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  • The religious context of welfare attitudes.
    VanHeuvelen, Tom (2014)
    Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 53:2: 268-295.

    Analyzes 2006 International Social Survey Program data from 17 nations. The more religiously homogeneous, especially Catholic, nations are more supportive of governmental economic intervention.

    Associated Search Terms: Practice; Politics; Pluralism; Membership; Homogeneity; Welfare
  • Why no Religious Politics? The Secularization of Poor Relief and Primary Education in Denmark and Sweden.
    Kaspersen, lars Bo, and Johannes Lindvall (2008)
    European Journal of Sociology 49:1: 119-143.

    Associated Search Terms: Denmark; Education; Secularization; Sweden; Welfare
  • Free-market and Religious Fundamentalists Versus Poor Relief.
    Hicks, Alexander (2006)
    American Sociological Review 71: 503-510.

    Comment on an article about free-market theory & the welfare retrenchments in Britain in the 1830s & U.S.A. in the 1990s. Maintains that Christian Evangelicalism played a role. A reply by the original authors, Margaret Somers & Fred Block, follows.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; Welfare; Politics, U.S.A.; Politics, Great Britain; Economic
  • The Dark Side of the Protestant Ethic: A Comparative Analysis of Welfare Reform.
    Hudson, Kenneth, and Andrea Coukos (2005)
    Sociological Theory 23:1: 1-24.

    Compares 19th & 20th century efforts in the U.S. to cut back on public relief; the work ethic described by Max Weber appears to motivate such efforts.

    Associated Search Terms: Historical; United States; Protestant Ethic; Welfare
  • The Religious Roots of Modern Poverty Policy: Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed Protestant Tradition Compared.
    Kahl, Sigrun (2005)
    Archives européennes de sociologie 46:1: 91-126.

    Associated Search Terms: Catholic; Poverty; Calvinist; Lutheran; Comparative; Welfare; Historical
  • State welfare spending and religiosity: A cross-national analysis.
    Gill, Anthony, and Erik Lundsgaarde (2004)
    Rationality and Society 16: 399-436.

    Associated Search Terms: Welfare; Religiosity; State
  • The Catholic "Consistent Life Ethic" and Attitudes toward Capital Punishment and Welfare Reform.
    Perl, Paul, and Jamie S. McClintock (2001)
    Sociology of Religion 62:3: 275-299.

    Analyzes 1996 survey data; shows a "consistent life ethic" for Catholics, especially among frequent mass attenders.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, U.S.A.; Capital punishment; Abortion; Welfare; Moral; Catholic, U.S.A.
  • "Blessed Are the Poor:" American Protestantism and Attitudes Toward Poverty and Welfare”
    Wilson, J. Matthew (1999)
    Southeastern Political Review 27:3: 421-437.

    Mainline, Evangelical, & African American Protestants view the poor & those on welfare differently.

    Associated Search Terms: Liberal Protestant, U.S.A..; Poverty; Evangelical, U.S.A.; African Americans; Protestant, U.S.A.; Welfare
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