011)
    Social Problems 58:1: 21-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Hate crimes; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Opposing Islamification or promoting Islamophobia? Understanding the English Defence League.
    Allen, Chris (2011)
    Patterns of Prejudice 45:4: 279-294.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Islam, Great Britain; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Egalité des sexes et régulation institutionnelle de l'altérité racisée: une analyse psychosociale des attitudes politiques envers les musulmans en Suisse.
    Gianettoni, Lavinia (2011)
    Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Soziologie 37:3: 507-524.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Islam, Switzerland; Politics, Switzerland; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Historical events and spaces of hate: Hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims in post-9/11 America.
    Disa, Ilir, James C. Cavendish, and Ryan D. King (2011)
    Social Problems 58:1: 21-46.

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Islam, U.S.A.; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • From Obama to Osama: Image of God and trust in Muslims among the highly religious in the United States.
    Hinze, Wesley M., F. Carson Mencken, and Charles M. Tolbert (2011)
    Sociological Focus 44:1: 18-36.

    Associated Search Terms: God, image of; Islam, U.S.A.; Prejudice, anti-Islamic
  • Micro Public Spheres and the Sociology of Religion: An Evangelical Illustration.
    McCallum, Richard (2011)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 26:2: 173-187.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, U.S.A.; Micro public sphere; Prejudice, anti-Islamic; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • Are Muslims Distinctive?: A Look at the Evidence.
    Fish, M. Steven (2011)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Tolerance; Violence; Stratification; Social capital; Religiosity; Prejudice, sexism; Islam; Democracy; Criminology
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