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  • La formación de un espacio de culto en Portugal. Una mirada etnográfica sobre la Umbanda.
    Da Silva Ferreira, Julio Flavio (2011)
    Sociedad y religion 36: 15-23.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda, Portugal; Portugal; Participant observation
  • Hearing the Mermaid's Song. The Umbanda Religion in Rio de Janeiro.
    Hale, Lindsay (2009)
    Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press.

    Focuses largely on Umbanda in Rio de Janiro, making comparisons with "white"- & African-centered versions. Presents vignettes of ethnographic moments from decades of research.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Participant observation; Phenomenology; Race; Umbanda; Sexuality
  • Exportando guerras religiosas: as respostas do umbandistas à Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus a Argentina e no Uruguai.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (2007)
    In Gonçalves da Silva, Vagner (ed.) Intolerância religiosa: impactos do neopentecostalismo no campo religioso Afro-brasileiro. São Paulo: EDUSP.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda, Argentina; Umbanda, Uruguay; Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus; Conflict; Argentina; Uruguay
  • O Brasil come axé: candomblé e umbanda no mercado religioso.
    Prandi, J. Reginaldo (2004)
    Estudos Avançados USP 18/52: 223-238.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Umbanda
  • Médiums guérisseurs et hommes en blanc. Les rapports de l'umbanda brésilienne à la biomédicine.
    Giglio-Jacquemot, Armelle (2004)
    Recherches sociologique 35:1: 5-20.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Medium; Medical; Healing; Umbanda
  • The House of Saint Benedict, the House of Father John: Umbanda Aesthetics and a Politics of the Senses.
    Hale, Lindsay (2004)
    In Henry Goldschmidt and Elizabeth McAlister (eds.) Race, Nation, and Religion in the Americas. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 283-304.

    Based on field research begun in 1986. One Umbanda center was avowedly African, the other not so.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist, Brazil; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Participant observation; Race; Umbanda
  • La Expansión de Religiones Afrobrasileñas en Argentina: Representaciones Conflictivas de Cultura, Raza y Nación en un Contexto de Integración Regional.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (2002)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 117: 127-150.

    Not only adherents of Umbanda in Argentina but foreign diplomats take stands toward it with national imagery in mind.

    Associated Search Terms: Race; Argentina; Umbanda, Argentina
  • L'expansion et la réinvention des religions afro-brésiliennes: réenchantement et décomposition.
    Motta, Roberto (2002)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 117: 113-125.

    Notes a shedding of ethnic connotation in the religious identity & a commodification on the part of Umbanda & the more traditionalist Africanist religions in Brazil.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Africanist, Brazil; Commodification; Brazil
  • Outside the Nation, Outside the Diaspora: Accommodating Race and Religion in Argentina.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (2002)
    Sociology of Religion 63:3: 291-315.

    Overview of efforts of Umbanda & Batuque in Buenos Aires to gain acceptance.

    Associated Search Terms: Argentina, Buenos Aires; Africanist, Argentina; Race; Stratification; Marginality; Umbanda, Argentina; Class; Accommodation; Batuque, Argentina
  • "I Saw It With My Own Eyes": An Ethnogrpahy of Visions and Other Anomalous Phenomena among Participants in Candomblé, Umbanda and Spiritism from Rio de Janeiro and Abadiania, Goias (Brazil).
    Marton, Yves (2002)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation (Anthropology), University of California Los Angeles.

    Associated Search Terms: Candomble; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Brazil, Goiás; Paranormal; Participant observation; Spiritualist; Umbanda
  • Mama Oxum: Reflections on Gender and Sexuality in Brazilian Umbanda.
    Hale, Lindsay (2001)
    In Joseph M. Murphy and Mei-Mei Sanford (eds.) Osun Across the Waters: A Yoruba Goddess in Africa and the Americas. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp. 213-229.

    Associated Search Terms: Sexuality; Gender; Brazil; Umbanda
  • Religião e seitas: acusações contra um templo umbandista em Paris.
    Birman, Patricia (1999)
    Horizontes Antropológicas 5:10: 35-60.

    Associated Search Terms: France, Paris; Umbanda, France; Anti-cult movement
  • Umbanda and Its Clientele.
    Jensen, Tina Gundrun (1998)
    In Peter B. Clarke (ed.), New Trends and Developments in African Religions. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, pp. 75-86.

    Focuses on the clientele beyond core members.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda
  • Preto Velho: Resistance, Redemption, and En-gendered Representations of Slavery in a Brazilian Possession-trance Religion.
    Hale, Lindsay (1997)
    American Ethnologist 24:2: 392-414.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Slavery; Gender; Brazil
  • Entre a cruz e a encruzilhada: formação do campo Umbandista em São Paulo.
    Negrão, Lisias Nogueira (1996)
    São Paulo: EDUSP.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo
  • Herdeiras do axé: Sociología das religiões afro-brasileiras.
    Prandi, J. Reginaldo (1996)
    São Paulo: HUCITEC.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Candomble; Brazil; Africanist, Brazil; Ethnic
  • Identity, Religious Pluralism and Ritual in Brazil. Umbanda and Pentecostalism.
    Droogers, André (1995)
    In Jan G. Platvoet and Karel van der Toorn (eds.), Plualism and Identity: Studies in Ritual Behavior. Leiden: Brill, pp. 91-113.

