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  • Parish and Place. Making Room for Diversity in the American Catholic Church.
    Bruce, Tricia Colleen (2017)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on 2012 interview data from U.S. dioceses; examines "personal parishes"--i.e., officially established non-territorial parishes. Some are ethnic parishes, some traditionalist, some oriented to justice or social services.

    Associated Search Terms: Social services; Traditionalist; Social capital; Parish; Justice; Ethnic; Diversity; Catholic, U.S.A.; Accommodation; Homophily
  • Prophets of resistance: Social justice activists contesting comfortable church culture.
    Delehanty, John D. (2016)
    Sociology of Religion 77:1: 37-58.

    Based on 2014-15 participant observation in a Christian-only community organizing coalition. Individualist "comfortable" church culture hinders organizing around issues of social justice, limiting activism to charitable works.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Activism; Community organization; Culture; Individualism; Social justice; Justice
  • Interrogatng and constructing the "authentic" Roman Catholic Church: Feminist perspectives among Canadian women religious.
    Gervais, Christine, and Claire Turenne Sjolander (2015)
    Review of Religious Research 57:3: 365-396.

    Based on 2008-11 field work, interviews, & questionnaire data from current & former sisters in Ontario. Respondents constructed "church" often from a feminist & social justice orientation rather than the official hierarchical one.

    Associated Search Terms: Sisters; Orders/congregations; Social construction of reality; Ex-sisters; Feminism; Catholic, Canada; Women; Authenticity; Canada, Ontario; Justice
  • The Spirit's Tether. Family, Work, and Religion among American Catholics.
    Konieczny, Mary Ellen (2013)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Based on 2000-02 field work in 2 Midwest U.S.A. Catholic parishes, one liberal & one conservative. Models of church are transposed into family life. Traditionalists rejected the modernized Church of their childhood while progressives accepted pre-conciliar religious commitment but not its cultural trappings.

    Associated Search Terms: Justice; Birth control; Authority; Ritual; Abortion; Participant observation; Marriage; Moral; Conservative/liberal; Comparative; Catholic, U.S.A.; Family; Parish; Habitus; Life histories; Traditionalism; Socialization; Work; Women
  • With God on Our Side. The Struggle for Workers' Rights in a Catholic Hospital.
    Reich, Adam D. (2012)
    Ithaca, new York: Cornell University Press/ILR Press.

    It was necessary for a unionization campaign at a religiously-sponsored hospital to engage issues of values & theology, not simply material interests.

    Associated Search Terms: Values; Catholic, U.S.A.; Emotion; Gramsci, Antonio; Hospital; Labor; Orders/congregations; Social justice; Social movement; United States, California, Santa Rosa
  • Prophetic Activism: Progressive Religious Justice Movements in Contemporary America.
    Slessarev-Jamir, Helene (2011)
    New York: New York Univrsity Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Activism; Justice; Social movement
  • The role of the Catholic Church in Chicago immigant mobilization.
    Davis, Stephen P., Juan R. Martinez, and R. Stephen Warner (2010)
    In A. Pallares and N. Flores-González (eds.) ¡Marcha!: Latino Chicago and the Immigrant Rights Movement. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, pp. 79-96.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Illinois, Chicago; Social movement; Social justice; Justice; Activism; Catholic, U.S.A.; Migrant
  • Vocation Versus Vocational Status in the Lives of Current and Former Vowed American Catholic Religious.
    Blasi, Anthony J. (2007)
    In Giuseppe Giordan (ed.) Vocation and Social Context. Leiden: Brill, pp. 83-102.

    Analyzes 2002-2003 survey data from current and former Racine Dominican sisters & province of American current and former Franciscan priests and brothers (O.F.M.).

    Associated Search Terms: Ex-priests; Ex-clergy; Vocation; Social justice; Social issues; Orders/congregations; Order of Preachers; Ex-sisters; Franciscan (O.F.M.)
  • Cultures Jeunes et Religion: Réflexions Théoriques.
    Bizeuil, Yves (2001)
    In Jean-Pierre Bastian (ed.) La modernité religieuse en perspective comparée. Europe latine--Amérique latine. Paris: Karthala, pp. 141-151.

    Post modern youth have functional equivalents for religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Integration (social); Identity; Functionalism, micro; Justice; Meaning; Prophecy; Ritual; Secularization; Youth; Cosmology
  • Ministry of American Catholic Sisters: The Vowed Life in Church Renewal.
    Neal, Marie Augusta (1996)
    In Catherine Wessinger (ed.) Religious Institutions and Women's Leadership. New Roles Inside the Mainstream. Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, pp. 231-243.

    Overview of modern development sin female orders & congregations, leading up to an emphasis on social justice.

    Associated Search Terms: Social justice; Catholic; Orders/congregations; Sisters
  • The politics of spirituality: A study of a renewal process in an English diocese.
    Hornsby-Smith, Michael P., John Fulton, and Margaret I. Norris (1995)
    Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Evaluation of the RENEW revitalization program in an English diocese in the late 1980s, in part taking one parish as a case study. RENEW was adapted by co-optation--involving the parish & laity in he burdens & responsibility for power, but not power itself. Justice was domesticated by establishing a few charities.

    Associated Search Terms: Evaluation research; Spirituality; Social movement; Participant observation; Modernity; Grounded theory; Content analysis; Case study; Great Britain; Diocese; Catholic, Great Britain; Justice
  • Entre universalismes et particularismes en Europe: le rôle des eglises.
    Sainsaulieu, Renard (1993)
    In Gilbert Vincent and Jean-Paul Willaime (eds.) Religions et transformations de l'Europe. Strasbourg: Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, pp. 47-58.

    Compares Europe & early 20th c. U.S.A., where the structural functionalists saw a process of cultural integration & symbolic interactionists saw micro-level norms emerging. Socialization now prepares people for individualism, not societal integration.

    Associated Search Terms: Europe; Individualism; Justice; Socialization; Pluralism
  • The Social Justice Program of the Canadian Catholic Church: An International Case-comparative Analysis.
    Hewitt, Warren Edward (1992)
    Sociological Analysis 53:2: 141-158.

    Compares the largely rhetorical Canadian Catholic social justice program to the more action-oriented Brazilian one.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Canada; Canada; Brazil; Catholic, Brazil; Social justice
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