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  • Living well togeher in a (non)religious future: Contributions from the sociology of religion.
    Beaman, Lori G. (2017)
    Sociology of Religion 78:1: 9-32.

    Focuses on people who rescue endangered sea turtles.

    Associated Search Terms: Environmentalism; Lived religion; Spirituality; Atheist
  • Spiritual struggles and health: Assessing the influence of socioeconomic status.
    Krause, Neal, Kenneth I. Pargament, and Gail Ironson (2017)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 56:3: 620-636.

    Analyzes 2014 Landmark Spirituality and Health Survey data from the 48 contiguous U.S.A. states. Lower educational attainment predicts chronic economic difficulty, which predicts living in run-down neighborhoods, & that predicts spiritual struggles, which predict poorer health.

    Associated Search Terms: Stress; Education; Health; Spirituality; Stratification
  • So far and yet so close: Emergent spirituality and the cultural influence of traditional religion among Italian youth.
    Palmisano, Stefania, and Nicola Pannofino (2017)
    Social Compass 64:1: 130-146.

    Based on survey data from Italian youths. Rather than counterposing traditional religion & alternative spiritualities they placed the latter within the framework of the hegemonic Italian Catholicism.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Italy; Italy; Spirituality; Young adults
  • Development of a measure of attachment to God for Muslims.
    Miner, Maureen, Bagher Ghobary-Bonab, and Martin Dowson (2017)
    Review of Religious Research 59:2: 183-206.

    Develops an attachment-to-God scale with data from Australian Muslims.

    Associated Search Terms: Scale; Muslim Spiritual Attachment Scale; Methods; Factor analysis; Attachment to God
  • Do religiosity and spirituality really matter for social, mental, and physical health? A tale of two samples.
    Cragun, Deborah, Ryan T. Cragun, Brian Nathan, J. E. Sumerau, and Alexandra C. H. Nowakowski. (2016)
    Sociological Spectrum 36:6: 359-377.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Religiosity; Health
  • (Un)Believing in modern society. Religion, spirituality, and religious-secular competition.
    Stolz, Jorg, Judith Konemann, Mallory Schneuwly Purdie, Thomas Engleberger, and Michael Kruggeler (2016)
    Florence, Kentucky: Taylor & Francis/Routledge.

    Finds institutional, alternative, distanced, & secular categories relevant, using quantitative & qualitative Swiss data.

    Associated Search Terms: Individualism; Competition; Secular; Spirituality; Switzerland
  • Bridging science and religion: How health-care workers as storytellers construct spiritual meanings.
    Grant, Don, Jeff Sallaz, and Cindy Cain (2016)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 55:3: 465-484.

    Analyzes questionnaire responses from nurses at a research hospital, including an open-ended question about spirituality. Explores the narrative devices hat nurses use to frame the spiritual dimension of their work in a scientific, spirituality-neutral setting.

    Associated Search Terms: Symbolic interactionism; Spirituality; Nurse; Medical; Discourse; Fuzzy-set; Lived religion
  • Not a lonely crowd? Social connectedness, religious service attendance, and the spiritual but not religious.
    Hastings, Orestes P. (2016)
    Social Science Research 57: 63-79.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; United States; Social support; Atheist, U.S.A.; Spirituality
  • "Look into the Book of Life": Muslim musicians, Sufism and postmodern spirituality in Britain.
    Morris, Carl (2016)
    Social Compass 63:3: 389-404.

    Analyzes discourse of Sufi musicians in Britain, circa 2011-13. Spirituality coexists with organized religion, in this instance Sufi Islam.

    Associated Search Terms: Youth culture; Great Britain; Musician; Islam, Great Britain; Islam, Sufi; Spirituality
  • The natural environment as a spiritual resource: A theory of regional variation in religious adherence.
    Ferguson, Todd W., and Jeffrey A. Tamburello (2015)
    Sociology of Religion 76:3: 295-314.

    Analyzes 2000 county-level membership data for the U.S.A.; regions with "natural amenities" have lower membership rates.

