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  • "We are all in exile here": Perceptions of death, the soul, and the afterlife in rural Lithuania.
    Pranaityt?-Wergin, Lina (2012)
    In Milda Ališauskiene and Ingo W. Schröder (eds.) Religious Diversity in Post-Soviet Society: Ethnographies of Catholic Hegemony and the New Pluralism in Lithuania. Farnham, U.K.: Ashgate, pp. 57-77.

    Based on 2008-09 fieldwork & archival research in rural southern Lithuania. Personal exerience was more important than official doctrine; hegemony was a contested process.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Lithuania; Death; Dream; Gramsci, Antonio; Lithuania; Participant observation; Rural; Soul; Common sense; Afterlife
  • Durkheim and the Idea of Soul.
    Fields, Karen E. (1996)
    Theory and Society 25:2: 193-203.

    Associated Search Terms: Durkheim, Émile; Soul; Collective consciousness
  • The concept of soul in Chinese folk religion.
    Harrell, C. Stevan (1979)
    Journal of Asian Studies 38:3: 519-528.

    Associated Search Terms: Soul; China; Folk religion
  • Wisdom of the Soul: A Contemporary Theosophical Cult.
    Campbell, Bruce F. (1977)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of California, Santa Barbara {DA 38:4 A, p. 2201]

    Based on 1973-74 participant observation in southern California, in Wisdom of the Soul, founded in the theosophical tradition; focuses on tensions between spontaneity & routinized roles.

    Associated Search Terms: Wisdom of the Soul; Theosophy, U.S.A.; Participant observation; Routinization; Cult
  • The Concept of Soul in Haitian Vodo.
    Métraux, Alfred (1946)
    Southwestern Journal of Anthropology 2:1: 84-92.

    Associated Search Terms: Haiti; Soul; Voodoo, Haiti
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