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  • Enemies of the Faith: Rumours and Anecdotes as self-definition and Social Control in the Baha'i Religion.
    Warburg, Margit (2000)
    In Eileen Barker and Margit Warburg (eds.) New Religions and New Religiosity. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: BahaŽi; Rumor; Identity; Social control
  • Satanic Panic:The Creation of a Contemporary Legend.
    Victor, Jeffrey S. (1993)
    Chicago: Open Court.

    Discusses origins of unsubstantiated claims of a wide network of violent satanic cults in the U.S.

    Associated Search Terms: Rumor; Satanist, U.S.A.
  • Devil Worship in Western Montana: A Case Study in Rumor Construction.
    Balch, Robert W., and Margaret Gilliam (1991)
    In James T. Richardson, Joel Best, and David G. Bromley 9eds.), The Satan Scare. New York: Aldine De Gruyter, pp. 246-262.

    Associated Search Terms: Rumor; United States, Montana; Satanist; Devil
  • The Theory of "Cargo" Cults: A Note on Tikopia.
    Firth, Raymond (1955)
    Man 55: 130-132.

    While the Tikobia had no cargo cult, Firth witnessed supernaturalist expectations that arose from rumor; he proposes rumor as an important facet in the emergence of cargo cults.

    Associated Search Terms: Rumor; Cargo cult
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