    Associated Search Terms: Nature; Spirituality; Membership; Ecology
  • Feminist spirituality as lived religion: How UK feminists forge religio-spiritual lives.
    Aune, Kristin (2015)
    Gender and Society 29:1: 122-145.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Great Britain; Feminism
  • From socialization to individualization: A new challenge for Portuguese religiosity.
    Roussou, Eugenia (2015)
    Italian Journal of Sociology of Education 7:3: 89-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Individualism; Spirituality; Portugal; Participant observation
  • From atheist to spiritual but not religious: A punctuated continuum of identities among the second generation of post-1970 immigrants in Canada.
    Beyer, Peter F. (2015)
    In Lori G. Beaman and Steven Tomlins (eds.) Atheist Identities: Spaces and Social Contexts. New York: Springer, pp. 137-151.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Identification; Generations; Atheist, Canada; Canada
  • Loose connections and liberal theology: Blurring the boundaries in two church-based communities of spiritual practice.
    Edgell, Penny, and Derek Robey (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:4: 649-667.

    Field study of innovative worship that blurs boundaries between church members vs. non-members & between Christian vs. other; the services were meant to attract the non-religious, but most participants turned out to be Christian liberals.

    Associated Search Terms: Boundary blurring; Change; Congregation; Liberal, U.S.A.; Participant observation; Ritual; Spirituality
  • Does religiousness increase with age? Age changes and generational differences over 35 years.
    Bengtson, Vern L., Norella M. Putney, Merril Slversten, and Susan C. Harris (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 363-379.

    Based on a Southern California panel study. Religiosity increases with age, though attendance drops in old age. For younger cohorts, spirituality becomes increasingly detached from religion & God is less transcendent & more immanent.

    Associated Search Terms: God, concept of; Life course; Practice; Age; United States, California; Panel study; Transcendence; Spirituality; Immanence; Gerontology; Generations
  • Spiritualità senza Dio?
    Berzano, Luigi (2014)
    Oornto: Mimesis.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Atheist
  • In defense of religion: The 2013 H Paul Douglass lecture.
    Warner, R. Stephen (2014)
    Review of Religious Research 56:4: 495-512.

    Maintains that religion is a useful concept despite contemporary claims for the greater usefulness of "spirituality." The latter, as a concept, often serves professional & business interests Cites case studies.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Definition of religion
  • You Can't Put God in a Box: Thoughtful Spirituality in a Rational Age.
    Besecke, Kelly (2014)
    Oxford: Oxford University Press

    Based on interviews with people who are neither secular nor biblically literalist.

    Associated Search Terms: Liberal, U.S.A.; Spirituality
  • Religious Collectivities in the Era of Individualization.
    Meintel, Deirdre (2014)
    Social Compass 61:2: 195-206.

    Based on ethnographic research in Quebec conducted since 2006; highlights the importance of organized religion to supporting spiritualities. Comments by Afe Adogame, pp. 207-218.

    Associated Search Terms: Canada, Quebec; Catholic, Canada; Spirituality; Participant observation
  • Transforming spirituality in artistic leisure: How the spiritual meaning of belly dance changes over time.
    Kraus, Rachel (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:3: 459-478.

    Based on open-ended interviews with belly dancers, twice, 5 years apart. The spirituality associated with the dancing tended to be stable or decline.

    Associated Search Terms: Belly dancer; Leisure; Spirituality; Panel study
  • Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes. Finding Religion in Everyday Life.
    Ammerman, Nancy T. (2014)
    New York: Oxford University Press

    95 in-depth interviews in Boston & Atlanta, 2006, including life histories, & followed up with observation at worship & study groups. Disposable cameras were left with respondents for them to photograph significant places. Audio-diaries were collected.

    Associated Search Terms: Everyday life; Family; Health; Life histories; Methods; Narrative; Prayer; Spirituality; Visual; Work; Practice; Lived religion; Diaries; Discourse
  • "I really don't do it for the spirituality": How often do belly dancers infuse artistic leisure with spiritual meaning?
    Kraus, Rachel (2013)
    Implicit Religion 16:3: 301-318.

    Based on interviews with belly dancers about their associating spirituality with their dancing.

    Associated Search Terms: Dance; Spirituality
  • Is being "spiritual" enough without being religious? A study of violent and property crimes among emerging adults.
    Jang, Sung Joon, and Aaron B. Franzen (2013)
    Criminology 51:3: 595-627.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Criminology
  • Spiritualization: Spiritual pluralization and scientists in Italy.
    Sbalchiero, Stefano (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 211-231.

