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  • Social correlates of church attendance in three European Catholic countries.
    Conway, Brian (2013)
    Review of Religious Research 55:1: 61-80.

    Analyzes 2008 European Values Study data; some correlates of church attendance vary from one country to another & many do not.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Slovenia; Practice; Belgium; Catholic, Belgium; Catholic, Ireland; Ireland; Slovenia
  • Envie et sorcellerie en Slovénie rurale.
    Mencej, Mirjam (2012)
    Ethnologie Française 42:2:313-323.

    Associated Search Terms: Sorcery; Rural; Slovenia
  • Ethical and Methodological Dilemmas of Scientific Study of Contemporary Political Dimensions of Religion--The Case of the Church of Holy Simplicity.
    Crnic, Ales (2009)
    In Danijela Gavrilovic (ed.) Revitalization of Religion. Theoretical and Comparative Approaches. Nis, Serbia: Yugoslav Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, pp. 81-89.

    Report of a group of sociologists who founded & sought to register a church in Slovenia.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Slovenia; Experiment
  • Cult Versus Church Religiosity: Comparative Study of Hare Krishna Devotees and Catholics in Slovenia.
    Crnic, Ales (2009)
    Social Compass 56:1: 117-135.

    Based on participant observation & 2001 questionnaire data from Slovene followers of Hare Krishna; finds greater involvement than that reflected by survey data for Slovene Catholics.

    Associated Search Terms: Cult; Catholic, Slovenia; Church; Comparative; Hare Krishna, Slovenia; Participant observation; Slovenia
  • The Development of Sociology of Religion in Slovenia since 1991.
    Flere, Sergej, and Marin Lavric (2008)
    In Dragoljub B. Dordevic (ed.) The Sociology of Religion in the Former Yugoslav Republics. Nis, Serbia: Yugoslav Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, pp. 21-25.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion, Slovenia; Slovenia
  • Serbian Orthodox Religiousness: An Empirical and Comparative Portrait.
    Flere, Sergej, and Rudi Klanjsek (2008)
    Review of Religious Research 50:1: 35-48.

    Compares religiosity of Serbian Orthodox students in Serbia, Muslim ones in Bosnia, & Catholic ones in Slovenia. The Serbians were more religious than the Slovenians but less than the Bosnians, & were not highly mystical, experiential, or civil religious.

    Associated Search Terms: Serbian Orthodox, Serbia; Bosnia; Catholic, Slovenia; Civil religion; Comparative; Experience; Islam, Bosnia; Mysticism; Serbia; Slovenia; Students, undergraduate; Religiosity
  • Comparative Analysis of Topics in Sociology of Religion in the Period 1991-2007 in Former Yugoslavia.
    Gavrilovic, Danijela (2008)
    In Dragoljub B. Dordevic (ed.) The Sociology of Religion in the Former Yugoslav Republics. Nis, Serbia: Yugoslav Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, pp. 125-129.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion, Croatia; Sociology of religion, Macedonia; Sociology of religion; Sociology of religion, Bosnia; Sociology of religion, Serbia; Sociology of religion, Slovenia; Sociology of religion, Montenegro
  • L'Amérique du Nord a-t-elle franchi le mur de Berlin? Esquisses d'analyse comparative de la religion en Amérique du Nord et en Europe de l'Est.
    Talin, Kristoff (2007)
    In Martin Geoffroy, Jean-Guy Vaillancourt, and Michel Gardaz (eds.) La mondialisation du phénomène religieux. Montréal: Mediaspaul, pp. 41-64.

    Based on 1998 International Social Survey Program data. Eastern European nations remain religiously different from the West, to which they are not exposed.

    Associated Search Terms: Slovenia; Globalization; Hungary; Canada; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland; Practice; Russia; Sex; Comparative; Slovakia; Age; Czech Republic; Belief; Bulgaria; United States; Germany, East; Europe, eastern; Estonia
  • Anonymous Believers as a Sociological Challenge: Religions and Religious Changes in post-Yugoslav States.
    Zrinš?ak, Siniša (2006)
    In Irena Borowik (ed.) Religions, Churches, and Religiosty in Post-Communist Europe. Krakow: Nomos, pp. 68-80.

    Associated Search Terms: Identification; Croatia; Bosnia; Montenegro; Serbia; Slovenia; Macedonia
  • The Role of the Roman Catholic Church in the Service Provision of Education in Slovenia and Hungary.
    Rakar, Tatjana (2005)
    Social Compass 52:1: 83-101.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Slovenia; Hungary; State; Slovenia; Comparative; Catholic, Hungary; Education
  • Religious Forms of Social Mimicry in a Society in Transition.
    Smrke, Marjan (2004)
    In Jerolimov, Dinka Marinovic, Sinisa Zrinscak, and Irena Borowik (eds.), Religion and Patterns of Social Transformation. Zagreb: Institute for Social Research--Zagreb, pp. 171-186.

    Takes illustrations of mimicry from Slovenia, where public figures who had been Communists publicly professed to be religious after the fall of Communism.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Slovenia; Slovenia; Mimicry
  • Generations and Atheism: Patterns of Response to Communist Rule among Different Generations and Countries.
    Zrinš?ak, Siniša (2004)
    Social Compass 51:2: 221-234.

    Reviews trends in Croatia, Hungry, Poland, & Slovenia. Presents 1999 European Values Survey data from former Soviet bloc nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Hungary; Croatia; Generations; Practice; Slovenia; Atheist; Europe; Poland; Membership
  • Religious Freedom and Control in Independent Slovenia.
    Crnic, Ales, and Gergor Lesjak (2003)
    Sociology of Religion 64:3: 349-366.

    Associated Search Terms: State; Slovenia
  • Devotees of Krsna in Slovenia.
    Crnic, Ales (2002)
    Iskcon Communications Journal 10: 35-49.

    Shows a shift from commune to congregation membership in Slovenian ISKCON from 1992 to 2000. Makes comparisons with the general Slovenian population.

    Associated Search Terms: Hare Krishna, Slovenia; Parish; Change; Commune; Slovenia
  • Nationalism and the Political Use and Abuse of Religion: The Politicization of Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Islam in Yugoslav Successor States.
    Ivekovic, Ivan (2002)
    Social Compass 49:4: 523-536.

    Associated Search Terms: Serbian Orthodox, Serbia; Catholic, Croatia; Catholic, Slovenia; Islam, Bosnia; Politics; Bosnia; Islam, Albania; Slovenia; Macedonia; Albania; Nationalism; Serbia; Croatia
  • Das sloweniesche Weihnachtsfest. Zur Volksfrömmigkeit in Jugoslawien.
    Kersevan, Marko (1986)
    In Michael N Ebertz and Franz Schultheis (eds.), Volksfrömmigkeit in Europa. Beiträge zur Soziologie popularer Religiosität aus 14 Landern. München: Chr. Kaiser, pp. 177-186.

    Associated Search Terms: Yugoslavia; Slovenia; Popular religion; Feast
  • Le Traitement des Morts dans la Société Socialiste.
    Kersevan, Marko (1982)
    Social Compass 29:2/3: 153-165.

    Focuses on the attempt of the Communist regime in Slovenia (then part of Yugoslavia) to replace All Saints Day with a civil holiday; includes some 1968 & '80 data on religion in Slovenia.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Death; Slovenia; Yugoslavia; Catholic, Slovenia; Feast
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