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  • The nationalisation of religion: Youth and Soka Gakkai in Singapore.
    Cornelio, Jazeel (2018)
    Social Compass 65:1: 114-130.

    Soka Gakkai youth participate in nationalistic events in Singapore, leaving religious dimensions invisible.

    Associated Search Terms: Nationalism; Singapore; Soka Gakkai, Singapore
  • State, religion, and environmentalism: Fostering social cohesion and environmental protection in Singapore.
    Chan, Andrew, and Md Saidul Islam (2015)
    Environmental Sociology 1:3: 177-189.

    Associated Search Terms: Environmentalism; Singapore
  • Soft authoritarianism, social diversity and legal pluralism: The case of Singapore.
    Turner, Bryan S. (2015)
    In Adam Possamai, James T. Richardson, and Bryan S. Turner (eds.) The Sociology of Shari'a: Case Studies from around the World, pp. 69-81.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore; Islam, Singapore; Authoritarianism; Law; Sharia
  • Globalized Muslim Youth in the Asia Pacific: Popular Culture in Singapore and Sydney.
    Nasir, Kamaludeen Mohamed (2015)
    Hampshrie, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.

    Associated Search Terms: Australia, Sydney; Globalization; Islam, Australia; Islam, Singapore; Popular culture; Singapore; Youth
  • "We aim to provide excellent service to everyone who comes to church!": Marketing mega-churches in Singapore.
    Yip, Jeaney, and Susan Ainsworth (2013)
    Social Compass 60:4: 503-516.

    Describes marketing strategies changing the nature of religion in 2 Singapore megachurches. Decision-making is concentrated in the hands of the 2 senior pastors.

    Associated Search Terms: Megachurch; Singapore; Marketing; Authority
  • Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. National Case Studies.
    Bouma, Gary D., Rod Ling, and Douglas Pratt (2010)
    Dordrecht: Springer.

    Provides reports on the separate nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Nauru; Northern Marianas; New Zealand; Papua-New Guinea; Philippines; Pluralism; Sri Lanka; Thailand; Women; Brunei Darussalam; New Caledonia; Micronesia; Singapore; Palau; Samoa; Solomon Islands; Timor Leste; Tonga (island nation); Tuvalu; Vanuatu; Marshall Islands; Kiribati; Competition; Minority; State; Australia; Ecumenism; Fiji; French Polynesia; Indonesia; Japan; Malaysia
  • Rationalizing Religion: Religious Conversion, Revivalism and Competition in Singapore Society.
    Tong, Chee Kiong (2007)
    Leiden: Brill.

    Associated Search Terms: Competition; Conversion; Rationalization; Revivalism; Singapore
  • Theorising "Talk" about "Religious Pluralism" and "Religious Harmony" in Singapore.
    Sinha, Vineeta (2005)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 20:1: 25-40.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Singapore; Discourse
  • Religiosity and Economic Development in Singapore.
    Pereira, Alexius A. (2005)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 20:2: 161-177.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Economic; Singapore; Development
  • Introduction.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (2005)
    In Fengang Yang and Joseph B. Tamney (eds.), State, Market, and Religions in Chinese Societies. Religion and the social Order 11. Leiden: Brill, pp. 1-17.

    More an overview of religion among the Chinese peoples than a mere introduction to the volume.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Singapore; Christian, Taiwan; Christian, China; Modernization; Change; Confucian; Daoist; Folk religion; Singapore; China; Buddhist; State; Taiwan
  • The Rehabilitation and Regulation of Religion in Singapore.
    Hill, Michael (2004)
    In James T. Richardson (ed.), Regulating Religion. Case Studies from Around the Globe. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum, pp. 343-358.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore
  • Modernization, Globalization, and Confucianism in Chinese Societies.
    Tamney, Joseph B., and Linda Hsueh-ling Chiang (2002)
    Westport, Connecticut: Praeger

    Associated Search Terms: China; Confucian; Globalization; Modernization; Singapore; Taiwan
  • The Struggle Over Singapore's Soul. Western Modernization and Asian Culture.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1995)
    Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore; Confucian, Singapore; Modernization; Christian, Singapore; Buddhist, Singapore
  • Changing Lives, Switching Faiths: Religious Conversion, and Participation in Singapore.
    Tong Chee Kiong (1994)
    In Roberto Cipriani (ed.) "Religions sans Frontières?" Present and Future Trends of Migration, Culture, and Communciation. Roma: Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, pp. 277-289. Comment by Tharaleith K. Oommen, pp. 290-295.

    Analyzes pre 1988 survey data from Singapore; young, educated Chinese Singaporeans switch from folk religion & to Christian or no religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Chinese Singaporeans; Education; Age; Conversion; Singapore; Rationalization; Folk religion
  • Conservative Government and Support for the Religious Institution in Singapore: An Uneasy Alliance.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1992)
    Sociological Analysis 53:2: 201-217.

    Examines the action of the Singapore government requiring religious instruction in 1982 & reversing itself in 1989; religion did not serve the conservative ends sought by the government.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore; Education; Politics, Singapore
  • Modernizing Confucianism: School Days in Singapore.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1992)
    In William H. Swatos, Jr. (ed.) Twentieth-Century World Religious Movements in Neo-Weberian Perspective. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen, pp. 31-43.

