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  • No money, no honey, no church: The deinstitutionalization of religious life among white working class.
    Wilcox, W. Bradford, Andrew J. Cherlin, Jeremy E. Uecker, and Matthew Messel (2012)
    Research in the Socology of Work 23: 227-250.

    Attendance among moderately educated whites declined relative to that among college-educated whites. Economic characteristics, current & past family characteristics, & attitudes toward premarital sex, each explain part of the decline.

    Associated Search Terms: United States; Class; Family; Sexual attitudes; Working class; Practice
  • Work and Faith in the Kentucky Coal Fields: Subject to Dust.
    Callahan, Richard (2009)
    Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Labor; Working class; United States, Kentucky; United States, Appalachia
  • Gospel of wealth, gospel of work: Counterhegemony in th U.S. working class.
    Durrenberger, E. Paul, and Dimitra Doukas (2008)
    American Anthropologist 110: 214-224.

    Associated Search Terms: Class; Counterculture; Hegemony; United States; Working class
  • La Religion dans la Vie Quotidienne d'un Groupe Populaire Brésilien.
    Fonseca, Claudia (1991)
    Archives de sciences sociales des religions 73: 125-139.

    Ethnographic report on popular, syncretistic religion in a working class neighborhood of Porto Alegre; focuses on belief in the big eye & the practice of private baptism.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Baptism; Syncretism; Working class; Brazil, Porto Alegre; Popular religion
  • Metodismo y clase obrera en México (1878-1910).
    Bastian, Jean-Pierre (1987)
    Christus 52/603-04: 36-50.

    Associated Search Terms: Mexico; Methodist, Mexico; Stratification; Working class
  • La Iglesia y los origenes del moviemiento obrero en Chile (1880-1920).
    Salinas C., Maximiliano (1987)
    Revista mexicana de sociologia 49:3: 171-184.

    Reviews the emergence of a Christian worker movement, despite clerical efforts at opposition & co-optation; illustrates with popular lyrics.

    Associated Search Terms: Music; Chile; Catholic, Chile; Working class; Historical; Politics, Chile
  • Pluridade religiosa nas sociedades complexas e religiosidade das classes trabalhadoras.
    Duarte, Louis Fernando Dias (1983)
    Boletim do Museu Nacional 41: 54-63.

    Associated Search Terms: Working class; Pluralism
  • Israel's Right-wing Jewish Proletariat.
    Yishai, Yael (1982)
    Jewish Journal of Sociology 24:2: 87-98.

    Analyzes patterns in the 1981 general election in Israel; notes the shift of working class Oriental Jews toward the conservative Likud Party, party because of that party's favorable stance toward religious observance.

    Associated Search Terms: Politics, Israel; Israel; Working class; Jewish, Israel
  • Tendences Actuelles dans les Recherches Sociologiques sur la Thème "Religion et Classe Ouvrière."
    Cipriani, Roberto (1980)
    Social Compass 27:2/3: 297-305.

    Reviews many studies & concludes that class & work ethics do not alone allow a complete analysis; culture & values must be studied as well.

    Associated Search Terms: Working class
  • Is Religion Incidental? Religiousness of the West German Worker.
    Schmieder, Arnold (1980)
    Social Compass 27:2/3: 243-253.

    Reviews the literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Working class; Germany, West
  • Religiosità nel mondo operaio. Una inchiesta nel varesotto.
    Brunetta, Giuseppe (1978)
    Aggiornamenti sociali 28:11: 707-720.

    Associated Search Terms: Working class; Italy, Varese; Religiosity
  • Millways of Kent.
    Morland, J. Kenneth (1958)
    Chapel Hill: Univesity of North Carolina Press.

    Based on participant observation & interviews in a community in South Carolina; Ch. 6 provides a description of organized religion among working class migrants to a mill town.

    Associated Search Terms: Working class; Stratification; Serpent handling; Community study; Typology; United States, South Carolina
  • La Dechristianisation des Masses Proletariennes.
    Cercle d'Etudes Sociales Godofroid Kurth (1948)
    Paris: Casterman.

    Associated Search Terms: Belgium; Working class; Secularization
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