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  • Quality of life, subjective well-being, and religiosity in Muslim college students.
    Abdel-Khalek, Ahmad M. (2010)
    Quality of Life Research 19:8: 1133-1143.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Religiosity; Students, undergraduate; Well-being, psychological; Quality of life
  • Religion and the quality of life in the last year of life.
    Idler, Ellen L., John McLaughlin, and Stanislov Kasl. (2009)
    Journal of Gerontology Series B. Psychologicla and Social Sciences 64:4: 528-537.

    Associated Search Terms: Gerontology; Quality of life
  • Religion and the quality of life.
    Ferriss Abbott L. (2002)
    Journal of Happiness Studies 3:3: 199-215.

    Associated Search Terms: Quality of life
  • Religiosity and Well-Being: Explaining Neglected Dimensions of Quality of Life Research.
    Poloma, Margaret M., and Brian F. Pendleton (1991)
    Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press.

    Analyzes 1985 telephone survey data from adults in the Akron, Ohio, area.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Well-being; United States, Ohio, Akron; Quality of life
  • Quasi-Religious Meaning Systems, Official Religion, and Quality of Life in an Alternative Lifestyle: A Survey from the Back-to-the-Land Movement.
    Brinkerhoff, Merlin B., and Jeffrey C. Jacob (1987)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 26:1: 63-80.

    Analyzes 1983 questionnaire data from a magazine subscriber list.

    Associated Search Terms: Quality of life; Surrogate for religion; Counterculture; Quasi-religion
  • Fragmented Gods. The Poverty and Potential of Religion in Canada./La Religion à la Carte.
    Bibby, Reginald W. (1987)
    Toronto: Irwin Publishing./Montréal: Fides, 1988

    Analyzes data from 1975, '80, & '85 Canadian national surveys, including a panel; focuses on affiliation, attendance, & belief.

    Associated Search Terms: United Church of Canada; Quality of life; Practice; Canada; Belief; Catholic, Canada; Anglican Church of Canada; Lutheran, Canada; Presbyterian, Canada; Baptist, Canada; Denomination (organizational entity); Pentecostal, Canada
  • The Development of Social Indicators for Quality of Life Research.
    Moberg, David O. (1979)
    Sociological Analysis 40:1: 11-26.

    Associated Search Terms: Methodology; Quality of life
  • Life Satisfaction and Religion: A Reanalysis.
    Hadaway, Christopher Kirk (1978)
    Social Forces 57:2: 636-643.

    Analyzes 1971 American national survey data; shows religion functioning as a resource for happiness rather than a compensation for lack of it. See Angus Campbell et al., The quality of American Life, 1978.

    Associated Search Terms: Well-being; United States; Quality of life
  • Spiritual Well-being: A Neglected Subject in Quality of Life Research.
    Moberg, David O., and Patricia M. Brusek (1978)
    Social Indicators Research 5: 303-323.

    Associated Search Terms: Quality of life; Well-being, spiritual
  • Religious Commitment and the Quality of Life in American Society.
    Hadaway, Christopher Kirk, and Wade Clark Roof (1978)
    Review of Religious Research 19:3: 295-307.

    Analyzes 1971 interview data from the United States.

    Associated Search Terms: Salience; Well-being; Quality of life; United States
  • The Quality of American Life.
    Campbell, Angus, Philip E. Converse, and Willard L. Rodgers (1976)
    New York: Russell Sage.

    1971 nationwide survey of Americans.

    Associated Search Terms: Quality of life; Deprivation; United States
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