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  • The Protestant Ethic Thesis as American Sociology of Religion.
    Swatos, William H., Jr., and Peter Kivisto (2007)
    In Anthony J. Blasi (ed.) American Sociology of Religion. Histories (Religion and the Social Order 13). Leiden: Brill, pp. 87-119.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion, U.S.A.; Protestant Ethic
  • Cult Conversions and the Courts: Some Ethical Issues in Academic Expert Testimony.
    Shinn, Larry D. (1992)
    Sociological Analysis 53:3: 273-285.

    Based on experience as an expert witness in cases involving the Hare Krishna in the U.S.

    Associated Search Terms: Ethics; Sociology of religion; Hare Krishna, U.S.A.; Law
  • Some Questions About the Relationship between Scholars and the New Religious Movements.
    Beckford, James A. (1983)
    Sociological Analysis 44:3: 189-196.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion, ethics
  • Universal Standards, Not Uniform Beliefs.
    Horowitz, Irving Louis (1983)
    Sociological Analysis 44:3: 179-182. Comments by Bryan R. Wilson, James A. Beckford, Eileen Barker, Thomas Robbins, & Roy Wallis 44:3: 221-226. Reply by Irving Louis Horowitz 44:3: 221-226.

    Addresses the issue of religious movements possibly compromising the objectivity of sociologists.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion; Ethics
  • Sympathetic Detachment and Disinterested Involvement: A Note on Academic Integrity.
    Wilson, Bryan R. (1983)
    Sociological Analysis 44:3: 183-188.

    Associated Search Terms: Methodology; Sociology of religion; Ethics
  • Moonie Conferences: Dialog or Duplicity.
    Mackie, Marlene M., and Merlin B. Brinkerhoff (1983)
    Update 7:3: 22-37.

    Associated Search Terms: Sociology of religion, ethics; Unification Church
  • Functionalism and Ethics in Sociology: The Relationship between "Ought" and "Function."
    Beckford, James A. (1981)
    Annual Review of the Social Sciences of Religion 5: 101-131.

    Associated Search Terms: Functionalism; Sociology of religion, ethics
  • Weber's Thesis on the Protestant Ethic. A Micro and Macrosociological Perspective.
    Suolinna, Kirsti (1973)
    Temenos 9: 80-107.

    Reviews the literature on the Protestant Ethic thesis; includes some in Scandinavian languages. Addresses ambiguities in Weber's presentation.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant Ethic; Sociology of religion; Scandinavia
  • Sociologues Allemands: Études de Cas en Sociologie Historique et Non-Historique avec la Dictionnaire de l'Ethique Protestante et l'Esprit du Capitalisme du Max Weber.
    Ankerl, Guy G. (1972)
    Neuchatel, Switzerland: A la Baconniče.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant Ethic; Sociology of religion; Weber, Max
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