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  • Measuring religion in different spatial contexts: How surveys involving religion inconsistently determine locations.
    Miller, Brian J. (2016)
    Review of Religious Research 58:2: 285-304.

    Describes inconsistencies in the way surveys that are used in the sociology of religion categorize locales, with consequences for reported findings.

    Associated Search Terms: Survey; Urban/rural; Methods
  • Trans-congregational triadic closure: Churchgoers' networks within and beyond the pews.
    Schafer, Markus H., and Laura Upenieks (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:3: 597-621.

    Analyzes 2006 survey data from non-institutionalized adult U.S.A. church members. Evangelicals have higher rates of closed social networks that include members from outside their congregations, as do residents of higher population county subdivisions & members with longer length of membership in a congregation.

    Associated Search Terms: Evangelical, U.S.A.; Network; Urban/rural
  • Karaite stories: Narrating subjectivity in a marginal moshav.
    Cicurel, Inbal Ester (2015)
    Contemporary Jewry 35:3: 263-284.

    Based on interviews with Karaites from a smallholder cooperative village in Israel. Examines contemporary stories about hostility toward a Jewish denomination that separated from Rabbani Judaism in late antiquity.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Story telling; Prejudice, religious; Minority; Jewish, Karaite, Israel; Israel; Identity; Discrimination
  • Prayer behavior in rural Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
    Manongi, Freddy S., and Peter J. Balint (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:4: 760-774.

    Based on surveys. Reports prayer characteristics of Christians in a rural district of Tanzania. Notes similarities to & differences from first world contexts.

    Associated Search Terms: Tanzania; Rural; Prayer
  • How culture matters in poverty alleviation efforts: Microcredit and Confucian ideals in rural China.
    Hsu, Becky Y. (2014)
    In Kathleen O. Korgen, Jonathan M. White, and Shelly K. White (eds.) Sociologists in Action: Sociology, Social Change, and Social Justice. Thousand Oaks, California: Sage, pp. 197-199.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian, China; Economic; Rural; Development
  • Urban faith: Religious change in Vienna and Austria, 1986-2013.
    Potan?oková, Michaela, and Carolina Berghammer (2014)
    In Hans G. Hödl and Lukas Pokorny (eds.) Religion in Austria, Volume 2. Vienna: Praesens Verlag, pp. 217-251.

    Associated Search Terms: Austria, Vienna; Urban/rural; Change; Austria
  • Popular Buddhists: The Relationship between Popular Religious Involvement and Buddhist Identity in Contemporary China.
    Leamaster, Reid J., and Anning Hu (2014)
    Sociology of Religion 75:2: 234-259.

    Analyzes data from the 2007 Spiritual Life Study of Chinese Residents. Buddhist identification predicts popular religious belief and practice, as does seeing inequality as a problem. Education was not related.

    Associated Search Terms: China; Urban/rural; Syncretism; Education; Buddhist, China; Ancestor; Popular religion
  • African American religious participation.
    Taylor, Robert Joseph, Linda M. Chatters, and R. Khari Brown (2014)
    Review of Religious Research 56:4: 513-538.

    Analyzes 2001-03 interview data from African Americans. Women, older people, those married once, & residents of the South were more involved in religion. Stigmatized statuses--cohabiting respondents & those who served time in prison--were less involved in organized religion.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, South; Urban/rural; Stigma; Religiosity; Practice; Marriage; Gender; Criminology; Age; African Americans; Women
  • Ingenious institutions: Religious origins of health and development organizations.
    Idler, Ellen L. (2014)
    In Ellen L. Idler (ed.) Religion as a Social Determinant of Public Health. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 319-343.

    Describes 5 innovative medical institutions that, at least in their origin, were religiously inspired.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Dhaka Ahsania Mission; Heifer International; La Leche League; L'Arche; Medical; Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Programme
  • Religious involvement and depression: Evidence for curvilinear and stress-moderating effects among young women in rural China.
    Wei, Dedong, and Eric Y. Liu (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:2:349-367.

    Analyzes 2010 questionnaire data from women, aged 18-34, living in rural villages of Xinle, Hebei Province, China. There is an inverse U curvilinear relationship between intrinsic religiosity & depressive symptoms. Intrinsic religiosity, devotions, & attendance exacerbated effects of stress life events such as marital conflict & child birth problems.

    Associated Search Terms: Devotionalism; Intrinsic/extrinsic; Practice; Religiosity; Depression; Rural; China, Hebei, Xinle
  • Envie et sorcellerie en Slovénie rurale.
    Mencej, Mirjam (2012)
    Ethnologie Française 42:2:313-323.

