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  • Faith agaisnt the storm: Filipino immigrant mobilizations for Hurricane Katrina evacuees.
    Cherry, Stephen M., and Amy Lucas (2016)
    Social Compass 63:3: 354-371.

    Based on 2007-10 participant observation, interviews, and survey data from Filipino Americans in Houston. Involvement in religious organizations facilitated Houston Filipino volunteers in assisting Filipinos displaced from New Orleans and elsewhere on the Gulf Coast by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic, U.S.A.; United States, Texas, Houston; Voluntary action research; Volunteering; Disaster; Filipino Americans
  • Churches as voluntary associations: Their contributions to democracy as a public voice and source of social and political involvement.
    Dehart, Joep, and Paul Dekker (2005)
    In Sigrid Ro?teutscher (ed.) Democracy and the Role of Associations: Political, Organizational and Social Contexts. London: Routledge, pp. 168-196.

    Associated Search Terms: Civic engagement; Democracy; Organization; Voluntary action research; Volunteering
  • Is There a Catholic Sharing Ethic?: A Research Note.
    Rigney, Daniel, Jerome Matz, and Armando J. Abney (2004)
    Sociology of Religion 65:2: 155-165.

    Contrary to a theory of a Catholic communitarian ethic, Catholics volunteer less than others in the U.S.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntary action research; Catholic, U.S.A.; Protestant, U.S.A.; Jewish, U.S.A.; United States
  • Kitchen Work: The Everyday Practice of Religion, Cooking, and Caring for People with AIDS.
    Bender, Courtney J. (1997)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, Princeton University.

    Ethnography of implicit religion (without using the term) in a non-religiously affiliated social service agency that prepared food for people with AIDS.

    Associated Search Terms: AIDS; Everyday life; Implicit religion; Privatism; United States, New York, New York; Participant observation; Social services; Voluntary action research
  • The Contribution of Religion to Volunteer Work.
    Wilson, John, and Thomas Janoski (1995)
    Sociology of Religion 56:2: 137-152.

    Analyzes interview data from a 1965, '73, & '82 youth/parent socialization panel study.

    Associated Search Terms: Conservative, U.S.A.; Voluntary action research; Catholic, U.S.A.; Liberal, U.S.A.; Socialization
  • From Commitment to Action: How Religious Involvement Affects Giving and Volunteering.
    Hodgkinson, Virginia A., Murray S. Weitzman, and Arthur D. Kirsch (1990)
    In Robert Wuthnow and Virginia A. Hodgkinson (eds.), Faith and Philanthropy in America: Exploring the Role of Religion in America's Voluntary Sector. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, pp. 93-114.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntary action research; Contributions
  • Being Religious and Being Altruistic: A Study of College Service Volunteers.
    Bernt, Frank M. (1989)
    Personality and Individual Differences 10:6: 663-669.

    Analyzes questionnaire data from undergraduates; finds volunteering related to intrinsic religiosity rather than to religiosity per se.

    Associated Search Terms: Students, undergraduate; Altruism; Voluntary action research; Intrinsic/extrinsic
  • Religion and Helping Charitable Cases.
    Hunsberger, Bruce E., and Ellen Platnow (1986)
    Journal of Psychology 120:6: 517-528.

    Reports experiments with undergraduates; shows religion per se unrelated to volunteering for a charitable cause, though intrinsic religion is so related. Religion was related to helping religious causes.

    Associated Search Terms: Experiment; Students, undergraduate; Intrinsic/extrinsic; Voluntary action research; Altruism
  • Compartmentalization and Parochialism in Religious and Voluntary Action Research.
    Moberg, David O. (1983)
    Review of Religious Research 24:4: 318-321.

    Critique of much of the voluntary action research literature, which is shown to neglect church membership & participation as variables.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntary action research; Methodology
  • Churches are Generally Ignored in Contemporary Voluntary Action Research: Causes and Consequences.
    Smith, David Horton (1983)
    Review of Religious Research 24:4: 295-303.

    A separation of research into sacred & secular topics tends to deny both church & non-church action agencies useful knowledge.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntary action research
  • The Church as a Formal Voluntary Organization.
    Scherer, Ross P. (1972)
    In David Horton Smith, Richard D. Reddy, and Burt R. Baldwin 9eds.) Voluntary Action Research 1972. Lexington, Massachusetts: Lexington Books, pp. 81-108.

    Associated Search Terms: Voluntary action research; Organization
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