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  • A faith for all? Boundaries of religion and ethnicity among Sikhs.
    Khalsa, Simranjit (2017)
    Sociology of Religion 78:3: 340-362.

    Based on interviews in an ethnic Indian & in a non-ethnic convert community of Sikhs in a southern U.S.A. city. The convert community practiced yoga, their men wearing turbans over uncut hair, & followed a guru-like leader. Such practices as yoga & turbans breaks from the Indian identity of Sikhs.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Ethnic; Convert; Denomination (organizational entity); Identity; Indian Americans; Yoga, U.S.A.; Sikh, U.S.A.; Practice
  • Young Sikhs' religious engagement online.
    Singh, Jasjit (2016)
    In Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor and Suha Shakkour (eds.) Digital Methodologies in the Sociology of Religion. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 83-96.

    Studies how young Sikhs learn about their tradition. Recommends meeting interviewees in person before sending them semi-structured interview questions. Advises presenting oneself online as a professional.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh; Socialization; Methods; Internet survey; Ethics
  • Mystical Science and Practical Religion. Muslim, Hindu and Sikh Discourse on Science and Technology.
    Cimino, Richard (2014)
    Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield/Lexington.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu; Sikh; Islam; Discourse; Science
  • I Sikh.
    Bertolani, Barbara (2013)
    In Enzo Pace (ed.) Le religioni nell'Italia che cambia: mappe e bussole. Roma: Carocci, pp. 31-46/

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Sikh, Italy
  • The Sikhs in Italy: A growing heterogeneous and plural presence.
    Bertolani, Barbara (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 75-93.

    Based largely on official statistics & directories. Notes some Sikh denominations. Sikh doctrine does not distinguish among castes, but denominations form along caste lines.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh, Italy; Caste; Generations; Italy
  • Achilles and the tortoise. A society monoplized by Catholicism faced with an unexpected religious pluralism.
    Pace, Enzo (2013)
    Social Compass 60:3: 315-331.

    Descriptive data & maps of other-than-Catholic places of worship, Catholic Charismatic Renewal centers, & Catholic ministries to immigrants.

    Associated Search Terms: Orthodox, eastern, Italy; Sikh, Italy; Pentecostal, Catholic, Italy; Migrant; Jehovah´s Witness, Italy; Italy; Islam, Italy; Catholic, Italy; Assemblies of God, Italy; Pluralism
  • Hindu, Muslim and Sikh young adults: Gendered practices in the negotiation of sexuality and relationship.
    Page, Sarah-Jane, and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip (2012)
    In Peter Nynäs and Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip (eds.) Religion, Gender and Sexuality in Everyday Life. Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate, pp. 51-69.

    Based on online questionnaire data, some follow-up interviews, & some video diaries of mostly South Asian young adults (aged 18-25) in Great Britain who identified themselves as Hindu Muslim, or Sikh.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth; Sikh, Great Britain; Lived religion; Islam, Great Britain; Hindu, Great Britain; Great Britain; Gender
  • Mirror Games: A Fresco of Sikh Settlements among Italian Local Societies.
    Bertolani, Barbara, F. Ferraris, and F. Perocco (2011)
    In K. Myrvold and K. Jacobsen (eds.) Sikhs in Europe: Migration, Identities and Translocal Practices. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 133-161.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Sikh, Italy
  • Los cuerpos sikhs: Un caso de corporalización y ostentación de la identidad religiosa.
    Santos, Sandra (2009)
    Quaderns-e de l'Institut Catalŕ d'Antropologia 14:b: 1-11.

    Associated Search Terms: Material culture; Sikh
  • Sikhs at Large: Religion, Culture, and Politics in Global Perspective.
    Dusenbery, Verne A. (2008)
    New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh
  • The Inner-world Mysticism and a Successful Social Integration of the Sikh Panth.
    Pace, Enzo (2008)
    In Eileen Barker (ed.) The Centrality of Religion in Social Life. Essays in Honour of James A. Beckford. Aldershot, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 85-92.

