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  • La Laicidad Uruguaya.
    Da Costa, Néstor (2009)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 146: 137-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Laïcité; Uruguay
  • Exportando guerras religiosas: as respostas do umbandistas à Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus a Argentina e no Uruguai.
    Frigerio, Alejandro (2007)
    In Gonçalves da Silva, Vagner (ed.) Intolerância religiosa: impactos do neopentecostalismo no campo religioso Afro-brasileiro. São Paulo: EDUSP.

    Associated Search Terms: Umbanda, Argentina; Umbanda, Uruguay; Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus; Conflict; Argentina; Uruguay
  • A nação laica: religião civil e mito-práxis no Uruguai.
    Guigou, L. Nicolás (2003)
    Montevideo: Ediciones La Gotera.

    Associated Search Terms: Uruguay; Civil religion
  • Religión y Sociedad en el Uruguay del siglo XXI. Un studio de la religiosidad en Montevideo.
    Da Costa, Néstor (2003)
    Montevideo: Claeh.

    Associated Search Terms: Religiosity; Uruguay, Montevideo
  • De la religion civil: Identidad, representaciones y mito-Praxis en el Uruguay. Algunos aspectos teóricos.
    Guigou, L. Nicolás (2000)
    Anuario de antropologia social y cultural del Uruguay 2000: 29-42.

    Associated Search Terms: Civil religion; Uruguay; Identity
  • Santos populares del Uruguay llegados de la Lucania
    Hugarte, Renzo Pi (2000)
    Anuario de antropologia social y cultural del Uruguay 2000: 59-76.

    Associated Search Terms: Popular religion; Uruguay; Saints
  • Pentecostalism in the Southern Cone Countries: Overview and Perspectives.
    Oro, Ari Pedro, and Pablo Semán (2000)
    International Sociology 15:4: 605-627.

    Emphasizes diversity in southern cone Pentecostalism & its lessening distance from the world.

    Associated Search Terms: Uruguay; Brazil; Argentina; Chile; Pentecostal, Latin America
  • Creencias y Religiones, la religiosidad de los montevideanos al fin del milenio.
    Costa, Néstor da, Guillermo Kerber, and Pablo Mieres (1997)
    Montevideo: Editorial Trilce.

    Associated Search Terms: Uruguay, Montevideo
  • Los estudios sobre religión en el Uruguay.
    Pi Hugarte, Renzo (1993)
    In Alejandro Frigerio (ed.) Ciencias sociales y religion en el Cono Sur. Buenos Aires: Centro Editor de América Latina, pp. 93-122.

    Reviews the literature on religion in Uruguay.

    Associated Search Terms: Uruguay
  • Aspectos Religiosos de la Sociedad Uruguaya.
    Centro de Estudios Cristianos (1965)
    Montevideo: Centro de Estudios Cristianos.

    Ranks Uruguayan Jews, Protestants & Catholics by education. Class & belief correlate inversely. Upper classes attend least but pray privately more & have more religious vocations. Non-believers value property, progress, & the status quo most, not liberty.

    Associated Search Terms: Protestant, Uruguay; Vocation; Jewish, Uruguay; Uruguay; Stratification; Atheist, Uruguay; Prayer; Catholic, Uruguay
  • La religión en el Uruguay.
    Rama, Carlos M. (1964)
    Boletin uruguayo de sociología 4:6/7: 6-23.

    Overview & review of the literature, often contrasting Uruguayan Catholicism with that of other traditionally Catholic nations.

    Associated Search Terms: Comparative; Catholic, Uruguay; Uruguay
  • La religión en el Uruguay.
    Rama, Carlos M. (1964)
    Montevideo: Ediciones Neustral Tiempo.

    Based on surveys; shows that in rural areas races differentiate by degree of Europeanized orthodoxy, with the upper classes, especially males, non-supportive of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Rural; Popular religion; Uruguay; Stratification; Catholic, Uruguay
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