George Whitefield's First American Preaching Tour
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George Whitefield
Time Period
1739  - 1740
George Whitefield, an Anglican itinerant preacher, established his reputation as the foremost preacher of the First Great Awakening during his first American preaching tour (1739-1740). It began in Pennsylvania on October 1739 and ended in Savannah on November 1740. During this tour, Whitefield traveled thousands of miles across the colonies on horseback, delivering hundreds of sermons. In larger urban centers, such as Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, he preached to enormous crowds that sometimes exceeded 15,000 people, by far the largest such assemblies up to that point in North American colonial history. Some suggest he may have reached at least half the population of the colonies in which he evangelized.

Whitefield’s tour made innovative use of open-air meetings to maximize the number of people who could attend, and his focus on the necessity of believers experiencing a "new birth" played an important role in influencing future evangelicals.
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