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  • Religion and religions in prisons: Observations from the United States and Europe.
    Becci, Irene, and Joshua Dubler (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:2: 241-247.

    Overview of prisoners' religion in Germany, Italy, & U.S.A. by 2 ethnographers. Notes that the governments have "subcontracted" rehabilitation to religious institutions.

    Associated Search Terms: Germany; Individualism; Italy; Penology; Pluralism; Privatization; United States
  • Politicizing Islam. The Islamic Revival in France and India.
    Parvez, Z. Fareen (2017)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Privatization; Stratification; Politics, India; Minority; Laïcité; India, Hyderabad; Islam, France; France, Lyons; Islam, India
  • Measuring five dimensions of religiosity across adolescence.
    Pearce, Lisa D., George M. Hayward, and Jessica A. Pearlman (2017)
    Review of Religious Research 59:3: 367-393.

    Uses 2002 & '03 National Study of Youth and Religion (telephone survey data, U.S.A.) data to construct & validate a model.

    Associated Search Terms: Methods; Salience; Survey; Privatism; Practice; Dimensions of religiosity; Belief; Adolescence; Exclusivism; Adolescents
  • Religion and power: No logos without mythos.
    Martin, David (2014)
    Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

    A collection of essays, having power & religion as a theme. Criticizes the privatization & rationalization versions of the secularization thesis. Focus on differentiation & the relationship of religion to power. Presupposes a functionalist definition of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, London; Poland; Peace/war; Nationalism; Lithuania; Great Britain; Identity, national; Politics; Differentiation; Definition of religion; Comparative; Charisma; Axial age; Individualism; Voluntarism; Privatization; Rationalization; Secularism; Secularization; Spain; Symbol; Ukraine; Violence; Power
  • Businessmen, priests and parishes. Religious individualization and privatization in Russia.
    Kölner, Tobias (2013)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 162:2:37-57.

    Associated Search Terms: Business people; Clergy; Privatization; Russia
  • Privatized religiosity revisited: Building an authenticity model of individual-church relations.
    Pessi, Anne Birgitta (2013)
    Social Compass 60:1: 3-21.

    Based on in-depth interviews with 17 religious Finns who were not active in churches. Interviewees equated privatized religion with authenticity.

    Associated Search Terms: Authenticity; Privatization; Grounded theory; Experience; Finland
  • Privatization or Deprivatization: British Attitudes about the Public Presence of Religion.
    Glendinning, Tony, and Steve Bruce (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:3: 503-516.

    Analyzes 1998 & 2008 British survey data. No change in opposition to or acceptance of the public presence of religion occurred. The non-religious majority wants religion privatized.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Public religion; Privatization; Privatism
  • Premessa.
    Abbruzzese, Salvatore (2011)
    In Virginie Alnet et al., La dimensione religiosa: problemi di metodo. Quaderno 56. Trento: Dipartimento di Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale, pp. 9-15.

    The privatized state of religion in modernity necessitates a negotiation between observer & observed. Introduces the chapters of the volume.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Methodology; Modernity
  • Christian Religion in the West: Privatization or Public Revitalization?
    Roeland, Johan, Peter Achterberg, Dick Houtman, Stef Aupers, Willem de Koster, Peter Mascini, and Jeroen van der Waal (2011)
    In Patrick Michel and Enzo Pace (eds.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 2: Religion and Politics. Leiden: Brill, pp. 119-134.

    Analyzes 1998 survey data from 18 Western nations where Christianity is the dominant religion. Where Christians are numerically most marginal, they have greater aspirations for a public role for their creed.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Politics; Marginality; Privatization
  • A Secular Cancellation of the Secularist Truce: Religion and Political Legitimation in Australia.
    Maddox, Marion (2011)
    In Patrick Michel and Enzo Pace (eds.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion. Volume 2: Religion and Politics. Leiden: Brill, pp. 287-308.

    Historically, religion was marginal to Australian politics. In the 2000s, politicans made religious references & directed funding to chaplaincies, religious schools, & faith-based social services to please the minimally religious part of the public, which is not very religiously literate but vaguely favors religious values.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Politics, Australia; Australia; Secularization
  • Non-organizational religious participation, subjective religiosity, and spirituality among older African Aemrican and black Caribbeans.
    Taylor, Robert Joseph, Linda M. Chatters, and Sean Joe. (2011)
    Journal of Religion and Health 50:3: 623-645.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity, private; Gerontology; African Americans; Caribbean Americans
  • Pluralismo religioso e pluralismo giuridico: il caso della "controversia sulla Shar'a."
    Rosati, Massimo (2010)
    In Vittorio Cotesta, Alberto Febbrajo, Enzo Pace, and Roberto Segatori (eds.) Il pluralismo religioso tra politica, diritto e società. Soveria Mannelli, Catanzaro, pp. 123-138.