    Based on 2012 semi-structured questionnaire responses from Italian physicists & biologists to questions about spirituality.

    Associated Search Terms: Italy; Scientist; Spirituality
  • Gender, religiosity, spirituality, and attitudes toward homosexuality.
    Barringer, Mandi Nicole, David A. Gay, and John P. Lynxwiler (2013)
    Sociological Spectrum 33:3: 240-257.

    Associated Search Terms: Homosexuality; Religiosity; Spirituality
  • Spirituality and religious tolerance.
    Hughes, Philip (2013)
    Implicit Religion 16:1: 65-91.

    Analyzes 2008 International Social Survey Program data (40 nations); the associations between spirituality & age differ by nation, while religiosity increases with age in most nations. Where spirituality is not associated with belief in God, it was often associated with greater religious tolerance. Tolerance varies by dominant religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Belief; Comparative; Tolerance; Spirituality; Age
  • Racial/ethnic differences in spiritual well-being among cancer survvors.
    Canada, Andrea L., George Fitchett, Patricia E. Murphy, Kevin Stein, Kenneth Portier, Corinne Crammer, and Amy H. Peterman (2013)
    Journal of Behavioral Medicine 36:5: 441-453.

    Associated Search Terms: Well-being, spiritual; Health; Ethnic
  • Typologies of religiousness/spirituality: Implications for health and well-being.
    Park, Nan Sook, Beo S. Lee, Fei Sun, Dvid L. Klemmack, Lucinda L. Roff, and Harold G. Koenig (2013)
    Journal of Religion and Health 52:3: 828-839.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Spirituality; Well-being; Health
  • Spiritual but not religious? Beyond binary choices in the study of religion.
    Ammerman, Nancy T. (2013)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52:2:258-278.

    Based on interviews with 95 Americans in Boston & Atlanta; spirituality is complex, often overlapping with religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Individualism; Spirituality; Definition of religion
  • Ulrich Beck's "reflecting faith": Individualization, religion and the desecularization of reflexive modernity.
    Speck, Simon (2013)
    Sociology 47:1: 157-172.

    Associated Search Terms: Reflexive spirituality; Individualism; Desecularization; Beck, Ulrich
  • The spiritual revolution and social capital in Denmark.
    Lüchau, Peter (2013)
    In Joep de Hart, Paul Dekker, and Loek Halman (eds.) Religion and Civil Society in Europe. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 189-202.

    Analyzes 2008 European Values Study data from Denmark. Spirituality & Christian religiosity both predict volunteering. Explores additional mediating & predictive variables.

    Associated Search Terms: Volunteering; Denmark; Religiosity; Social capital; Spirituality
  • The field of religions in Norwegian pluralist society.
    Reeh, Niels (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 175-192.

    Conceptualize organized non-belief as meso-level counters to organized religion. The Norwegian state recognizes life stance organizations. Similarly religions establish their identities in counter-stances toward other religions.

    Associated Search Terms: Atheist, Norway; Levels of inclusiveness; Norway; Pluralism; Spirituality; Humanist, Norway
  • Pluralism and rituals in Italian Catholicism: The spiritual approach of Renewal in the Spirit.
    Contiero, Emanuela (2013)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and William H. Swatos, Jr. (eds.) Testing Pluralism. Globalizing Belief, Localizing Gods. Leiden: Brill, pp. 39-55.

    Based on participant observation & interviews.

    Associated Search Terms: Body; Catholic, Italy; Individualism; Ritual; Spirituality; Experience; Pentecostal, Catholic, Italy; Italy
  • On making some sense of spirituality.
    Heelas, Paul (2012)
    In Paul Heelas (ed.) Spirituality in the Modern World. Within Religious Tradition and Beyond, vol. I. London; Routledge, pp. 3-37.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality
  • On some significant themes.
    Heelas, Paul (2012)
    In Paul Heelas (ed.) Spirituality in the Modern World. Within Religious Tradition and Beyond, vol. I. London: Routledge, pp. 69-72.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality
  • On some major issues.
    Heelas, Paul (2012)
    In Paul Heelas (ed.) Spirituality in the Modern World. Within Religious Tradition and Beyond, vol. I. London: Routledge, pp. 38-68..

