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  • On Spiritual Edgework: The Logic of Extreme Ritual Performances.
    Bromley, David G. (2007)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 46:3: 287-303.

    Rituals that involve danger provide comfort through innoculation.

    Associated Search Terms: Social construction of reality; Serpent handling; Ritual; Comfort
  • Differential Maintenance and Growth of Religious Organizations Based upon High-cost Behaviors: Serpent Handling within the Church of God.
    Williamson, W. Paul, and Ralph W. Hood, Jr. (2004)
    Review of Religious Research 46:2: 150-168.

    Associated Search Terms: Serpent handling; Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)
  • The Phenomenology of Religious Serpent Handling: A Rationale and Thematic Study of Extemporaneous Sermons.
    Williamson, W. Paul, and Howard R. Pollio (1999)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 38:2: 203-218.

    Analyzes homily texts from the serpent handler sector of the Holiness tradition.

    Associated Search Terms: Homily; Holiness, U.S.A.; Serpent handling
  • A Serpent-Handling Church in a Midwestern City: A Study of Commitment.
    Ambrose, Kenneth P. (1978)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Ohio State University. [DA 39:8 A, p. 5171]

    Uses 10 years participant observation, interviews, & archival records to study commitment & decision-making in a serpent-handling congregation.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Serpent handling; Commitment
  • Survey of the Snake-Handling Cult of West Virginia.
    Ambrose, Kenneth P. (1970)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, Marshall University.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, West Virginia; Serpent handling
  • The Serpent-handling Religions of West Virginia.
    Gerrard, Nathan L. (1968)
    Trans-Action 5:6: 22-28.

    Describes religious serpent-handling as a safety valve for many of the frustrations of life in Appalachia.

    Associated Search Terms: Serpent handling; United States, West Virginia; United States, Appalachia
  • They Shall Take Up Serpents: Psychology of the Southern Snake-Handling Cult.
    LaBarre, Weston (1962)
    Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Serpent handling
  • Millways of Kent.
    Morland, J. Kenneth (1958)
    Chapel Hill: Univesity of North Carolina Press.

    Based on participant observation & interviews in a community in South Carolina; Ch. 6 provides a description of organized religion among working class migrants to a mill town.

    Associated Search Terms: Working class; Stratification; Serpent handling; Community study; Typology; United States, South Carolina
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