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  • Protestantismo, identidad y poder entre los Mayas de Chiapas.
    Hernández Castillo, Aída (2005)
    In Mario Humberto Ruz and Carlos Garma Navarro (eds.) Protestantismo en El Mundo Maya Contemporáneo. Mexico: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Mexico; Identity; Mayan; Mexico, Chiapas; Power
  • Protestant Work Ethic and Worker Productivity in a Mexican Brewery.
    Firestone, Juanita M., Raymond T. Garza, and Richard J. Harris (2005)
    International Sociology 20:1: 27-44.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from blue-collar workers in a brewery in Monterrey; those who scored higher on a work ethic scale were deemed more productive by their supervisors.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico, Monterrey; Protestant Ethic; Work
  • Protestantism and Modernity: The Implications of Religious Change in Contemporary Rural Oaxaca.
    Gross, Toomas (2003)
    Sociology of Religion 64:4: 479-498.

    Argues that the growth of Protestant religion in Oaxaca was not that of a modernizing influence.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Protestant, Mexico; Modernization; Mexico, Oaxaca
  • Godparenthood ties among Zapotec women and the effects of Protestant conversion.
    Sault, Nicole (2001)
    In James W. Dow and Alan R. Sandstrom (eds.) Holy Saints and Fiery Preachers in Mexico and Central America. Westport, Connecticut: Praeger, pp. 117-146.

    Associated Search Terms: Godparent; Conversion; Mexico; Women; Zapotec (a people in Mexico); Protestant, Mexico
  • Los protestantismos indigenas de frente al siglo XXI: religión e identidad entre los Mayas de Chiapas.
    Castillo, Rosalva (2000)
    Religiones y sociedad 8: 57-74.

    Associated Search Terms: Mayan; Protestant, Mexico; Mexico, Chiapas; Identity
  • Los protestantismos indígenas de frente al siglo XXI: religion e identidad entre los mayas de Chiapas.
    Hernández Castillo, Aída (2000)
    Religiones y sociedad 8: 57-74.

    Associated Search Terms: Mayan; Mexico, Chiapas; Identity; Protestant, Mexico
  • Les Protestantismes Latino-Americains: Un Detour Pertinent pour la Sociologie des Protestantismes.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1997)
    In Yves Lambert, Guy Michelat, and Albert Piette (eds.), Le religieux des sociologues. Trajectoires personnelles et débats scientifiques. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 137-147.

    Presents the intellectual itinerary of the author.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Bastian, Jean-Pierre; Mexico; Protestant, Latin America; Pentecostal, Latin America; Sociology of religion
  • Sociedades religiosas protestantes en la frontera Norte: studio sociográfico en tres localidades urbanas.
    Hernández, Alberto (1996)
    Frontera Norte 15: 107-132.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Mexico; Mexico
  • Los Disidentes. Sociedades Protestantes y Revolución en México, 1872-1911.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1989)
    Mexico: El Colegio de México/Fondo de Cultura Economica.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico; Revolution; Protestant, Mexico; Historical
  • Los Estudios Antropológicos Sobre el Protestantismo en México.
    Garma Navarro, Carlos (1988)
    Iztapalapa 14/15: 53-66.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico; Protestant, Mexico
  • Protestantismo en una comunidad totonaca de Puebla.
    Garma Navarro, Carlos (1987)
    México: Instituto Nacional Indigenista.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico, Puebla; Protestant, Mexico; Totonac
  • Dissidence eligieuse dans le milieu rural mexicain.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1985)
    Social Compass 32:2/3: 245-260.

    Protestant sects have spread in Mexico, especially in the rural South, mainly because they have incorporated healing practices that are consonant with the indigenous magico-religious symbol system.

    Associated Search Terms: Sect; Mexico; Healing; Rural; Protestant, Mexico
  • Protestantismo y Sociedad en México.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1983)
    Mexico City: CUPSA.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Mexico; Mexico
  • Protestantismo y campo religioso en un pueblo del estado de Oaxaca.
    Carrasco Malhue, Pedro (1983)
    Tesis Licenciatura en Sociología de la Religión, Instituto Internacional de Estudios Superiores (México, D.F.).

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Mexico; Mexico, Oaxaca
  • Protestantismo y Politica en México.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1981)
    Revista Mexicana de Sociologia 43: 1947-1966.

    Historical review beginning with the late 19th century, showing entry allowed Protestantism by liberals, in order to weaken the Catholic Church. It became identified with American corporate interests & itself weakened in the 1940s.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Mexico; Historical; Mexico; Politics, Mexico
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