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality
  • Spirituality in the Modern World. Within Religious Tradition and Beyond.
    Heelas, Paul (2012)
    London: Rutledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality
  • Scienza e spiritualità: Ruoli e percezioni della ricerca nel mondo contemporaneo.
    Sbalchiero, Stefano (2012)
    Roma: Carocci.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Science
  • The material and immaterial in conflict: Spirituality reduces conspicuous consumption.
    Stillman, Tyler F., Frank D. Fincham, Kathleen D. Vohs, Nathaniel M. Lambert, and Christa A. Phillips (2012)
    Journal of Economic Psychology 33:1: 1-7.

    Associated Search Terms: Consumerism; Spirituality
  • The American Soul Rush: Esalen and the Rise of Spiritual Privilege.
    Goldman, Marion S. (2012)
    New York: New York University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Esalen Institute; Spirituality
  • "New age" spirituality as "tradition" of healthcare.
    Heelas, Paul (2012)
    In M. Cobb, C. Puchalski, and B. Rumbold (eds.) Spirituality in heathcare. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 69-76./In Paul Heelas (ed.) Spirituality in the Modern World. Within Religious Tradition and Beyond, vol. I. London: Routledge, pp. 252-70

    Associated Search Terms: New age; Medical; Spirituality
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Aging: A Longitudinal Study of Mental and Physical Coping.
    Nathensen, Sophia Lyn (2012)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, University of Utah.

    Associated Search Terms: Longitudinal; Spirituality; Coping; Gerontology
  • Alternative Spiritualitäten: Neue Formen des Glaubens in Europa; Eine empirische Analyse.
    Siegers, Pascal (2012)

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Spirituality; Europe
  • Religión y espiritualidad. ¿dos modelos enfrentados? Trayectorias poscatólicas entre budistas Soka Gakkai.
    Cornejo, Mónica (2012)
    Revista Internacional de Sociología 70:2: 327-346.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Soka Gakkai
  • Counting spirituality? Survey methodology after the spiritual turn.
    Houtman, Dick, Paul Heelas, and Peter Achterberg (2012)
    In Luigi Berzano and Ole Riis (eds.) Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion 3. New Methods in the Sociology of Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 25-44.

    Critique of survey items for ignoring spirituality or operationalizing it in a way that overlaps with Christianity.

    Associated Search Terms: Survey; Methods; Spirituality
  • Measurement of religiosity/spirituality in adolescent health outcomes research: trends and recommendations.
    Cotton, Sian, Meghan E. McGrady, and Susan L. Rosenthal (2012)
    Journal of Religion and Health 49:4: 414-444.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Spirituality; Religiosity scale; Spirituality scale; Methods; Measurement; Adolescence; Health
  • Asceticism and the place of the body in modern monastic prayer.
    Jonveaux, Isabelle (2012)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Enzo Pace (eds.) Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular World. Religion and the Social Order 22. Leiden: Brill, pp. 151-166.

    History of the role of asceticism in monastic prayer. Contemporary shft to use of the body as a means of expression isntead. "Spirituality" functionally replaces asceticism.

    Associated Search Terms: Body; Asceticism; Monasticism; Spirituality; Prayer
  • Les mutations du religieux dans la France contemporaine.
    Portier, Philippe (2012)
    Social Compass 59:2: 193-207.

    Catholic civilization has declined in France, but there is a new quest for spirituality.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Individualism; Change; Catholic, France; France
  • Incarnating encounters: Reflections on spirituality, art and interreligious dialogue.
    Illman, Ruth (2012)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Enzo Pace (eds.) Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular World. Religion and the Social Order 22. Leiden: Brill, pp. 43-62.

    Based on intervews with artists, musicians, & authors, 2 of whom are the focus of this paper.

    Associated Search Terms: Ecumenism; Spirituality; Globalization; Change; Art; Music
  • Religion, Spirituality, and Everyday Life in Sweden.
    Frisk, Liselotte (2012)
    In Giuseppe Giordan and Enzo Pace (eds.) Mapping Religion and Spirituality in a Postsecular World. Religion and the Social Order 22. Leiden: Brill, pp. 27-41.

    Based on a Swedish internet survey,interviews with religious and spiritual specialists in Dalarna, Sweden, and interviews with a yoga group. Meanings of spirituality varied; more identified themselves as spiritual than religious.

    Associated Search Terms: Spirituality; Identification; Sweden; Yoga, Sweden; Internet survey
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