    Inner-world mysticism characterizes the Sikh tradition & helps explain the Sikhs' economic success both in Panjab & in the Sikh diaspora.

    Associated Search Terms: Diaspora; Economic; Guru; Inner-worldly; Rationalization; Sikh; Adaptation
  • Religion and the New Immigrants. How Faith Communities Form Our Newest Citizens.
    Foley, Michael W., and Dean R. Hoge (2007)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on participant observation & a survey of ethnic religious organizations; emphasizes the various levesl of civic engagement.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; Congregationalism; Hindu, U.S.A.; Indian Americans; Islam, U.S.A.; Korean Americans; Polity; Salvadoran Americans; Civic skills; Identity; United States, District of Columbia, Washington; Sikh, U.S.A.; Assimilation; Social services; Ethnic; Network; Organization; Social capital; Parish
  • Il misticismo intramondano della via dei sikh.
    Pace, Enzo (2005)
    In D. Denti, M. Ferrari, and F. Perocco (eds.) I sikh: Storia e immigrazione. Milano: Franco Angeli, pp. 115-132.

    Associated Search Terms: Inner-worldly; Mysticism; Sikh
  • I Sikh storia e immigrazione.
    Denti, Domenica, Mauro Ferrari, and Fabio Perocco (eds.) (2005)
    Milano: FrancoAngeli.

    Associated Search Terms: Migration; Migrant; Italy; Sikh, Italy
  • I Sikh in provincia di Reggio Emilia: caste e network di parentela.
    Bertolani, Barbara (2004)
    Religioni e societŕ 50: 31-3.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh, Italy; Italy, Reggio Emilia; Caste; Network; Family
  • The Sikh Diaspora in Vancouver: Three Generations amid Tradition, Modernity, and Multiculturalism.
    Nayar, Kamala E. (2004)
    Toronto: University of Toronto Press

    Associated Search Terms: Generations; Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver; Sikh, Canada; Conflict
  • Religion and Politics in India. The Emergence of Hindu Nationalism and the Bharatiya Janata Party.
    Sahu, Sunil K. (2002)
    In Ted Gerard Jelen and Clyde Wilcox (eds.) Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective. New York: Cambridge University Preess, pp. 243-265.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu, India; Islam, India; Nationalism; Politics, India; Sikh, India; India
  • The Nation?s Tortured Body: Violence, Representation, and the Formation of a Sikh “Diaspora.”
    Axel, Brian Keith (2001)
    Durham, North Carolina: Duke University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Diaspora; Sikh; Sikh, India; India; Persecution; Historical; Imagery
  • The Guru's Gift: An Ethnography Exploring Gender Equality within North American Sikh Women.
    Mahmood, Cynthia K., and Stacy Brady (2000)
    Toronto: Mayfield.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh, Canada; Gender; Participant observation; Sikh, U.S.A.
  • Il fondamentalismo religioso contemporaneo.
    Pace, Enzo, and Piero Stefani (2000)
    Brescia: Queriniana.

    Associated Search Terms: Comunione e Liberazione; Sikh; Fundamentalist; Hindu; Muslim Brotherhood; Fundamentalism; Jewish, Ultraorthodox; Integralism
  • 'We Don't Celebrate Christmas, We Just Give Gifts': Adaptations to Migration and Social Change among Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh Children in England.
    Larson, Heidi (2000)
    In Jerry G. Pankhurst and Sharon K. Houseknecht (eds.), Family, Religion, and Social Change in Diverse Societies. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 283-302.

    Associated Search Terms: Adaptation; Sikh, Great Britain; Indian British; Pakistani British; Children; Islam, Great Britain; Pluralism; Feast; Great Britain, England, Southall; Migrant; Hindu, Great Britain
  • Modern Myths, Locked Minds: Secularism and Fundamentalism in India.
    Madan, T.N. (1997)
    New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu, India; Sikh, India; Secularization; Politics, India; India; Fundamentalism; Islam, India
  • Sacred Tensions. Modernity and Religious Transformation in Malaysia.
    Lee, Raymond L.M., and Susan E. Ackerman (1997)
    Columbia: University of South Carolina Press.