    Western approaches to the church/state relationship have an Augustinian/Protestant bias insofar as religion is only an interior matter. Calls for subsidiarity without using the term.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Laïcité; Subsidiarity; Privatism; State; Law
  • Collective Rituals or Private Practice in Texas? Assessing the Impact of Religious Factor on Mental Health.
    Acevedo, Gabriel A. (2010)
    Review of Religious Research 52:2: 188-206.

    Analyzes 2004 Texas survey data; collective religious activity predicts favorabe mental health measures, indivdualistic unfavorable.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Texas; Religiosity, collective; Religiosity; Mental health; Religiosity, private
  • A Christian Cancellation of the Secularist Truce? Waning Christian Religiosity and Waxing Religious Deprivatization in the West.
    Achterberg, Peter, Dick Houtman, Stef Aupers, Willem de Koster, Peter Mascini, and Jeroen van der Waal (2009)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 48:4: 687-701.

    1998 survey data from 18 western nations & 1970-96 Dutch survey data show the number of Christians inversely related to their support for public religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Netherlands; Privatization; Public religion; Secularization
  • From a Community of Believers to an Islam of the Heart: 'Conspicuous' Symbols, Muslim Practices, and the Privatization of Religion in France.
    Killian, Caitlin (2007)
    Sociology of Religion 68:3: 305-320.

    Based on interviews with North African immigrant women in France; wearing the veil is supported more by the 2nd generation than the 1st.

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; State; Islam, France; Laïcité; Privatization; France
  • Les représentations sociales concernant la pluralisation religieuse en Suisse.
    Becci, Irene, and Claude Bovay (2007)
    Social Compass 54:2: 145-159.

    Reviews census data on Swiss religion. Analyzes 1999 survey data; casts doubt on the privatization thesis.

    Associated Search Terms: Switzerland; Pluralism; New religions; Tolerance; State; Privatization; Public religion
  • The Search for Privacy and the Return of a Grand Narrative: Religion in a Post-communist Society.
    Agadjanian, Alexander (2006)
    Social Compass 53:2: 169-184.

    Uses a trial in Moscow arising from a conflict over an art exhibit as a point of departure.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Art; Privatization; Russia
  • Modernité Tardive, Religion et Mutation du Public et du Privé (à Partir de l'Exemple Français).
    Baubérot, Jean (2006)
    Social Compass 53:2: 155-168.

    The privatization of religion is part of a general increase in the private sphere, rendering identity an individual responsibility.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Privatization; France; Individualism; Secularization
  • Public and Private Domains of Religiosity and Adolescent Smoking Transitions.
    Nonnemaker, James M., Clea A. McNeeley, and Robert William Blum (2006)
    Social Science & Medicine 62:12: 3084-3095.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Religiosity, collective; Religiosity, private; Tobacco; Adolescents
  • Religious Change in Northern Europe. The Case of Sweden. From State Church to Free Folk Church. Final Report.
    Bäckström, Ninna Edgardh Beckman, and Per Pettersson (2005)
    Stockholm: Verbum Publisher.

    Finds new opportunities for the Swedish church after its formal separation from the state in 2000.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, Sweden; Sweden; Privatization; State
  • Education and Churchgoing Protestants' Views of Highly Politicized Christianity.
    Schwadel, Philip (2005)
    Review of Religious Research 47:2: 150-161.

    Analyzes 1996 telephone interview data from U.S. church-going Protestants; the more educated opposed basing laws on Christian doctrines.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Politics, U.S.A.; Privatization; Education; Protestant, U.S.A.
  • Attitudes et pratiques religieuses: la permèabilité du religieux privé et public.
    Becci, Irene, and Claude Bovay (2004)
    In E. Zimmerman and R. Tillman (eds.) Vivre en Suisse 1999-2000. Une année dans la vie des ménages et familles en Suisse. Neuchâtel: Peter Lang, pp. 207-235.

    Associated Search Terms: Public religion; Switzerland; Privatism
  • The Social Effects of Psychism: Spiritual Experience and the Construction of Privatized Religion.
    Laubach, Marty (2004)
    Sociology of Religion 65:3: 239-263.

    Analyzes 1986 General social Survey (U.S.A..) data; experiences of psychism (esoteric intrusion into the stream of consciousness) have a number of effects, including enhancing private religious practices.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatism; Paranormal; United States; Experience
  • Le néo-Pentecôtisme au Guatemala: Entre privatisation, marché et reseaux.
    Garcia-Ruiz, Jesús F. (2004)
    Critique international 22:1: 81-94.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Pentecostal, neo, Guatemala; Network; Guatemala; Market model
  • Contentious Public Religion: Two Conceptions of Islam in Revolutionary Iran. Ali Shariàti and Abdolkarim Soroush.
    Ghamari-Tabrizi, Behrooz (2004)
    International Sociology 19:4: 504-523.

