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  • The new wives of Christ: Paradoxes and potentials in the remaking of widow lives in Uganda.
    Christiansen, Catrine (2009)
    In Felicitas Becker and Wenzel Geissler (eds.) AIDS and Religious Practice in Africa. Boston: Brill, pp. 85-118.

    Associated Search Terms: Widow; Uganda; AIDS
  • Die Balokole-Bewegung in Uganda. Geschichte, kulturelle und wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen bei den Hirtennomaden Ankoles.
    Kreuer, Werner (1976)
    Sociologia internationalis 11:1/2: 103-115.

    Overview of a revitalization movement of the Bahima tribe in the former kingdom of Ankole/Uganda, now southwest Uganda; "Balokole" means "Saved Ones."

    Associated Search Terms: Uganda; Bahima; Revitalization movement; Balokole
  • Cattle for God: An Attempt at a Marxist Analysis of the Religion of East African Herdsmen.
    Bonte, Pierre (1975)
    Social Compass 22:3/4: 381-396.

    The herders of Uganda, Kenya, & Tanzania derive their social strata from religion rather than vice-versa; a marxian approach does not apply.

    Associated Search Terms: Stratification; Tanzania; Kenya; Uganda; Marxian
  • L'Église Orthodoxe grècque et le messianisme en Afrique.
    Hadzimichali, Nectaire (1975)
    Social Compass 22:1: 85-95.

    Orthodoxy did not enter 20th century Africa in a mission by an encounter of Greek messianism & parallels linking religion & nation in the Ugandan & Kenyan independence struggles & post-independence nationalism of Congolese Kimbanguism.

    Associated Search Terms: Greek Orthodox, Africa; Messian; Democratic Republic of the Congo; Zaire; Uganda; Kenya
  • Religion and Political Development in Uganda, 1962-1972.
    Lockard, Kathleen G. (1974)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of Wisconsin. [DA 35:11 A, p. 7366]

    Based on interviews of religious & political leaders, & historical documents; focuses on the efforts to secularize Ugandan politics, often mobilizing the religions instead.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Uganda; Islam, Uganda; Catholic, Uganda; Uganda; Anglican, Uganda
  • Urban Skills and Religion; Mechanisms for Coping and Defense among the Ugandan Asians.
    Adams, Bert N. (1974)
    Social Problems 22:1: 28-42.

    Pressure caused many Hindu & Ismaili Asians in Kampala to emigrate. Religiously-based fatalism lowered anxiety. Higher status Asians & those with local investments felt more vulnerable but coped better.

    Associated Search Terms: Hindu, Uganda; Urban; Anxiety; Ismaili, Uganda; Goans, Uganda; Uganda, Kampala
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