    Associated Search Terms: Sorcery; Rural; Slovenia
  • Places of Faith: A Road Trip Across America’s Religious Landscape.
    Scheitle, Christopher P., and Roger Finke (2012)
    Oxford University Press.

    Combines travelogue narration and photos of both typical and unique churches across the U.S. with historical and social discussion of the U.S. religious landscape. ASIN: 019979152X/

    Associated Search Terms: Congregation; Urban/rural; Travel; United States; Pluralism
  • Confucianism and Youth Suicide in Rural China.
    Zhang, Jie, and Eric Y. Liu (2012)
    Review of Religious Research 54:1: 93-111.

    Analyzes psychological autopsy data on 2005-08 adolescent & young adult suicides in 16 rural counties in China & living controls. Filial piety was inversely related to suicide, harmony moderate the effect of negative life events, & female subordination was positively related to suicide.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; China; Confucian, China; Rural; Women; Suicide
  • Are Rural Clergy Worse Off? An Examination of Occupational Conditions and Pastoral Experiences in a Sample of United Methodist Clergy.
    Miles, Andrew, and Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell (2012)
    Sociology of Religion 73:1: 23-45.

    Analyzes 2008 survey data from United Methodist clergy in North Carolina; the introduction of statistical controls leaves little difference in stress between urban & rural pastoral work.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Urban/rural; United States, North Carolina; Stress; Clergy role; Clergy; United Methodist, U.S.A.
  • "We are all in exile here": Perceptions of death, the soul, and the afterlife in rural Lithuania.
    Pranaityt?-Wergin, Lina (2012)
    In Milda Ališauskiene and Ingo W. Schröder (eds.) Religious Diversity in Post-Soviet Society: Ethnographies of Catholic Hegemony and the New Pluralism in Lithuania. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 57-77.

    Based on 2008-09 fieldwork & archival research in rural southern Lithuania. Personal exerience was more important than official doctrine; hegemony was a contested process.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Lithuania; Death; Dream; Gramsci, Antonio; Lithuania; Participant observation; Rural; Soul; Common sense; Afterlife
  • Questioning secularization? Church and religion in Poland.
    Hall, Dorota (2012)
    In Detlef Pollack, Olaf Müller, and Gert Pickel (eds.) The Social Significance of Religion in the Enlarged Europe. Secularization, Individualization and Pluralization. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 121-141.

    Legal standing of religion in Poland. Description of church organization & works. 2006 descriptive staistics on individual practice. Correlations shown include education, urban, income, & spirituality. Secularization is largely at the macro level.

    Associated Search Terms: Levels of inclusiveness; State; Education; Stratification; Poland; Secularization; Spirituality; Urban/rural; Catholic, Poland
  • You don't Have To Go to Church to Be a Good Christian: The Implicit Religion of Rural Anglican Churchgoers Celebrating Harvest.
    Walker, David, Leslie J. Francis, and Mandy Robbins (2010)
    Implicit Religion 13:3: 319-325.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from participants in harvest festival services in the Diocese of Worcestershire.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, Worcester; Implicit religion; Church of England; Rural
  • Encounters in the Heartland: What Studying Rural Churches Taught Me about Working across Differences.
    Neitz, Mary Jo (2009)
    Sociology of Religion 70:4: 343-361.

    Rural churches both decline with population & grow in diversity.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Pluralism
  • Expanding the space of popular religion: Local temple activism and the politics of legitimation in contemporary rural China.
    Chau, Adam Yuet (2009)
    In Yoshiko Ashiwa and David Wank (eds.) Making Religion, Making the State. Palo Alto, California: Stanford University Press, pp. 211-240.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, China; Popular religion; China; Rural
  • Beyond denomination: The relationship between religion and family planning in rural Malawi.
    Yeatman, Sara, and Jenny Trinitapoli (2008)
    Demographic Research 19: 1851-1882.

    Associated Search Terms: Demography; Family planning; Malawi; Rural
  • Attendance at religious meetings and community involvement.
    Theodori, Gene L., and Chyrel A. Mayfield (2008)
    Southern Rural Sociology 23:1: 266-276.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Texas; Civic engagement; Practice; Social participation; Rural
  • Anglican Clergy as Victims of Routinized Violent Activities in Urban and Rural Localities.
    Downey, David, Jonathan Gabe, and Maria O'Beirne (2008)
    Sociology 42:1: 83-99.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban/rural; Great Britain; Criminology; Clergy; Violence; Victim; Church of England
  • Defining work: Gender, professional work, and the case of rural clergy.
    Mellow, Muriel (2007)
    Kingston, Ontario: McGill-Queen's University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Clergy; Clergy role
  • Rural Development as a Frame Analytic Challenge for Religious Communities: The Case of Rural Parishes of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.
    Pesonen, Heikki, and Kari Mikko Vesala (2007)
    Social Compass 54:2: 281-293.

