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  • Social Capital and Societal Vision. A Study of Six Farm Communities in Iowa.
    Curry, Janel (2003)
    In Corwin Smidt (ed.) Religion as Social Capital. Producing the Common Good. Waco, Texas: Baylor University Press, pp. 139-152.

    Individualist communities (Quaker, German Reformed, Catholic) had trouble mobilizing for common projects, communal ones (Dutch Reformed, Mennonite, Reorganized LDS) were isolated from extra-communal associations.

    Associated Search Terms: Quaker, U.S.A.; Reorganized Latter-day Saints; German Reformed, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Mennonite, U.S.A.; Rural; United States, Iowa; Community study; Social capital; Dutch Reformed, U.S.A.
  • Perceived Parental Acceptance as a Moderator of Religious Transmission Among Adolescent Boys and Girls.
    Bao, Wan-Ning, Les B. Whitbeck, Danny R. Hoyt, and Rand D. Conger (1999)
    Journal of Marriage and the Family 6: 362-374.

    Perceiving parents, especially mothers, as accepting furthers the transmission of religious belief & practice.

    Associated Search Terms: Socialization; Family; United States, Iowa
  • Iowa: Everything Comes Up Rosy.
    Mayer, Jeremy D., and Bruce Nesmith (1995)
    In Mark J. Rozell and Clyde Wilcox (eds.) God at the Grass Roots. The Christian Right in the 1994 Elections. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, pp. 191-209.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, U.S.A.; United States, Iowa; Conservative, U.S.A.
  • Studying the Changing Conditions of Jewish Life in a Middle-sized American City.
    Nefzger, Ben, and Peter Kivisto (1990)
    Sociological Focus 23:3: 177-201.

    Narrative of contract research for the Jewish community of the Quad Cities area.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Iowa, Davenport; United States, Illinois, Rock Island; United States, Iowa, Bettendorf; Jewish, U.S.A.; Community study; United States, Illinois, Moline
  • Religiosity and Deviance: Toward a Contingency Theory of Constraining Effects.
    Tittle, Charles R. and Michael R. Welch (1983)
    Social Forces 61:3: 653-682.

    Analyzes 1972 interview data from 3 states; religiosity inhibited deviance where the extra-religious normative structure was weak or ambiguous.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, New Jersey; United States, Iowa; United States, Oregon; Religiosity; Deviance/social control
  • A Peculiar People: Iowa's Old Order Amish.
    Schwieder, Elmer, and Dorothy Schwieder (1975)
    Davenport: Iowa State University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Iowa; Amish, Old Order, U.S.A.
  • Divorce and religious intermarriage: The effect of previous marital status upon subsequent marital behavior.
    Rosenthal, Erich (1970)
    Journal of Marriage and the Family 32:3: 435-440.

    Analyzes Iowa & Indiana marriage license data; shows the divorced more likely to intermarry religiously than the widowed; this may help explain correlations between divorce & intermarriage.

    Associated Search Terms: Divorce; Marriage; United States, Indiana; United States, Iowa
  • Survival Rates among Religiously Homogeneous and Interreligious Marriages.
    Burchinal, Lee G., and Loren E. Chancellor (1963)
    Social Forces 41:4: 353-362.

    Analyzes Iowa marriage & divorce records for 1953-59; suggests religiously homogamous marriages are more stale than are interreligious ones.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; United States, Iowa
  • Social Status, Religious Affiliation, and Ages at Marriage.
    Burchinal, Lee G., and Loren E. Chancellor (1963)
    Marriage and Family Living 25: 219-221.

    Analyzes 1953-57 data from white grooms in Iowa, with churched Protestant, unaffiliated Protestant, & Catholic categories. Higher class & Catholic grooms had higher marriage ages, lower class & unaffiliated Protestant grooms had lower marriage ages.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Iowa; Age; Marriage; Stratification
  • Factors Related to Inter-Religious Marriages in Iowa, 1953-1957.
    Burchinal, Lee G., and Loren E. Chancellor (1962)
    Ames, Iowa: Agricultural and Home Economics Experiment Station, Iowa State University of Science and Technology.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; United States, Iowa
  • Ages of Marriage, Occupation of Grooms and Inter-Religious Marriage Rates.
    Burchinal, Lee G., and Loren E. Chancellor (1962)
    Social Forces 40;4: 348-354.

