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  • Reflexões sobre o transe ritualistico no candomblé.
    Costa, Alexandre, and Mario Pires de Moraes Junior (2014)
    Ciencias Sociales y Religión/Ciências Sociais e Religião 16/21: 72-87.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist; Candomble; Trance
  • A união do vegetal e o transe mediúnico no Brasil.
    Melo, Rosa (2011)
    Religião e sociedade 31:2: 130-153.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Trance; Spiritualist, Brazil; Medium
  • The Social Roots and Meaning of Trance and Possession.
    Lewis, Loan Myrddin (2009)
    In Peter B. Clarke (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of the Sociology of Religion. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 375-388.

    Associated Search Terms: Shamanism; Trance; Possession
  • Seeking Guidance from the Spirits: Neo-shamanic Divination Rituals in Modern Dutch Society.
    Minkjan, Hanneke (2008)
    Social Compass 55:1: 54-65.

    Accounts of neo-shamanic workshops, interpreted as coping with existential insecurity.

    Associated Search Terms: Insecurity; Trance; Divination; Netherlands; Shamanism
  • Pilgrims and Progress. The Production of Religious Experience in a Korean Religion.
    Bell, Kirsten (2008)
    Nova religio 12:1: 83-102.

    Based on field work in Korea. Chondogyo is a modernizing religion and hence is ambivalent over trance but emphasizes pilgrimage instead.

    Associated Search Terms: Modernization; Pilgrimage; Korea (South); Chondogyo; Trance
  • Yearning for God: Trance as a culturally specific pratice and its implications for understanding dissociative disorders.
    Luhrmann, Tanya M. (2004)
    Journal of Trauma and Dissociation 5: 101-129.

    Associated Search Terms: Mental health; Trance
  • From one Syncretism to Another: Culture of Trance and Charisma of Deliverance.
    Mary, André (2001)
    Social Compass 48:3: 315-331.

    Consideration of syncretism as manifested by 3 religions in Gabon: Bwiti, Celestial Christianity, & Brazilian Pentecostalism.

    Associated Search Terms: Celestial Christian, Gabon; Exorcism; Clairvoyance; Pentecostal, Gabon; Gabon; Trance; Syncretism; Bwiti, Gabon
  • Dire la Transe en Islam Mystique. De l'Expérience au Language Autorisé.
    Andezian, Sossie (2000)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 111: 25-40.

    Associated Search Terms: Mysticism; Trance; Islam
  • Folie douce, vent des ancêtres: la transe au Magreb.
    Babès, Leïla (1995)
    Social Compass 42:4: 461-476.

    Based on 1987-90 field work in Annaba, Algeria.

    Associated Search Terms: Trance; Algeria, Annaba; Syncretism; Experience; Possession
  • La geste et le corps dans la religion afro-brésilienne.
    Motta, Roberto (1995)
    Social Compass 42:2: 477-486.

    Associated Search Terms: Xango; Candomble; Dance; Trance; Africanist, Brazil; Brazil
  • Transe et mediumnité en pays spirite.
    Bergé, Christine (1992)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 79: 37-46.

    Describes a school for mediums in Lyons; discusses trance in general.

    Associated Search Terms: Trance; Spiritualist, France; Medium; France, Lyons
  • Divinity and experience: The trance and Christianity in southern Ghana.
    Hagan, George P. (1988)
    In Wendy James and Douglas H. Johnson (ed.) Vernacular Christianity: Essays in the Social Anthropology of Religion Presented to Godfrey Lienhardt. Oxford: JASO, pp. 146-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Trance; Ghana; Experience
  • Transe: a resposta do xangô e do pentecostalismo.
    Aubrée, Marion (1985)
    Ciência e Cultura 37:7: 1070-1075.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist, Brazil; Pentecostal, Brazil; Trance; Xango
  • Ceremonial Trance Behavior in an African Church: Private Experience and Public Expression.
    Jules-Rosette, Bennetta (1980)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 19:1: 1-16.

    Based on video-tapes of worship activities.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Trance; Zambia; Apostolic Church of John Maranke
  • Trance Induction and Hallucination in Spiritual Baptist Mourning.
    Ward, Colleen, and Michael Beaubrun (1979)
    Journal of Psychological Anthropology 2: 479-488.

    Associated Search Terms: Spiritual Baptist; Trance
  • Ultima Scripta. Textes Recuillis et Commenté par Henri Desroche/Texts Collected and Annotated by Henri Desroche.
    Bastide, Roger (1974)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 19/38: 3-47.

    Excerpts from writings of Roger Bastide's last year of active scholarship (1973), on Afro-Brazilian religious phenomena.

    Associated Search Terms: Bastide, Roger; Trance; Africanist, Brazil; Brazil
  • Le Rêve, la Transe et la Folie.
    Bastide, Roger (1972)
    Paris: Flammarion.

    Associated Search Terms: Experience; Dream; Trance
  • Spirit Possession Belief and Trance Behavior in a Religious Group in St. Vincent, British West Indies.
    Henney, Jeanette (1968)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Ohio State Univrsity.

    Associated Search Terms: St. Vincent; Possession; Trance
  • Divination, Transe et Possession en Afrique Transaharienne.
    Bourguignon, Erika (1968)
    In M. Leibovici (ed.) La Divination. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France.

    Associated Search Terms: Possession; Trance; Divination; Africa, south central
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