    Argues that political Islam contradicts the secularization, privatization, & market models of modern religion. Reviews the thought of Ali Shariàti & Abdolkarim Soroush.

    Associated Search Terms: Public religion; Differentiation; Privatization; Iran; Islam; Shi'ite, Iran; Secularization; Market model
  • Les deux visages de la religion. Fascination et désenchantement./Die zwei Gesichter der Religion. Faszination und Entzauberung.
    Campiche, Roland J., with Raphaël Broquet, Alfred Dubach, and Jörg Stolz (2004)
    Genève: Labor et Fides./Zürich: Theologischer Verlag Zürich.

    Focuses analysis around the dialectic of institutional (confessional) and universal (individual) religion; uses 1989 & '99 telephone interview data from Switzerland.

    Associated Search Terms: Age; Urban/rural; Privatization; Pluralism; Practice; Stratification; Salience; Education; Switzerland; Socialization; Class; Belief; Membership
  • Transformations of Religion and Morality in Modern Europe.
    Luckmann, Thomas (2003)
    Social Compass 50:3: 275-285.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Functionalism; Phenomenology; Europe
  • Pour une Sociologie des "Modernités Religieuses Multiples": Une Autre Approche de la "Religion Invisible" des Sociétés Européennes.
    Hervieu-Léger, Danièle (2003)
    Social Compass 50:3: 287-295.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; Invisible religion; Secularization; Privatization
  • Secularization and the Role of Religion in State Institutions.
    Furseth, Inger (2003)
    Social Compass 50:2: 191-202.

    The role of chaplain continues despite secularization & privatization of religion in other sectors of Norwegian society. Church of Norway chaplains act as intermediaries between the state & representatives of other religious traditions.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularization; Norway; Privatization; Military chaplain; Prison chaplain; Lutheran, Norway
  • The Powerlessness of Religious Power in a Pluralist Society.
    Repstad, Pål (2003)
    Social Compass 50:2: 161-173.

    Illustrates the voluntary & individual nature of religion in Norway, using published poll results & anecdotes.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Conservative, Norway; Lutheran, Norway; Strictness; Rational choice theory; Pluralism; Individualism; Norway
  • Säkularisierung--ein moderner Mythos? Studien zum religiösen Wandel in Deutschland.
    Pollack, Detlef (2003)
    Tübingen: J.C.B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck).

    A collection of essays & studies, most previously published as slightly different versions.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Germany; Disenchantment; Dimensions of religiosity; Differentiation; Definition of religion; State; Literature; Proselytizing; Germany; Privatization; Germany, East; Politics, Germany; Individualism; Lutheran, Germany; Luhmann, Niklas; Luckmann, Thomas; Functionalism; Secularization
  • God Is Dead. Secularization in the West.
    Bruce, Steve (2002)
    Malden, Massachusetts: Blackwell.

    Argues for the usefulness of secularization as a concept of an empirical process; uses evidence from Great Britain.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntarism; Relativism; Compartmentalization; Privatization; Modernization; State; Implicit religion; Schism; Pluralism; Differentiation; Sect; Individualism; Secularization; Societalization; Identity; Change; New age; Great Britain
  • The Changing Face of ISKCON: Family, Congregationalism, and Privatization.
    Rochford, E. Burke, Jr. (2001)
    ISKCON Communications Journal 9:1: 1-11.

    Based on 1994-95 survey data from ISKCON devotees worldwide. The devotees have become less temple-oriented & more household-oriented.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Privatization; Parish; Change; Hare Krishna
  • Appropriation des pratiques religieuses: le cas des rituels catholiques dans une ville belge.
    Charlier, Jean-Émile, Frédéric Moens, and Sébastien Nahon (2001)
    Social Compass 48:4: 491-503.

    The professionalization of the clergy & privatization of belief creates a gap between official & lay understandings of religious rites. Based on qualitative research, following up a 1998 survey.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Catholic, Belgium; Clergy; Blessing; Belgium, Charleroi; Privatization
  • Communitarianism and the Privatization of Belief: The Case of U.S. Catholics.
    D'Antonio, William V. (2000)
    In Erwin K. Scheuch and David Sciulli (eds.), Societies, Corporations and the Nation State. Annals of the Internatioal Isntitute of Sociology N.S. 7. Leiden: Brill, pp. 109-127.

    Associated Search Terms: Communitarianism; Privatization; Catholic, U.S.A.; Politics, U.S.A.; United States; Individualism
  • The Dynamics of Religious Organizations. The Extravasation of the Sacred and Other Essays.
    Hammond, Phillip E. (2000)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Contains revisions of earlier essays.

