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  • Convergence(s) et singularitť(s): ņ propos des deux concepts clťs de líeschatologie transhumaniste.
    Liogier, RaphaŽl (2017)
    Social Compass 64:1: 23-41.

    A new eschatological discourse is emerging.

    Associated Search Terms: Eschatology; Technology
  • …pilogue: Vers une reconfiguration techno-scientifique des narrations religieuses?
    Servais, Olivier, and RaphaŽl Liogier (2017)
    Social Compass 64:1: 60-67.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Technology
  • Epilogue: Towards a technical-scientific reconfiguration of religious narratives?
    Servais, Olivier, and RaphaŽl Liogier (2017)
    Social Compass 64:1: 68-75.

    Associated Search Terms: Discourse; Technology
  • Moral Schemas in Articulation and Intuition: How Religious People Evaluate Human Reproductive Genetic Technologies.
    Ecklund, Elaine Howard, Jared L. Peifer, Virginia White, and Esther Chan (2017)
    Sociological Forum 32:2: 277-297.

    Associated Search Terms: Moral; Reproductive technologies
  • Moral women, immoral technologies: How devout women negotiate gender, religion, and assisted reproductive technologies.
    Czarnecki, Danielle (2015)
    Gender & Society 29: 716-742.

    Associated Search Terms: Gender; Moral; Reproductive technologies
  • The New Arab Man: Emergent Masculinities, Technologies, and Islam in the Middle East.
    Inhorn, Marcia C. (2012)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam; Masculinity ideology; Reproductive technologies; Gender
  • Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate.
    Evans, John H. (2010)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Suffering; Reproductive technologies; Moral
  • Technology.
    Stahl, William A. (2006)
    In Helen Rose Fuchs Ebaugh (ed.) Handbook of Religion and Social Institutions. New York: Springer, pp. 321-332.

    Associated Search Terms: Implicit religion; Secularization; Science; Technology
  • From biopolitics to bioethics: chuch, state, medcine and asisted reproductive technology in Ireland.
    McDonnell, Orla, and Jill Allison (2006)
    Sociology of Health & Illness 28:6:817-837.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, Ireland; Ireland; Moral; Politics, Ireland; Reproductive technologies
  • Technology and Myth: Implicit Religion in Technological Narratives.
    Stahl, William A. (2002)
    Implicit Religion 5:2: 93-103.

    Associated Search Terms: Myth; Technology; Implicit religion
  • God and the Chip: Religion and the Culture of Technology.
    Stahl, William A. (1999)
    Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

    Explores the use of religious language in literature on technology. Outlines an ethic for technological practice.

    Associated Search Terms: Implicit religion; Technology; Content analysis
  • America's Legitimating Myths: Continuity and Crises.
    Wuthnow, Robert (1987)
    In Terry Boswell and Albert Bergesen (eds.) America's Changing Role in the World System. New York: Praeger, pp. 235-255.

    Explores whether technology can replace civil religion as a legitimatory myth for the U.S.A.

    Associated Search Terms: Legitimation; United States; Myth; Civil religion; Technology
  • Sources and Management of Strain in a Social Movement: Some Preliminary Observations.
    Maiolo, John R., William V. D'Antonio, and William T. Liu (1968)
    Sociological Analysis 29:2: 67-78.

    Discusses the process by which clearly defined channels for airing & resolving disputes emerged in the Christian Family Movement.

    Associated Search Terms: Social movement; Catholic Action; Reproductive technologies; Conflict; Catholic, U.S.A.
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