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  • Social networks and religious violence.
    Everton, Sean F. (2016)
    Review of Religious Research 58:2: 191-217.

    Isolated dense networks tend toward extremism. uses the case of perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

    Associated Search Terms: Network; Terrorism; Extremism; Violence
  • Engineers of Jihad. The Curious Connection between Violent Extremism and Education.
    Gambetta, Diego, and Steffen Hertog (2016)
    Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Islam; Engineers; Education
  • The doors of the church are now open: Black Clergy, collective efficacy, and neighborhood violence.
    Pegram, Kashea, Rod K. Brunson, and Anthony A. Braga (2016)
    City & Community 15:3:289-314.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Massachusetts, Boston; African Americans; Clergy; Clergy role; Community organization; Deviance/social control; Urban; Youth; Violence
  • Storming Zion. Government Raids on Religious Communities.
    Wright, Stuart A., and Susan J. Palmer (2016)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Overview of government raids on religious minorities. An increase in raids in the 1990s was related to a shift of the anti-cult movement from brain washing accusations to child abuse ones. 6 case studies.

    Associated Search Terms: Anti-cult movement; The Family; Apostate; Branch Davidian; Case study; Child abuse; Conflict theory; Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Moral panic; Nuwaubian; Persecution; Scientology; Brainwashing; State; Violence; Twelve Tribes; Social movement
  • Religious dimensions of political conflict and violence.
    Brubaker, Rogers (2015)
    Sociological Theory 33:1: 1-19.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Violence
  • Explaining religious terrorism: A data-mined analysis.
    Saiya, Nilay, and Anthony Scime (2015)
    Conflict Management and Peace Science 32:5: 487-512.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Terrorism
  • Religion, cultural clash, and Muslim American attitudes about politically motivated violence.
    Acevedo, Gabriel A., and Ali R. Chaudhary (2015)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54:2: 242-260.

    Analyzes 2007 Pew Survey of American Muslims data; political views & religious factors have minimal effect on attitudes toward political violence.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, U.S.A.; Violence
  • Factors of Religious Violence and a Path to Peace: A Study of the 16th Century Anabaptists.
    McLaughlin, John M., III (2015)
    Unpublished M.S. Thesis, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.

    Associated Search Terms: Isolation; Peace; Violence; Anabaptist; Charisma; Network; Historical
  • The Sacred in the Modern World: A Cultural Sociological Approach.
    Lynch, Gordon (2014)
    Oxford: Oxford University Press.

    Argues for a sociology of the sacred in the modern world. Focuses on the dark side of the sacred, as seen in religiously-inspired bombings, the cover-up of child abuse in care facilities operated by churches, & a broadcast network declining to appeal for funds for Palestinian children under Israeli occupation.

    Associated Search Terms: Institution; Violence; Media; Sacred; Abuse
  • Renegade Amish. Beard Cutting, Hate Crimes, and the Trial of the Bergholz Barbers.
    Kraybill, Donald B. (2014)
    Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

    Narrates the attack & subsequent trial of a cult from the margins of the Amish community, whose members seized Amish critics and forcibly cut their hair & beards. "Cult" is used to refer to an isolated community dominated by an abusive leader.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, Ohio, Bergholz; Criminology; Cult; Amish, U.S.A.; Conflict; Violence
  • Shrouded: Islam, War, and Holy War in Southeast Asia.
    Barter, Shane, and Ian Zatkin-Osburn (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:1: 187-201. Critique by Isak Svensson 55:1: 185-189. Reply 55:1: 190-193.

    Assesses different ways of seeing how religiously-inspired cases of violence are. Examines 3 Southeast Asian secessionist wars that include Muslims.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines, Mindanao; Thailand; Indonesia, Aceh; Islam, Philippines; War; Islam, Malaysia; Violence; Islam, Thailand
  • Religion and Power. No Logos without Mythos.
    Martin, David (2014)
    Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

    A collection of essays, having power & religion as a theme. Criticizes the privatization & rationalization versions of the secularization thesis. Focus on differentiation &the relationship of religion to power. Presupposes a functionalist definition of religion.

