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  • Conversión e identidad en el budismo zen argentno. Un enfoque etnográfico.
    Carini, Catón (2014)
    Revista cultura y religión 8:2: 247-264.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Argentina; Conversion; Identity; Argentina; Zen, Argentina
  • Zen in Brazil: The quest for cosmopolitan modernity.
    Rocha, Cristina (2006)
    Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

    Associated Search Terms: Zen, Brazil; Brazil; Modern
  • Le Bouddhisme mondialisé. Une perspective sociologique sur la globalisation du religieux.
    Liogier, Raphaël (2004)
    Paris: Ellipses

    Analyzes the westernization of the Buddhist traditions, globally, with special focus on Asian nations & France, some information on North America and the U.K.. The westernized traditions legitimate political engagement at the infra- & supra-state levels. Uses a typology of Buddhism: pietist-culturalist, nationalist-moralist, elitist-culturalist, intimist-individualist, & solardist-universalist.

    Associated Search Terms: Buddhist, Thailand; Buddhist, Korea; Activism; Buddhist, China; Buddhist, France; Buddhist, Sri Lanka; Buddhist, India; Buddhist, Tibet; Buddhist, U.S.A.; Buddhist, Vietnam; Buddhist, Great Britain; Phenomenology; Zen; Soka Gakkai, France; Soka Gakkai; Buddhist, Japan; Globalization; Buddhist; Buddhist, Burma; Falun Gong; Buddhist, Tibetan, France
  • Le zen en Occident: un vieux vin dans une nouvelle bouteille?
    Kone, Alioune (2000)
    Ethnologie française 30:4: 535-543.

    Associated Search Terms: Zen
  • Qu'est-ce que le zen? La reformulation du zen à l'attention de l'Occident.
    Spuler, Michelle (2000)
    Recherches sociologiques 31:3: 33-47.

    Associated Search Terms: Zen
  • Japanese Religion in Australia: Mahikari and Zen in a Multicultural Society.
    Bouma, Gary D., Wendy Smith, and Shiva Vasi (2000)
    In Peter Clarke (ed.) Japanese New Religions in the World. London: Curzon Press, pp. 74-112.

    Associated Search Terms: Mahikari, Australia; Zen, Australia; Buddhist, Australia; Australia
  • The Sociology of Religious Movements.
    Bainbridge, William Sims (1997)
    New York: Routledge

    General treatise written as a text, centered in the "compensator" theory framework & using U.S.A. illustrations.

    Associated Search Terms: Father Divine; Conversion; Transcendental Meditation, U.S.A.; Hare Krishna, U.S.A.; Zen, U.S.A.; Unification Church; Children of God; Process Church of Final Judgment; Moral; New York Mission Society; Sect; Altruism
  • Dereification in Zen Buddhism.
    Moore, Robert J. (1995)
    Sociological Quarterly 36:4: 699-723.

    Conceptual analysis applied to Zen literature.

    Associated Search Terms: Conversion; Reification; Meditation; Zen; Phenomenology; Ethnomethodology
  • Grande azienda e religione.
    Ishii, Kenji (1993)
    Religioni e società 8/17: 98-100.

    Notes the role of Zen in Japanese business.

    Associated Search Terms: Japan; Zen, Japan; Economic
  • Buddhism as a Religion of the Family: Contemporary Images in Soto Zen.
    Reader, Ian (1993)
    In Mark R. Mullins, Shimazon Susuma, and Paul L. Swanson (eds.) Religion and Society in Modern Japan. Berkeley, California: Asian Humanities Press, pp. 139-156.

    Associated Search Terms: Family; Japan; Buddhist, Japan; Zen, Japan
  • Pilgrimage to Japan: An Episode in the American Zen Buddhist Reformation.
    Finney, Henry C. (1992)
    In William H. Swatos, Jr. (ed.), Twentieth-Century World Religious Movement sin Neo-Weberian Perspective. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen, pp. 75-91.

    Based on 1987 participant observation in Japan on the occasion of an American's journey there for confirmation as a teacher in the Soto tradition.

    Associated Search Terms: Zen; Participant observation
  • The Zen Monastic Experience.
    Buswell, Robert E. (1992)
    Princeton: Princeton University Press.

    Account by a former monk, of an eclectically Zen Buddhist monastery in Korea.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Zen, Korea; Korea; Monasticism
  • American Zen's 'Japan Connection': A Critical Case Study of Zen Buddhism's Diffusion to the West.
    Finney, Henry C. (1991)
    Sociological Analysis 52:4: 379-396.

    Reflections on Zen in the U.S.A. as cultural diffusion rather than cult, occasioned by the confirmation of an American Zen teacher in Japan.

    Associated Search Terms: Zen, Japan; Diffusion; Zen, U.S.A.
  • The Social Organization of Zen Practice: Constructing Transcultural Reality.
    Preston, David L. (1988)
    New York: Cambridge University Press.

    Participant observation study of 2 Zen groups in Los Angeles & San Diego, respectively; uses 1980 & '84 interviews.

    Associated Search Terms: Participant observation; Buddhist, U.S.A.; United States, California, San Diego; Zen, U.S.A.; United States, California, Los Angeles
  • Meditative Ritual Practice and Spiritual Conversion-commitment: Theoretical Implications Based on the Case of Zen.
    Preston, David L. (1982)
    Sociological Analysis 43:3: 257-270.

    Proposes theoretical accounts for the transformation undergone by converts in the process of acquiring a new role & learning a new symbol system.

    Associated Search Terms: Zen; Meditation; Ritual; Conversion
  • Getting Saved from the Sixties. Moral Meaning in Conversion and Cultural Change.
    Tipton, Steven M. (1982)
    Berkeley: University of California Press.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; United States, California, San Francisco; Conversion; Moral; Living Word Fellowship, U.S.A.; est, U.S.A.; Zen, U.S.A.
  • Becoming a Zen Practitioner.
    Preston, David L. (1981)
    Sociological Analysis 42:1: 47-55.

    Discusses the role of meditation in the process of conversion to Zen; examines the relevance of physiological results of meditation.

    Associated Search Terms: Symbolic interactionism; Meditation; Conversion; Zen
  • New Religious Movements and the Problem of a Modern Ethic.
    Tipton, Steven M. (1979)
    Sociological Inquiry 49:2/3: 286-312. [Also in Harry M. Johnson (ed.) Religious Change and Continuity. Sociological Perspectives. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1979, pp. 286-312]

    The Zen portion of the article is based on ten 1976 interviews in the San Francisco Bay area.

    Associated Search Terms: New religions; Zen, U.S.A.
  • Dharma West: A Social-Psychological Inquiry into Zen in San Francisco.
    Wise, David Thomas (1972)
    Unpublished Ph.D.. dissertation, University of California at Berkeley.

    Associated Search Terms: United States, California, San Francisco; Zen, U.S.A.
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