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  • Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare in Egypt, Israel, Italy, and the United States.
    Davis, Nancy J., and Robert V. Robinson (2012)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Focuses on the caring service side of religiously orthodox movements. The 4 movements under study bypass the state in their humanistic works. 2 would and 2 would not take over the state.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Social services; SHAS; Salvation Army, U.S.A.; Muslim Brotherhood; Italy; Israel; Egypt; Comunione e Liberazione; Catholic, Italy; Islam, Egypt; Social movement; Jewish, Sephardim, Israel
  • Overcoming Movement Obstacles by the Religiously Orthodox: The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Shas in Israel, Comunionee Liberazione in Italy, and the Salvation Army in the United States.
    Davis, Nancy J., and Robert V. Robinson (2009)
    American Journal of Sociology 114:5: 1302-1349.

    Most uncompromizing movements do not succeed. Stratagems for survival for these four uncompromising movements include bypassing the state, building grassroots structures, providing graduated membership, & reprioritizing agendas.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Comunione e Liberazione; Muslim Brotherhood; Salvation Army, U.S.A.; SHAS
  • Visions of Charity: Volunteer Workers and Moral Community.
    Allahyari, Rebecca Anne (2000)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Field study of 2 outreach services to the homeless--Loaves and Fishes (Catholic Worker) & Salvation Army--in Sacramento, California.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic Worker; Participant observation; Charities; United States, California, Sacramento; Salvation Army, U.S.A.
  • Marching on the Margins: An Analysis of the Salvation Army in the United States.
    Hazzard, John W. (1998)
    Review of Religious Research 40:2: 121-141.

    The Salvation Army is not completely sect-like, but stands between liberal & Evangelical. It is also located between special purpose groups & recognized Christian denominations. Based on a 1993 survey of officials in the U.S.

    Associated Search Terms: Typology; Salvation Army, U.S.A.
  • Moral Entrepreneuring in Japan: A Labeling Theory Analysis of the Salvation Army's Efforts.
    Nelson, Jack E. (1998)
    Review of Religious Research 40:1: 35-54.

    Historical case study of Salvation Army missionary endeavors in Japan.

    Associated Search Terms: Symbolic crusade; Moral entrepreneur; Alcohol; Moral; Salvation Army, Japan; Labeling; Japan; Missions
  • Religious Group Variation in the Socioeconomic Status and Family Behavior of Women.
    Heaton, Tim B., and Marie Cornwall (1989)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 28:3: 283-299.

    Analyzes 1971-81 Canadian census data.

    Associated Search Terms: Baptist, Canada; United Church of Canada; Jehovah´s Witness, Canada; Pentecostal, Canada; Salvation Army, Canada; Hutterite, Canada; Presbyterian, Canada; Lutheran, Canada; Mennonite, Canada
  • Sociodemographic Characteristics of Religious Groups in Canada.
    Heaton, Tim B. (1986)
    Sociological Analysis 47;1: 54-65.

    Analyzes 1981 Canadian census data; allows for a focus on smaller, often overlooked denominations.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army, Canada; Reformed, Canada; Orthodox, eastern, Canada; Denomination (organizational entity); United Church of Canada; Presbyterian, Canada; Jewish, Canada
  • Une honteuse exploitation des esprits et des porte-monnaie? Les polemiques contre l'Armée du Salut en Suisse en 1883 et leurs étranges similitudes avec les arguments utilisés aujourd'hui contre les "nouvelles sectes."
    Mayer, Jean-François (1985)
    Fribourg: Les Trois Nornes.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army, Switzerland; New religions
  • The Late Victorian Decline in Churchgoing: Some New Zealand Evidence.
    Jackson, Hugh (1983)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 28/56:1: 97-106.

    Provides attendance rates in general 1874-1926, & for denominations 1886-1926.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army, New Zealand
  • Circulation of the Saints Revisited: A Longitudinal Look at Conservative Church Growth.
    Bibby, Reginald W., and Merlin B. Brinkerhoff (1983)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 22:3: 253-262.

    Compares 1966-70 & '76-80 surveys of 20 Evangelical churches in a western Canadian city.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian and Missionary Alliance, Canada; Canada, Alberta, Calgary; Conversion; Membership; Salvation Army, Canada; Plymouth Brethren, Canada; Baptist, Canada; Missionary (denomination), Canada; Nazarene, Canada; Pentecostal, Canada
  • The Persistence of the Salvation Army: A Challenge to the "Sociology of Sectarianism."
    Milligan, J.E. (1982)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Glasgow. [DA 44:4 C, p. 788, #8/3498c]

    Avoids using the church/sect typology, & applies the social construction of reality approach.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army; Social construction of reality; Typology
  • Correlates of Clergy Commitment: The Salvation Army Officers, an Illustrative Case Study.
    Nieves, Alvar (1977)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army; Clergy; Commitment
  • The Circulation of the Saints: A Study of People Who Join Conservative Churches.
    Bibby, Reginald W., and Merlin B. Brinkerhoff (1973)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 12:3: 273-283. [Also in Stewart Crysdale and Les Wheatcroft (eds.), Religion in Canadian Society (Toronto: Macmilan of Canada, 1976), pp. 346-358]

    Analyzes 1966-70 survey data from 20 Evangelical churches in a western Canadian city.

    Associated Search Terms: Plymouth Brethren, Canada; Baptist, Canada; Nazarene, Canada; Membership; Pentecostal, Canada; Conversion; Canada, Alberta, Calgary; Missionary (denomination), Canada; Christian and Missionary Alliance, Canada; Salvation Army, Canada
  • The Salvation Army: The Persistence of Sectarianism.
    Robertson, Roland (1967)
    In Bryan R. Wilson (ed.) Patterns of Sectarianism. London: Heinemann, pp. 49-105.

    Examines the continuation of the Salvation Army as an established sect.

    Associated Search Terms: Sect; Salvation Army
  • A Collation of Data about Religion in Australia.
    Mol, Hans (Johannes J.) (1967)
    Social Compass 14:2: 117-132.

    Associated Search Terms: Salvation Army, Australia; Methodist, Australia; Presbyterian, Australia; Seventh-day Adventist, Australia
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