    Associated Search Terms: Pluralism; Pentecostal, Brazil; Brazil; Identity; Ritual; Umbanda
  • Pombagira dos Candomblés a Umbanda e as faces inconfessas do Brasil.
    Prandi, J. Reginaldo (1994)
    Revista brasileira de ciências sociais 9/26: 91-102.

    Focuses on the cult of Pombagira, a god recognized in Africanist religion in Brazil.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist, Brazil; Umbanda; Brazil; Syncretism; Candomble
  • Femmes et Cultes de Possession au Brésil. Les Compagnons Invisibles.
    Boyer-Araújo, Véronique (1993)
    Paris: Ed. L'Harmattan.

    Associated Search Terms: Women; Umbanda; Candomble; Brazil; Possession
  • Umbanda and Quimbanda Magic in Brazil: Rethinking Aspects of Bastide's Work.
    Hess, David J. (1992)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 79: 135-153.

    Questions Bastide's view that Umbanda rites lacked order & that there is a clear distinction between black & white magic in Umbanda.

    Associated Search Terms: Ritual; Magic; Bastide, Roger; Umbanda; Brazil, Bahia
  • Nuevos Movimientos Religiosos y Medios de Comunicación: La Imagen de la Umbanda en Argentina.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (1991)
    Sociedad y religión (Buenos Aires) 8: 69-84.

    Associated Search Terms: Argentina; Umbanda, Argentina; Media
  • "La Umbanda no es una religión de ignorantes y mediocres": La estigmatización de la religiones Afro-Brasileñas en Buenos Aires.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (1991)
    Revista de Antropologia (Buenos Aires) 10: 22-33.

    Associated Search Terms: Stigma; Umbanda, Argentina; Africanist, Argentina; Argentina, Buenos Aires
  • Umbanda e Africanismo em Buenos Aires: Duas etapas de um mesmo caminho religioso.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (1990)
    Comunicações do ISER (Rio de Janeiro) 35: 52-63.

    Associated Search Terms: Africanist, Argentina; Argentina, Buenos Aires; Umbanda, Argentina
  • Gossip and Secrecy: Women's Articulation of Domestic Conflict in Three Religions of Urban Brazil.
    Burdick, John (1990)
    Sociological Analysis 51:2: 153-170. [Also in William H. Swatos, Jr. (ed.), Gender and Religion (New Brunswick, New Jersey: Transaction, 1994), pp. 173-190]

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal, Brazil; Umbanda; Catholic, Brazil; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Women; Family; Conflict
  • Spirits from the Margin. Umbanda in São Paulo. A Study in Popular Religion and Social Experience.
    Brumana, Fernando Giobellina, and Elda Gonzales Martinez (1989)
    Uppsala: Acta Univrsitatis Upsaliensis.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo; Popular religion
  • With the Banner of Oxalá: Social Construction and Maintenance of Reality in Afro-Brazilian Religions in Argentina.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (1989)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles. [DA 50:5 A, p. 1348]

    Based on 1985-87 participant observation in 4 Buenos Aires temples; sees Umbanda & Batuque as 2 stages of a syncretism. Observes their stigmatization.

    Associated Search Terms: Stigma; Syncretism; Umbanda, Argentina; Batuque, Argentina; Argentina, Buenos Aires; Participant observation
  • Umbanda, uma Religião Brasileira.
    Concone, Maria Helena Vilas Boas (1987)
    São Paulo: FLCH/USP-CER.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda
  • Origens, para que a quero? Questões para uma investigação sobre a Umbanda.
    Cavalcanti, Maria Laura Viveiros de Castro (1986)
    Religião e sociedade 13:2: 84-101.

    Reviews the literature on many Africanist religious phenomena in Brazil, including Umbanda.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Umbanda; Africanist, Brazil
  • Social Dramas in Brazilian Umbanda: The Dialectics of Meaning.
    Turner, Victor (1986)
    In Victor Turner (ed.) The Anthropology of Performance. New York: PAJ Publications, pp. 33-71.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil; Dialectic
  • Umbanda: Religion and Politics in Urban Brazil.
    Brown, Diana (1986)
    Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. [New York: Columbia University Press, 1994]

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Politics, Brazil; Umbanda; Urban
  • Umbanda e Politica.
    Brown, Diana (1985)
    Rio de Janeiro: Editora Marco Zero.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Politics, Brazil; Brazil
  • Da doença a desordem: a magia na Umbanda.
    Montero, Paula (1985)
    Rio de Janeiro: Graal.