    Associated Search Terms: Ukraine; Violence; Symbol; Spain; Secularization; Secularism; Rationalization; Privatization; Power; Politics; Poland; Definition of religion; Voluntarism; Charisma; Peace/war; Comparative; Differentiation; Great Britain; Great Britain, London; Identity, national; Individualism; Lithuania; Nationalism; Axial age
  • Christianismes et démocratisation au Kenya.
    Droz, Yvan, and Hervé Maupeu (2013)
    Social Compass 60:1: 79-96.

    The more churches help define ethnic & political identities, the more they lose their moral force in Kenya.

    Associated Search Terms: Identity; Violence; Ethnic; Politics, Kenya; Pentecostal, Kenya; Moral; Kenya
  • Cruzadas pela paz: práticas religiosas e projetos seculares relacionados à questão da violência no Rio de Janeiro.
    Birman, Patricia (2012)
    Religião e Sociedade 32:1: 209-226.

    Associated Search Terms: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Violence
  • Faith or doctrine? Religion and support for political violence in Pakistan.
    Fair, C. Christine, Neil Malhotra, and Jacob N. Shapiro (2012)
    Public Opinion Quarterly 76:4: 688-720.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Pakistan; Violence; Islam, Pakistan; Pakistan
  • Glaube als Option./Faith as an Option, tr. Alex Skinner.
    Joas, Hans (2012)
    Freiburg im Breisgau: Herder/Stanford, California: Stanford University Press, 2014.

    Modernization doe snot inevitably result in secularization, & secularization doe snot inevitably undermine morality.

    Associated Search Terms: Troeltsch, Ernst; Hinze, Otto; Pluralism; Weber, Max; Moral; Change; Merton, Robert K.; Modernization; Violence
  • Zur Kontingenz religiösen Gewalthandelns.
    Kippenberg, Hans G. (2011)
    In Bettina Hollstein et al. (eds.) Handlung und Erfahrung. Das Erbe von Historismus und pragmatismus und die Zukunft der Sozialtheories. Framkfurt am Main: Campus, pp. 191-216.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence
  • Violence as Worship: Religious Wars in the Age of Globalization.
    Kippenberg, Hans G. (2011)
    Stanford, California: Stanford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Globalization; Violence
  • Rethinking the secular and religious aspects of violence.
    Juergensmeyer, Mark (2011)
    In Craig Calhoun, Mark Juergensmeyer, and Jonathan Van Antwerpen (eds.) Rethinking Secularism. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 185-203.

    The political construction of secular state & its related secular nationalism has become an idea contested, sometimes violently, by marginalized religiously-minded people.

    Associated Search Terms: Secularism; State; Violence
  • Practicing what they preach? Lynching and religion in the American South, 1890-1929.
    Bailey, Amy Kate, and Karen A. Snedker (2011)
    American Journal of Sociology 117:3: 844-887.

    Associated Search Terms: Racism; United States, South; Violence
  • The Future of Christianity: Reflections on Violence and Democracy, Religion and Secularization.
    Martin, David (2011)
    Farnham, UK, and Williston, Vermont: Ashgate.

    Associated Search Terms: Pentecostal; Secularization; Violence; Orthodox, eastern; Protestant; Catholic
  • Ranking Faiths: Religious Stratification in America.
    Davidson, James D., and Ralph E. Pyle (2011)
    Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.

    Neither extreme nor minimal religious inequality, but moderate levels, have destabilized American society & are likely to destabiize other societies.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; State; Conflict theory; United States; Stratification; Historical
  • Religion and Deviance: Theocrats vs. Democrats.
    Ben-Yehuda, Nachman (2011)
    In Barbara Jones Denison (ed.) History, Time, Meaning, and Memory. Ideas for the Sociology of Religion. Leiden: Brill, pp. 179-203.

