Nerinckx, Charles 
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10/2/1761  - 8/12/1824
Charles Nerinckx was born in Belgium in 1761. He was educated at University of Leuven before moving to the United States in the aftermath of the French Revolution. He first arrived in Maryland in 1804 and then traveled to Kentucky in 1805 where he joined fellow priest Stephen Badin, becoming one of Kentucky’s two principal Catholic missionaries. By 1810, Nerinckx established a home parish in Rough Creek, Missouri, but he also oversaw the operations of ten rural missions. Nerinckx was an advocate of a form of Catholic worship marked by devotionalism and was generally opposed to the practice of intermarriage between Catholics and Protestants. He has been classified as a moral rigorist, which was especially evident in the severe rule he established for the Sisters of Loretto, a religious order he founded. Nerinckx died in 1824.
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Charles Nerinckx portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life of Rev. Charles Nerinckx by Camillus P. Maes

Charles Nerinckx portrait- Internet Archive- from Life and Times of the Most Rev. John Carroll by John Gilmary Shea
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