    The effort to modernize Singapore by introducing Confucian instruction into the Chinese language schools reveals unmodern limits of that tradition.

    Associated Search Terms: Education; Singapore; Modernization; Confucian, Singapore
  • The Sociology of Singapore Religion. Studies in Christianity and Chinese Culture.
    Clammer, John (1991)
    Singapore: Chopmen Publishers.

    Associated Search Terms: Christian, Singapore; Singapore
  • Confucianism and Democracy.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1991)
    Asian Profile 19:5: 399-411.

    Explores dilemmas in Singapore's attempt to modernize Confucianism & render it compatible with a democracy of sorts.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore; Confucian, Singapore; Democracy; Modernization
  • Religious Values and Beliefs and Place of Residence as Predictors of Alcohol Use among Chinese College Students in Singapore.
    Isralowitz, Richard E., and Tech-Hong Ong (1990)
    International Journal of the Addictions 25:5: 515-529.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, undergraduate; Singapore; Alcohol
  • Religious Conversion and Revivalism: A Study of Christianity in Singapore.
    Tong Chee Kiong (1989)
    Singapore: Ministry of Community Development.

    Associated Search Terms: Revivalism; Christian, Singapore; Singapore; Conversion; Revival
  • Trends in Traditional Chinese Religion in Singapore.
    Tong Chee Kiong (1989)
    Singapore: Ministry of Community Development.

    Associated Search Terms: Chinese Singaporeans; Singapore
  • Religion in Singapore: Report of a National Survey.
    Kuo, Eddie C.Y., and JonS.T. Quah (1988)
    Singapore: Ministry of Community Development.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore
  • Religion and State in Singapore.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1988)
    Journal of Church and State 30:1: 109-128.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore; State
  • Religion and Religious Revivalism in Singapore.
    Kuo, Eddie C.Y., and Tong Chee Kiong (1988)
    Singapore: Ministry of Community Development.

    Associated Search Terms: Revival; Revivalism; Singapore
  • Religion and Religious Conversion in Singapore: A Review of the Literature.
    Quah, Jon S.T. (1987)
    Singapore: Ministry of Community Development.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Singapore
  • Religious Switching in Singapore. A Study of Religious Mobility.
    Tamney, Joseph B., and Riaz Hassan (1987)
    Singapore: Select Books.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Singapore
  • Religion als Thema komparativer Sozialforschung: Erfahrengun mit einem Forschungsprojekt zum religiösen Wandel in einer Entwicklungsgesellschaft (Singapore).
    Matthes, Joachim (1983)
    Sozial Welt 34:1: 3-21.

    Based on observations in Singapore, Matthes decided to use life histories in a research project.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore
  • Chinese Family Structure and the Continution of Chinese Religions.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1978)
    Asian Profile 6: 211-217.

    Analyzes 1970 questionnaire data from ethnic Chinese undergraduates at the University of Singapore and Nanyang University.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Singapore; Islam, Singapore; Students, undergraduate; Chinese Singaporeans; Family; Buddhist, Singapore; Protestant, Singapore; Singapore
  • Conversions à Singapour. Contribution à une Sociologie de la Mutation Socio-Religieuse.
    Lopez de Ceballos, Paloma (1976)
    Social Compass 23:1: 23-46.

    Analyzes narratives of reasons for converting to Catholicism in Singapore, given in 1966 & '67; its appeal is enhanced by its internationality in a nation where traditional peoples become exposed to cosmopolitan realities.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Local/cosmopolitan; Catholic, Singapore
  • Church-state Relations in Christianity and Islam.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1974)
    Review of Religious Research 16:1: 10-18.

    1969-70 questionnaire data from undergraduates in the Philippines, Indonesia, & Singapore. Muslims favor church-state cooperation; Catholics have no consistent stance; Protestants in Indonesia accept church-state cooperation but less so in Singapore.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Protestant; Islam; Students, undergraduate; Catholic; Philippines; Singapore; Indonesia
  • Religion among Urban Chinese and non-Chinese in Southeast Asian Countries.
    Mitchell, Robert E. (1974)
    Social Compass 21:1: 25-44.

    Analyzes 1967-68 interview data from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, 6 cities in Malaysia, & Taipei; shows religious identities of the Chinese & non-Chinese populations & correlations with age, education, and residential arrangement.

    Associated Search Terms: Thailand; China, Hong Kong; Education; Age; Singapore; Taiwan, Taipei; Chinese; Urban; Hong Kong; Malaysia
  • The Emergence of Social Functions of Chinese Religious Associations in Singapore.
    Topley, Marjorie (1961)
    Comparative Studies in Society and History 3: 289-314.

    Associated Search Terms: Singapore; Chinese Singaporeans; Functionalism
  • Religion et Adaptation Sociale chez les Chinois de Singapour.
    Freedman, Maurice (1959)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 4/7: 89-103.

    Associated Search Terms: Adaptation; Singapore; Chinese Singaporeans
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