    Overview of conflict in Israel between theocrats & democrats, taking the form of deviant violence on the part of the former.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Theocracy; Deviance/social control; Israel; State; Jewish, Hasidic, Israel; Conflict
  • Are Muslims Distinctive?: A Look at the Evidence.
    Fish, M. Steven (2011)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Tolerance; Violence; Stratification; Social capital; Religiosity; Prejudice, sexism; Islam; Democracy; Criminology
  • Religiosity, Christian Fundamentalism, and Intimate Partner Violence among U.S. College Students.
    Koch, Jerome R., and Ignacio Luis Ramirez (2010)
    Review of Religious Research 51:2: 402-410.

    Student survey data show general religiosity did not correlate with violence approval, psychological aggression, or intimate partner violence, but Christian fundamentalism did with violence approval & intimate partner violence.

    Associated Search Terms: Fundamentalism; Religiosity; Violence
  • Cruel Creeds, Virtuous Violence: Religious Violence Across Culture and History.
    Eller, Jack David (2010)
    Amherst, New York: Prometheus.

    Covers a range of religious violence: war, terrorism, sacrifice, self-injury, persecution, ethno-religious conflict, as well as non-violence.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Non-violent; Persecution; Violence
  • Theocratic Democracy: The Social Construction of Religious and Secular Extremism.
    Ben-Yehuda, Nachman (2010)
    New York: Oxford University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Israel; Israel; Violence; Theocracy; Jewish, Haredi
  • Why Are There so Many Engineers among Islamic Radicals?
    Gambetta, Diego, and Steffen Hertog (2009)
    European Journal of Sociology 50:2: 201-230.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Islamicist; Engineers
  • Religion and intimate partner violence in Chile: Micro- and macro-level influences.
    Lehrer, Evelyn L., Vivian Lehrer, and Ramona Krauss (2009)
    Social Science Research 38:3: 635-643.

    Associated Search Terms: Spouse abuse; Violence; Chile
  • Averting Apocalpyse at Rajneeshpuram.
    Goldman, Marion S. (2009)
    Sociology of Religion 70:3: 311-327.

    Factors contributing to avoiding violence between the controversial commune & outside agents.

    Associated Search Terms: Rajneesh; United States, Oregon, Rajneeshpuram; Violence; Conflict
  • Denied Violence, Glorified Fighting. Spiritual Dicipline and Controversy in Ananda Marga.
    Voix, Raphaël (2008)
    Nova religio 12:1: 3-25.

    Based on international field work; notes the difference between official history and legend in Ananda Marga.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Violence; Ananda Marga
  • Religion, Politics, and Suicide Bombing: An Interpretive Essay.
    Brym, Robert Joseph (2008)
    Cahiers canadiens de sociologie/Canadian Journal of Sociology 33:1: 89-108.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Suicide; Violence
  • Élus, miliciens et prophètes. Violences au Mont Elgon, Kenya, 2006-2008.
    Médard, Claire (2008)
    Politique Africaine 109:150-166.

    Associated Search Terms: Kenya; Politics, Kenya; Prophet; Violence
  • Religion, Violence et Politique Chez les Mayas du Chiapas.
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (2008)
    Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions 141: 93-111.

    Associated Search Terms: Mayan; Mexico, Chiapas; Politics, Mexico; Violence
  • Anglican Clergy as Victims of Routinized Violent Activities in Urban and Rural Localities.
    Downey, David, Jonathan Gabe, and Maria O'Beirne (2008)
    Sociology 42:1: 83-99.