    Associated Search Terms: Magic; Brazil; Umbanda
  • Registrado em cartório, com firma reconhecida: a mediação política das Federações da Umbanda.
    Birman, Patricia (1985)
    In Diana Brown (ed.) Umbanda e Política. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Marco Zero, pp. 80-121.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Politics, Brazil; Brazil
  • Uma história da Umbanda no Rio.
    Brown, Diana (1985)
    In Diana Brown (ed.) Umbanda e Política. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Marco Zero, pp. 9-42.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
  • Comunicações do Espíritos: Umbanda, Cultos Regionais em Manaus e a Dinãmica do Transe Mediúnico.
    Gabriel, Chester (1985)
    São Paulo: Edições Loyola.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Possession; Brazil, Amazonas, Manaus
  • Umbanda: da representação á cooptacão. O envolvimento político partidario da Umbana Paulista nas eleições de 1982.
    Concone, Maria Helena Vilas Boas, and Lísias Nogueira Negrão (1985)
    In Diana Brown (ed.) Umbanda e Política. Rio de Janeiro: Editora Marco Zero, pp. 43-79.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Brazil; Umbanda; Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo
  • Etica, poder e politica: Umbanda, um mito-ideologia.
    Ortiz, Renato (1984)
    Religião e sociedade 11:3: 36-54.

    Reinterpretation of work originally published in 1978.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Umbanda
  • Laços que nos unem: Ritual, familia e poder na Umbanda.
    Birman, Patricia (1982)
    Religião e sociedade 8: 21-28.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Brazil; Ritual; Umbanda
  • Umbanda e politica no Rio de Janeiro.
    Pechman, Tema (1982)
    Religião e sociedade 8: 37-44.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Umbanda; Politics, Brazil
  • Para inglês ver: identidade e política na cultura brasileira.
    Fry, Peter (1982)
    Rio de Janeiro: Zahar Editores.

    Associated Search Terms: Great Britain, Manchester; Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo; Umbanda; Politics, Brazil; Methodist, Great Britain; Homosexuality
  • Capitalism and Religion at the Periphery: Pentecostalism and Umbanda in Brazil.
    Howe, Gary Nigel (1980)
    In Stephen D. Glazier (ed.), Perspectives on Pentecostalism: Case Studies from the Caribbean and Latin America. Washington: University Press of America, pp. 125-141.

    Associated Search Terms: Economic; Brazil; Pentecostal, Brazil; Umbanda
  • Feitiço, Carrego, e Olho Grande. Os Males do Brasil São: Estudo de um Centro de Umbanda numa Favela do Rio de Janiero.
    Birman, Patricia (1980)
    Unpublished Master's thesis, Univrsade Federal do Rio de Janiro/Museo nacional.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Umbanda
  • Spirit Mediums in Umbanda Evangelada of Porto Alegre, Brazil.
    Lerch, Patricia (1980)
    In Erika Bourguinon (ed.) A World of Women, New York: Praeger, pp. 129-159.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil, Porto Alegre; Women; Medium
  • Umbanda, magie blanche. Quimbanda, magie noire.
    Ortiz, Renato (1979)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 47:1: 135-146.

    The doctrine of the Umbanda religion is articulated around 2 principles: Good (Umbanda) & Evil (Quimbanda).

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Umbanda
  • A Umbanda como expressão de religiosidade popular.
    Negrão, Lisias Nogueira (1979)
    Religião e sociedade 4: 171-180.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Popular religion; Umbanda
  • Religion and Cultural Identity: The Case of Umbanda.
    Dann, Graham M.S. (1979)
    Sociological Analysis 40:3: 208-225.

    Umbanda makes its appeal in terms of Brazilian national identity. Belief & ritual blend African, Amerindian, colonial Christian, & Kardecist (Spiritualist) elements.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda; Brazil; Identity; Syncretism; Nationalism
  • Umbanda and Class Relations in Brazil.
    Brown, Diana (1979)
    In Maxine L. Margolis and William E. Carter (eds.), Brazil. Anthropological Perspectives. Essays in Honor of Charles Wagley. New York: Columbia University Press, pp. 270-305.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Umbanda; Stratification
  • A morte branca do feitiçeiro negro. Umbanda: integração do uma religião numa sociedade de classes.
    Ortiz, Renato (1978)
    Petrópolis: Vozes.

    Argues that the emergence of a "white Umbanda" is a defense agaisnt the stigmatization of Afro-brazilian religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Africanist, Brazil; Stigma; Umbanda; Assimilation; Stratification
  • Two Religious Movements: Protestantism and Umbanda.
    Fry, Peter F. (1978)
    In J.D. Wirth and R.L. Jones, Manchester and São Paulo: Problems of Rapid Urban Growth. Stanford, CA: Stanford U. Press, pp. 177-202. [Manchester, sécolo XIX e São paulo sécolo XX: Dois movimentos religiosos. Religião e sociedade 3 (1978): 25-52]

    19th century Manchester & 20th century São Paulo.

    Associated Search Terms: Methodist, Great Britain; Umbanda; Great Britain, Manchester; Urban; Brazil, São Paulo; Brazil, São Paulo, São Paulo
  • Umbanda e Classes Sociais.
    Brown, Diana (1977)
    Religião e sociedade 1: 31-42.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil; Stratification; Umbanda
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