    Based on interviews; examines the emergence of rural development activism in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Activism; Finland; Lutheran, Finland
  • The Religious Institutional Base and Violent Crime in Rural Areas.
    Lee, Matthew R. (2006)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 45:3: 309-324.

    Uses 2000 church & U.S. census data for the rural United States; ecological effects shows the number of churches per capita inversely related to crime rates.

    Associated Search Terms: Ecology; Rural; Criminology
  • Religious Responses to AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa: An Examination of Religious Congregations in Rural Malawi.
    Trinitapoli, Jenny (2006)
    Review of Religious Research 47:3: 253-270.

    Based on 2004 qualitative data from congregations & mosques in Malawi; describes discussions of AIDS & charitable responses to AIDS victims.

    Associated Search Terms: Malawi; AIDS; Denomination (organizational entity); Rural
  • Religious Diversity and the Onset of the Fertility Transition: Canada, 1870-1900.
    Gauvreau, Danielle (2006)
    In Renzo Derosas and Frans van Poppel (eds.) Religion and the Decline of Fertility in the Western World. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 235-258.

    Religion, ethnicity, & urbanism were related to the Canadian decline in fertility between 1871 & 1901.

    Associated Search Terms: Demography; Canada; Ethnic; Urban/rural; Fertility
  • Exploring Regional Differences in Religiosity among Muslim Youth in Malaysia.
    Kraus, Steven E., Azimi H. Hamzah, Turiman Suandi, Sidek M. Noah, Rumaya Juhari, Jamiah H. Namap, Khairul A. Mastor, Hasnan Kassan, and Azma Mahmood (2006)
    Review of Religious Research 47:3: 238-252.

    Based on Malaysian survey data.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Islam, Malaysia; Malaysia; Urban/rural
  • Family limitation among political Catholics in Baden in 1869.
    Benz, Ernest (2006)
    In Renzo Derosas and Frans van Poppel (eds.) Religion and the Decline of Fertility in the Western World. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 107-132.

    Locality rather than religion predicted 19thcentury adoption of family size limitations.

    Associated Search Terms: Family size; Fertility; Germany, Baden, Ettenheim County; Demography; Urban/rural
  • Reflections on religion and place: Rural churches and American religion.
    Neitz, Mary Jo (2005)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 44:3: 243-247.

    Commentary on the theme of religion in rural space in popular literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Literature; Rural
  • Vidya, Veda, and Varna: The influence of religion and caste on education in rural India.
    Borooah, Vani K., and Sriya Iyer (2005)
    Journal of Development Studies 41:8: 1369-1404.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Caste; Education; India
  • Pillars of Faith. American Congregations and their Partners.
    Ammerman, Nancy T. (2005)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Based on 1997-98 interviews & fieldwork in 549 organizations in the U.S.A., representing the entirety of the U.S. population of congregations. Descriptive in nature. "Partners" include media & other outside resoruces.

    Associated Search Terms: Denomination (organizational entity); Sunday school; Polity; Parish; Moral; United States; Social services; Urban/rural; Education; Contributions; Conflict; Activism; Media
  • Religious Intermarriage and Modernization in Ireland.
    O'Leary, Richard (2004)
    In Alasdair Crockett and Richard O'Leary (eds.) Patterns and Processes of Religious Change in Modern Industrial Societies. Europe and the United States. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, pp. 117-137.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban/rural; Education; Marriage; Ireland
  • Pentecostal adaptations in rural and urban Mexico: An anthropological assessment.
    Garma Navarro, Carlos, and Miguel C. Leatham (2004)
    Mexican Studies 20:1: 145-165.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico; Adaptation; Pentecostal, Mexico; Urban/rural
  • Denominational Comparison of Rural Youth Ministry Programs.
    Gorham, Gary A. (2004)
    Review of Religious Research 45:4: 336-348.

    Overview of youth groups in 400 congregations of 8 denominations in 3 northern plains states, U.S.A..; Denomination predicted organizational features.

    Associated Search Terms: Organization; Rural; Denomination (organizational entity); Youth ministry
  • Desert Patriarchy.
    Bennion, Janet (2004)
    Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Mormon, Mexico; Mennonite, Mexico; Mexico; Participant observation; Rural; Patriarchy
  • Churchgoing Rates in Nineteenth-century England: Supply-side Deficiency or Demand-led Decline?
    Crockett, Alasdair (2004)
    In Alesdair Crockett and Richard O'Leary (eds.) Patterns and Processes of Religious Change in Modern Industrial Societies: Europe and the United States. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, pp. 13-49.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Secularization; Practice; Ecology; Urban/rural; Great Britain, England
  • Studien zur Genese rationaler Lebensführung und zum Sektentypus Max Webers. Das Beispiel mennonitischer Bauernfamilien im deutschen Südwesten (1632-1850).
    Konersmann, Frank (2004)
    Zeitschrift für Soziologie 33:5: 418-438.