    Associated Search Terms: Clergy; Church of England; Violence; Great Britain; Urban/rural; Victim; Criminology
  • O pentecostalismo em contextos de violência: uma etnografia das relações entre pentecostais e traficantes em Magé.
    Teixeira, Cesar Pinheiro (2008)

    Associated Search Terms: Criminology; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Magé; Pentecostal, Brazil; Violence; Participant observation; Drug
  • Islamitischer Terrorismus und die Hermeneutik des Terrors.
    Schulze, Reinhard (2007)
    Sozial Welt 17: 77-109.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Islam; Terrorism
  • The Sword against the Crescent: Religion and Violence in Muslim Southeast Asia.
    Hefner, Robert W. (2007)
    In Linell E. Cady and Sheldon W. Simon (eds.) Religion and Conflcit in South and Southeast Asia. New York: Routledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Conflict; Islam; Violence; Asia, Southeast
  • Psychopathologies and the Attribution of Charisma. A Critical Introduction to the Psychology of Charisma and the Explanation of Violence in New Religious Movements.
    Dawson, Lorne L. (2006)
    Nova religio 10:2: 3-78.

    Discusses the contributions & shortcomings of psychological explanations.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Violence; Charisma
  • Les Islamistes Marocaines: Réseaux Locaux ou Mondiaux?
    Clement, Jean-François (2006)
    Recherches sociologiques 2006:2: 37-50.

    Associated Search Terms: Islam, Morocco; Morocco; Violence
  • Peur et religion: de la violence d'Etat à la violence privatisée.
    Corten, André (2006)
    Social Compass 53:2: 185-194.

    Associated Search Terms: Latin America; Pentecostal, Latin America; Violence; Individualism
  • Scientific Evaluation of the Dangers Posed by Religious Groups. A Partial Model.
    Kent, Stephen A. (2006)
    In Pauline Coté and T. Jeremy Gunn (eds.) La nouelle question religieuse. Régulation ou ingérence de l'État?/The New Religious Question: State Regulation or State Interference? Bern, Switzerland: P.I.E.-Peter Lang, pp. 343-370.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Prejudice, sexism; Corporal punishment; Abuse
  • Le terrorisme islamiste au Maroc.
    Dialmy, Abdessamad (2005)
    Social Compass 52:1: 67-82.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Morocco; Islam, Morocco
  • Explaining Militarization at Waco: The Construction and Convergence of the Warfare Narrative.
    Wright, Stuart A. (2005)
    In James R. Lewis and Jesper Aagaard petersen (eds.), Controversial New Religions. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 79-97.

    Associated Search Terms: Violence; Waco; Branch Davidian
  • Witchcraft, Violence, and Democracy in South Africa.
    Ashford, Adam (2005)
    Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Witch; Violence; South Africa
  • Linking Research and Social Action: Violence, Religion and the Family.
    Nason-Clark, Nancy (2005)
    Review of Religious Research 46:3: 221-234.

    Associated Search Terms: Social problem; Family; Violence; Applied
  • Violence and New Religious Movements.
    Bromley, David G. (2004)
    In James R. Lewis (ed.)The Oxford Handbook of New Religious Movements. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 143-162.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Violence
  • "Race" Religion and Riots: The "Racialization" of Communal Identity and Conflict in India.
    Baber, Zaheer (2004)
    Sociology 38:4: 701-718.

    Associated Search Terms: India; Race; Violence; Identity; Conflict
  • Religião, violência e poder politico numa favela da Baixada Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro).
    Alves, José Cláudio Souza (2004)
    Ciências sociais e religião/Ciências sociales y religión 6:6: 153-178.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics; Brazil, Rio de Janeiro; Power; Violence; Urban
  • Globalized Islam. The Search for a New Ummah.
    Roy, Olivier (2004)
    New York: Columbia University Press.

    Maintains that Islam & other religions are increasingly detached from governments, cultures, & formal religious authorities. This is particularly the case with Islamic neo-fundamentalism. [Revised, expanded & updated from L'Islam mondialisé, 2002]

    Associated Search Terms: Deterritorialization; Violence; Transnational; Secularization; Politics; Minority; Islam; Individualism; Identity; Differentiation; Assimilation; Globalization
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