    Analyzes Iowa marriage records for 1953-57; suggests religious endogamy norm salience is related to reference group experiences that are associated with ages at marriage & status level.

    Associated Search Terms: Marriage; Stratification; Reference group; Age; United States, Iowa
  • Proportions of Catholics, Urbanism, and Mixed-Catholic Marriage among Iowa Counties.
    Burchinal, Lee G., and Loren E. Chancellor (1962)
    Social Problems 9:4: 359-365.

    Analyzes state & church data on endogamous & mixed marriages of Catholics in Iowa counties, 1953-57; shows a relation of proportion Catholic population to endogamy; urbanism had no major effect.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Ecology; Urban; Marriage; United States, Iowa
  • Comparison of State and Diocese-Reported Marriage Data for Iowa, 1953-57.
    Burchinal, Lee G., William F. Kenkel, and Loren E. Chancellor (1962)
    American Catholic Sociological Review 23:1: 21-29.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; Statistics; United States, Iowa; Marriage
  • Religious Identification and Occupational Status of Iowa Grooms, 1953-7.
    Burchinal, Lee G., and William F. Kenkel (1962)
    American Sociological Rview 27:4: 526-532.

    Analyzes data from marriages of whites in Iowa, 1953-57; shows few occupational differences between Catholics & Protestants.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; United States, Iowa; Occupation; Protestant, U.S.A.; Stratification
  • Membership Groups and Attitudes toward Cross-Religious Dating and Marriage.
    Burchinal, Lee G. (1960)
    Marriage and Family Living 22: 248-253.

    Analyzes 1958 questionnaire data from 3rd & 4th year Iowa high school & Iowa State University undergraduate Protestant students; support for cross-religious dating & marriage correlated inversely with church attendance & other indicators of religiosity.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, undergraduate; Students, secondary; Religiosity; Practice; Marriage; United States, Iowa
  • Ecological and Additudinal Factors in Church Desegregation.
    Northwood, Lawrence K. (1958)
    Social Problems 6:2: 150-163.

    Based on interviews of Protestant clergy in Des Moines, Iowa; shows similarity of income & occupation classes of racial groups facilitates church integration.

    Associated Search Terms: African Americans; United States, Iowa, Des Moines; Clergy; Race; Ecology; Integration (racial)
  • Church Leadership in Polk County, Iowa.
    Ghormley, Hugh W. (1955)
    Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Iowa State University.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Iowa, Des Moines; Leadership; United States, Iowa, Polk County
  • Religious Preference and Interreligious Mixtures in Marriage and Divorce in Iowa.
    Chancellor, Loren E., and Thomas P. Monahan (1955)
    American Journal of Sociology 61:3: 233-239.

    Analyzes 1953 data.

    Associated Search Terms: Jewish, U.S.A.; Catholic, U.S.A.; Lutheran, U.S.A.; Methodist, U.S.A.; Disciples of Christ; Baptist, U.S.A.; Presbyterian, U.S.A.; Reformed, U.S.A.; Congregational, U.S.A.; Orthodox, eastern, U.S.A.; Divorce; Marriage; United States, Iowa
  • Church Membership and Attendance of the Rural Population in Boone County, Iowa, 1945-46.
    Robinson, George F. (1948)
    Unpublished M.S. thesis, Iowa State University.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Iowa, Boone County; Rural
  • Progress of Churches and Length of Pastorates: A Study of Thirty-Six Churches from Four Different Denominations in the City of Des Moines, Iowa.
    Bauer, E. Theodore (1935)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, Drake University.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Clergy mobility; Clergy role; United States, Iowa, Des Moines
  • The Rural Churches of Dallas County, Iowa: A Survey.
    Ghormley, Hugh W. (1923)
    Unpublished M.A. thesis, Drake University.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; United States, Iowa, Dallas County
  • A Study of the Social Life of the Brethren, as Depicted by the English River Congregation near South English, Keokuk County, Iowa.
    Kirkpatrick, Ellis Lore (1920)
    Unpublished M.S. thesis, University of Kansas.

    Associated Search Terms: Parish; United States, Iowa, South English; Brethren, U.S.A.
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