    Account of major Malaysian religions from a Weberian perspective.

    Associated Search Terms: Malaysia; Rationalization; State; Sikh, Malaysia; Christian, Malaysia; Islam, Malaysia; Hindu, Malaysia; Buddhist, Malaysia; Disenchantment; Ethnic
  • Socio-political context of Sikh militancy in India.
    Nandi, Proshanta K. (1996)
    Journal of Asian Studies 31:3/4: 178-190.

    Associated Search Terms: Militancy; Sikh, India; India
  • Accommodation Without Assimilation: Sikh Immigrants in an American High School.
    Gibson, Margaret A. (1989)
    Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Accommodation; Assimilation; Migrant; Sikh, U.S.A.; Students, secondary
  • The Sikhs of Northern California.
    LaBrack, Bruce W. (1988)
    New York: AMS Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh, U.S.A.; United States, California
  • Transplanting Religious Traditions. Asian Indians in America.
    Fenton, John Y. (1988)
    New York: Praeger.

    Descriptions of Indian Americans' religion in Atlanta, based on interviews, 1979-88 participant observation, & 1984-85 questionnaire data.

    Associated Search Terms: Transplantation; Participant observation; Indian Americans; Migrant; Hindu, U.S.A.; Sikh, U.S.A.; United States, Georgia, Atlanta
  • Religions of Immigrants from India and Pakistan: New Threads in the American Tapestry.
    Williams, Raymond Brady (1988)
    Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Pakistani Americans; Migrant; Indian Americans; Islam, U.S.A.; Sikh, U.S.A.; Hindu, U.S.A.
  • Secularisation and the Sikh Religious Tradition.
    Madan, T.N. (1986)
    Social Compass 33:2/3: 257-273.

    Sikhism emerged in a secularization process that involved a reaction against any withdrawal from the world, including a withdrawal from politics. The stance has come to conflict with a more modern kind of secularization that separates faith & politics.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh, India; India; Politics, India; Secularization
  • Twice Migrants: East African Sikh Settlers in Britain.
    Bhachu, Parminder (1985)
    London: Travistock.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Migrant; Sikh, Great Britain
  • Sikhs in England: The Development of a Migrant Community.
    Helweg, Arthur W. (1979)
    Delhi: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain; Migrant; Sikh, Great Britain
  • The Sikhs: The Development of South Asian Settlements in Britain.
    Ballard, Roger, and Catherine Ballard (1977)
    In James L. Watson (ed.), Between Two Cultures: Migrants and Minorities in Britain. Oxford: Basil Blackwell, pp. 21-56.

    Historical sociological overview; based in part on 1970-75 field research in Leeds.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, Leeds; Historical; Sikh, Great Britain; Migrant
  • The Transformation of Sikh Society.
    Marenco, Elsie Ethne Kaplan (1974)
    Portland, Oregon: HaPi Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Change; Sikh
  • Anti-feudal Dialectic of Sikhism.
    Ahluwalis, Gasbir S. (1974)
    Social Scientist 2:8: 22-26.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh, India; India
  • Comparative Conclusions from: Hindu Reformist Ethics and the Weber Thesis: An Application of Max Weber's Methodology.
    Sahay, Arum (1973)
    Sociological Analysis and Theory 3:2: 43-59.

    Clarification of Weber's comparative method & application of the instrumental reason form to Hindu & Sikh reform movements.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Sikh; Rationalization; Hindu; Protestant Ethic; Weber, Max
  • Caste and Class among the Sikhs of Northwest India.
    Marenco, Elsie Ethne Kaplan (1963)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Columbia University.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Class; Caste; Sikh, India; Stratification
  • The Sikhs.
    Barstow, A.E. (1928)
    Calcutta: Cultural Publications Branch, Government of India. [Republished Delhi: Low Price Publications, 1993]

    An ethnography.

    Associated Search Terms: Sikh; Participant observation
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