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  • The Essentiality of "Culture" in the Study of Religion and Politics.
    Olson, Laura R. (2011)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 50:4: 639-653.

    Theoretical overview of approaches to religion in political science; proposes "culture" or "subculture" as a bridge over theoretical divides.

    Associated Search Terms: Culture; Politics; Subculture
  • Testing the Effects of Organizational Culture on a Catholic Religious Order.
    Oviedo, Lluis (2008)
    Journal of Contemporary Religion 23:2: 193-214.

    Factor analysis of questionnaire data from a sampel of provinces of the order of Friars Minor, showing 5 subcultures. Regression data with measures of vitality.

    Associated Search Terms: Organizational culture; Subculture; Franciscan (O.F.M.); Factor analysis; Clergy; Orders/congregations
  • Evangelical vs. Liberal: The Clash of Christian Cultures in the Pacific Northwest.
    Wellman, James K., Jr. (2008)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Subculture; Liberal, U.S.A.; United States, Pacific Northwest; Evangelical, U.S.A.
  • The Cultic Milieu: Oppositional Subcultures in an Age of Globalization.
    Kaplan, Jeffrey, and Helene Loow (2002)
    New York: Rowman & Littlefield.

    Associated Search Terms: Subculture; Sect; New religions; Globalization
  • In Search of Denominational Subcultures: Religious Affiliation and 'Pro-Family' Issues Revisited.
    Gay, David A., Christopher G. Ellison, and Daniel A. Powers (1996)
    Review of Religious Research 38;1: 3-17.

    Analyzes 1982-91 General Social Survey (U.S.A..) data; finds distinctive denominational subcultures.

    Associated Search Terms: Lutheran, U.S.A.; Methodist, U.S.A.; United States; Baptist, U.S.A.; Sexuality; Subculture; Atheist; Conservative, U.S.A.; Southern Baptist; Gender role; Jewish, U.S.A.; Denomination (organizational entity); Abortion; Episcopal
  • Jugend, Religion und Kirche in gesellschaftlichen Modernisierungsprozess.
    Gabriel, Karl (1994)
    In Karl Gabriel and Hans Hobelsberger (eds.), Jugend Religion und Modernisierung. Kirchliche Jugendarbeit als Such bewegung. Opladen: Leske + Budrich, pp. 53-73.

    Associated Search Terms: Subculture; Familism; Adolescence; Counterculture; Prophetic role
  • Social Class Composition of Congregations and Pastoral Support for Liberal Activism.
    Tamney, Joseph B. (1991)
    Review of Religious Research 33:1: 18-31.

    Analyzes 1987 interview data from clergy in Muncie, Indiana; focuses on lay activism.

    Associated Search Terms: Marxian; Subculture; United States, Indiana, Muncie; Clergy; Stratification; Activism
  • Toward an Explanation of Church Opposition to Authoritarian Regimes: Religio-Oppositional Subcultures in Poland and Catalonia.
    Johnson, Hank (Henry E.) (1989)
    Journal for the scientific Study of Religion 28:4: 493-508.

    Explains continuities in national opposition over time in terms of religious/familial subcultures.

    Associated Search Terms: Subculture; Catholic, Europe; Politics, Europe; Poland; Spain, Catalonia
  • Cultural Sources of Support for Contemporary Occultism.
    Campbell, Colin B., and Shirley McIver (1987)
    Social Compass 34:1: 41-60.

    Conceptualizing occult subcultures as cognitive deviance is inadequate; there are continuities between orthodox & occult cultures.

    Associated Search Terms: Occult; Cognitive deviance; Subculture
  • Konfessionelle Milieux und Religiosität.
    Fuchs, Werner (1985)
    In Arthur Fischer, Werner Fuchs and Jürgen Zinnecker, Jugendliche und Erwachsene '85. Generationen im Vergleich. Opladen: Leske + Budrich, Band 1, pp. 265-304.

    Associated Search Terms: Denomination (organizational entity); Subculture; Religiosity
  • Katholische und evangelische Milieus: Vermittlungsinstanzen und Wirkungsmuster.
    Kühr, Herbert (1985)
    In Dieter Oberndörfer, Hans Rattinger and Karl Schmitt (eds.) Wirtschaftlicher Wandel, religiöser Wandel und Wertwandel. Folgen für das politische Verhalten in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Berlin: Duncker und Humblot, pp. 245-261.

    Associated Search Terms: Germany, Western; Catholic, Germany; Lutheran, Germany; Subculture; Polity; Germany, West
  • Do Protestant Denominational Subcultures Exist? The Issue and Its Dimensions.
    Gay, David A. (1980)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, Texas Tech University.

    Associated Search Terms: Denomination (organizational entity); Subculture
  • Subculture or Assimilation? A Cross-cultural Analysis of Religion and Women's Role.
    Porter, Judith R., and Alexa A. Albert (1977)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 16:4: 345-359.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from U.S. & South African white, urban, middle class women; focuses on impact of religion & secular culture on views about women's roles.

    Associated Search Terms: South Africa; Women; Assimilation; Gender role; United States; Subculture; Comparative
  • Status Inconsistency and Ethnoreligious Membership as Determinants of Social Participation and Political Attitudes.
    Laumann, Edward O., and David R. Segal (1971)
    American Journal of Sociology 77:1: 36-61.

    Analyzes 1966 interview data from native born whites in the Detroit area; attributes political identities to subcultures rather than status inconsistency.

    Associated Search Terms: Subculture; United States, Michigan, Detroit; Status discrepancy; Politics, U.S.A.; Social participation
  • Religion et réussite agricole. La vie professionelle des Anabaptists français du XVIIe au XIXe siècle.
    Séguy, Jean (1969)
    Archives de sociologie des religions 28: 93-130.

    Sees the French Anabaptists before 1850 as a subsociety at the margins of the global society, having a "professional ethic."

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Economic; France; Subculture; Rural; Anabaptist, France
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