    Associated Search Terms: World system; Privatization; Disaffiliation; Identity; New religions; Sect; Tocqueville, Alexis de; State; Catholic, U.S.A.; Market model; Pluralism; Secularization; Politics, U.S.A.; Soka Gakkai, U.S.A.; Ethnic; United States; Protestant, U.S.A.
  • The Religious Situation in Europe: The Background to Contemporary Conversions.
    Luckmann, Thomas (1999)
    Social Compass 46:3: 251-258.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; Privatization; Differentiation
  • Between Professional and Religious Worlds: Catholics and Evangelicals in American Journalism.
    Schmalzbauer, John A. (1999)
    Sociology of Religion 60:4: 363-386.

    Based on in-depth interviews with catholic & Evangelical high profile journalists.

    Associated Search Terms: Journalists; Privatization; Compartmentalization
  • The Public and the Pubic: Is Nothing Private Anymore?
    Swatos, William H., Jr. (1999)
    In William H. Swatos, Jr. and James K. Wellman, Jr. (eds.) The Power of Religious Publics. Staking Claims in American Society. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, pp. 187-199.

    Associated Search Terms: Public religion; Privatization
  • New Age Spiritualities as Secular Religion: A Historian's Perspective.
    Hanegraaff, Wouter J. (1999)
    Social Compass 46:2: 145-160.

    Associated Search Terms: New age; Definition of religion; Privatism; Individualism
  • Does Public and Private Religiosity Have a Moderating Effect on Depression? A Bi-racial Study of Elders in the American South.
    Husaini, Baqar A., Anthony J. Blasi, and Oscar Miller (1999)
    International Journal of Aging and Development 48:1: 63-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Mental health; Religiosity, collective; Religiosity, private; Gerontology; African Americans; United States, Tennessee, Nashville
  • Congregations in Conflict: Cultural Models of Local Religious Life.
    Becker, Penny Edgell (1999)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Based on 1990s interviews in Chicago area congregations; uses a typology of congregations. Values are often expressed in terms of congregation types, & these are sometimes in conflict. The "market model" should use congregation types, not denominations.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntarism; Parish; Conflict; Market model; Privatism; Moral; Conservative/liberal; Structuration; Organization; United States, Illinois, Chicago
  • Selective Deprivatization among American Religious Traditions: The Reversal of the Great Reversal.
    Regnerus, Mark D., and Christian Smith (1998)
    Social Forces 76:4: 1347-1372.

    Analyzes 1996 U.S. telephone survey data on support for religion as a public matter.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; United States
  • The Fragmentation of Experience in the Modern World.
    Tomka, Miklós (1997)
    In Giuseppe Ruggieri and Miklós Tomka (eds.) The Church in Fragments: Towards What Kind of Unity? Concilium 1997:3: 3-15.

    Provides a grand historical narrative of the differentiation of institutions & emergence of multicultural experiences, leading to such options as privatization & sectarian withdrawal.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernity; Secularization; Sectarianism; Privatization; Pluralism; Differentiation
  • Icelandic Spiritualism. Mediumship and Modernity in Iceland.
    Swatos, William H., Jr., and Loftur Reimar Gissurarson (1997)
    New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Iceland; Lutheran, Iceland; Spiritualist, Iceland; Privatism; Folklore; Historical; Medium; Associational
  • Kitchen Work: The Everyday Practice of Religion, Cooking, and Caring for People with AIDS.
    Bender, Courtney J. (1997)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Princeton University.

    Ethnography of implicit religion (without using the term) in a non-religiously affiliated social service agency that prepared food for people with AIDS.

    Associated Search Terms: Implicit religion; Privatism; United States, New York, New York; Voluntary action research; Participant observation; AIDS; Everyday life; Social services
  • The Privatization of Religion and Morality.
    Luckmann, Thomas (1996)
    In P. Heelas (ed.) Detraditionalization. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, pp. 72-86.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Privatization
  • Religious toleration, pluralism and privatization.
    Wilson, Bryan R. (1996)
    In P. Repstad (ed.) Religion and Modernity. Oslo: Scandinavian University Press, pp. 11-34.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Privatization; Tolerance
  • Volksreligion und Herrschafts-kirche. Die Werzeln religiösen Verhaltens in westlichen Gesellschaften.
    Höllinger, Franz (1996)
    Opladen: Leski + Budrich.

    Presents comparative data from western European nations & the U.S. on religious identification, practice, prayer, belief in God, belief in magic & astrology. Focuses especially on Germany, Netherlands, & Ireland.

    Associated Search Terms: Disenchantment; Ireland; Netherlands; Germany; Astrology; Magic; Religiosity; Privatization; Comparative; Secularization; Change; Definition of religion
  • A privatização e a influência pública da religião na sociedade global.
    Beyer, Peter F. (1994)
    In M. Featherstone (ed.), Cultural global. Petropolis: Vozes.

    Associated Search Terms: Privatization; Global
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