    Associated Search Terms: Sect; Weber, Max; Germany; Rural; Rationalization; Mennonite, Germany
  • Les deux visages de la religion. Fascination et désenchantement./Die zwei Gesichter der Religion. Faszination und Entzauberung.
    Campiche, Roland J., with Raphaël Broquet, Alfred Dubach, and Jörg Stolz (2004)
    Genève: Labor et Fides./Zürich: Theologischer Verlag Zürich.

    Focuses analysis around the dialectic of institutional (confessional) and universal (individual) religion; uses 1989 & '99 telephone interview data from Switzerland.

    Associated Search Terms: Age; Urban/rural; Privatization; Pluralism; Practice; Stratification; Salience; Education; Switzerland; Socialization; Class; Belief; Membership
  • Between Sundays: Black Women and Everyday Struggles of Faith.
    Frederick, Marla F. (2003)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Participant observation; United States, North Carolina, Halifax County; Rural; African Americans
  • Social Capital and Societal Vision. A Study of Six Farm Communities in Iowa.
    Curry, Janel (2003)
    In Corwin Smidt (ed.) Religion as Social Capital. Producing the Common Good. Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, pp. 139-152.

    Individualist communities (Quaker, German Reformed, Catholic) had trouble mobilizing for common projects, communal ones (Dutch Reformed, Mennonite, Reorganized LDS) were isolated from extra-communal associations.

    Associated Search Terms: Quaker, U.S.A.; Reorganized Latter-day Saints; German Reformed, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Mennonite, U.S.A.; Rural; United States, Iowa; Community study; Social capital; Dutch Reformed, U.S.A.
  • A bulwark in a busy world: The meaning of family fo rural clergy.
    Mellow, Muriel (2002)
    Journal of Contempoary Ethnogaphy 31:6: 706-728.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Rural; Family
  • Peasant Resistance and Religious Protests in Early Philippine Society: Turning Friars against the Grain.
    Nadeau, Kathy (2002)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of religion 41:1: 75-85.

    Friars early in the Spanish period of the Philippines met indigenous criteria of leadership.

    Associated Search Terms: Philippines; Rural; Historical; Peasant; Revolution; Missionary
  • Faith, hope, and Charitable Choice: Pastoral narratives of faith-based welfare reform in rural Mississippi.
    Bartkowski, John P., and Helen A. Regis (2002)
    Southern Rural Sociology 18:1: 222-258.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Rural; Social services; United States, Mississippi; Clergy
  • Modernization and religious intermarriage in the Republic of Ireland.
    O'Leary, Richard (2001)
    British Journal of Sociology 52:4: 647-665.

    Analyzes 1990-96 interview data from Irish households; urban households of members of non-farm origin are more likely to be religiously intermarried.

    Associated Search Terms: Ireland; Urban/rural; Marriage
  • Substance Use: Spirituality and Religious Participation as Protective Factors among Rural Youths.
    Hodge, David R., Paul Cardenas, and Harry Montoya (2001)
    Social Work Research 25:3: 153-161.

    Religious participation predicted never using alcohol, marijuana, & hard drugs; spirituality predicted never using marijuana & hard drugs.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Adolescents; Practice; Drug; Alcohol
  • Collective Action and Political Authority: Rural Workers, Church, and State in Brazil.
    Houtzager, Peter P. (2001)
    Theory and Society 30:1: 1-45.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Brazil; Brazil; Rural; Social movement
  • Are Rural Clergy in the Church of England under Greater Stress? A Study in Empirical Theology.
    Francis, Leslie J., and Christopher J.F. Rutledge (2000)
    Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion 11: 173-191.

    Associated Search Terms: Stress; Church of England; Rural; Clergy
  • God, the Devil and Witches: Religious Practices in Portugal Peasant Societies.
    Rodrigues, Donizete (2000)
    In Donizette Rodrigues and Pablo del Röo (eds.) The Religious Phenomenon: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach. Madrid: Fundación Infancia y Aprendizaje, pp. 57-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Devil; Magic; Witch; Community study; Medical; Portugal, Outeiro; Rural
  • The Influence of the Charismatic Movement on Local Church Life. A Compartive Study among Anglican Rural, Urban and Suburban Churches.
    Francis, Leslie J., David W. Lankshear, and Susan H. Jones (2000)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 15:1: 121-130.

    Associated Search Terms: Urban/rural; Pentecostal, neo, Great Britain; Church of England; Great Britain; Comparative
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