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ASREC 2012: Chapman University, Orange, CA (March 9-10, 2012)
Conference Summary

  • ASREC 2012 Report

  • Program

    Friday, March 09, 2012

    10:15AM - 10:30AM

    0: ASREC Opening Remarks; James Doti, President of Chapman University

    10:30AM - 12:00PM

    1A: Denominational behavior

        Chair: Laurence Iannaccone (Chapman University)
        Discussants: Anne Bradley (Institute for Faith, Work and Economics)

  • Entry in Local Religious Markets
  •    Robbie Mochrie (Heriot Watt University)
       Neil Ferguson (Heriot-Watt University)
       John Sawkins (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Clergy Regulation of a Local Religious Market
  •    Paul Olson (Briar Cliff University)
  • Exporting Christianity: Governance and Doctrine in the Globalization of US Denominations
  •    Gordon Hanson (University of California, San Diego)

    10:30AM - 12:00PM

    1B: Pro-social behavior 1: Rules and norms

        Chairs: Roman Sheremeta (Chapman University), David Porter (Chapman University)

  • What Can We Know about the Origins of Social Preferences, and Why Does It Matter?
  •    Dan Friedman (University of California, Santa Cruz)
  • Rules, Rule-Following and Cooperation
  •    Erik Kimbrough (Simon Fraser University)
       Alexander Vostroknutov (Maastricht University)
  • (Bad) Luck or (Lack of) Effort?: Comparing Social Sharing Norms between US and Europe
  •    Roman Sheremeta (Chapman University)
       Pedro Rey-Biel (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
       Neslihan Uler (University of Michigan)
  • Religion and cooperative attitudes: Evidence from Indonesia
  •    Arya Gaduh (University of Southern California)

    1:15PM - 2:45PM

    2A: Book Manuscripts in Economic History and Religion

  • Kibbutz: The Economics of a Social Experiment
  •    Ran Abramitzky (Stanford University)
  • The Economics of Conflict in the Name of God
  •    Murat Iyigun (University of Colorado)
  • God, Power, and Printing: The Institutional Roots of Economic Success and Stagnation in the Middle East and Europe until 1600
  •    Jared Rubin (Chapman University)

    1:15PM - 2:45PM

    2B: Quantitative studies of religious behavior

        Chair: Paul Olson (Briar Cliff University)
        Discussants: Wafa Orman (University of Alabama, Huntsville)

  • Strategic Behavior and Organizational Structure in Religious Bodies: How it Impacts on the Age of Leaders
  •    Don Wittman (University of California, Santa Cruz)
  • Bishops, Nuns and Catholic Schools: The Unintended Consequences of Vatican II
  •    Osea Giuntella (Boston University)
       Rania Gihleb (Boston University)
  • From Empty Pews to Empty Cradles: Fertility Decline Among European Catholics
  •    Eli Berman (University of California San Diego)
       Laurence Iannaccone (Chapman University)
       Giuseppe Ragusa (Libera University)

    3:00PM - 4:30PM

    3B: Experiments in the Economics of Religion

        Chair: Eric Schniter (Chapman University)
        Discussant: Brock Stoddard (Indiana University)

  • Free Riding with Other People’s Money: Contributions to Public Goods by Trustees
  •    Wafa Orman (University of Alabama, Huntsville)
       Sandra Peart (University of Richmond)
       Michael Makowsky (Towson University)
  • Yeast
  •    Mark Isaac (Florida State University)
       Douglas Norton (Florida State University)
  • The Parable of the Great Banquet: Insights from Laboratory Economics
  •    Douglas Norton (Florida State University)
       Mark Isaac (Florida State University)

    3:00PM - 4:30PM

    3A: Innovations in the Measurement of Religion

        Chair: Eli Berman (University of California San Diego)

  • The Measurement Archive: Assessing the Measurement of Religion
  •    Christopher Bader (Chapman University)
  • Innovations in Survey Design and Measures: Preliminary Progress at the ARDA
  •    Roger Finke (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Religion and Public goods provision: Evidence from Catholicism and Islam
  •    Carolyn Warner (Arizona State University)

    4:45PM - 5:45PM

    4A: ASREC Evening Social

    6:00PM - 7:00PM

    4B: Keynote Address: Q&A Session with Vernon Smith, Larry Iannaccone, Roger Finke, and Sriya Iyer

        Chair: Jared Rubin (Chapman University)

    9:00PM - 10:45PM

    4C: ASREC Late Night Social

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    8:30AM - 10:00AM

    5A: Historical roots of religious tradition

        Chair: Charles North (Baylor University)
        Discussant: Robbie Mochrie (Heriot Watt University)

  • Resisting Education
  •    Jean-Paul Carvalho (University of California, Irvine)
       Mark Koyama (George Mason University)
  • Taxes, Lawyers, and the Decline of Witchcraft in France
  •    Mark Koyama (George Mason University)
       Noel Johnson (George Mason University)
  • Transcending Incentives and Bias in the Quest for the Historical Jesus
  •    Sean F. Everton (Naval Postgraduate School)

    8:30AM - 10:00AM

    5B: Religion and Economic Outcomes in South Asia

        Chair: Sriya Iyer (University of Cambridge)
        Discussants: Myriam Hadnes (Goethe University, Frankfurt)

  • Institutions and Literacy in the Princely States
  •    Latika Chaudhary (Scripps College)
       Jared Rubin (Chapman University)
  • Muslim Legislators and Hindu-Muslim Violence
  •    Lakshmi Iyer (Harvard Business School)
       Sonia Bhalotra (University of Bristol)
       Irma Clots-Figueras (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid )

    10:15AM - 11:45AM

    6B: Church, state and local control

        Chair: Carolyn Warner (Arizona State University)
        Discussant: Mark Koyama (George Mason University)

  • Risk Averse and Trustful? Religious Activity, Risk Assessment, and Economic Behavior Empirical Evidence from German Survey Data
  •    Anja Koebrich Leon (Leuphana University)
  • Craft Guilds and Risk-Sharing in Late Medieval England: Links Between Social and Economic Change
  •    Gary Richardson (University of California, Irvine)
  • The Political Economy of Church and State
  •    Charles North (Baylor University)
       Carl Gwin (Baylor University)

    10:15AM - 11:45AM

    6A: Pro-social behavior 2: Charity and cooperation: CANCELLED

    1:00PM - 2:30PM

    7B: Expressions of preferences

        Chair: Roger Finke (Pennsylvania State University)
        Discussant: Andrea Molle (Chapman University)

  • An Empirical Investigation of Preference Falsification, Internet Access, and Institutional Change
  •    Michael Makowsky (Towson University)
  • Skin Color Discrimination in Early twentieth century America
  •    Roy Mill (Stanford University)
       Luke Stein (Stanford University)
  • The Gods are Watching - An Experimental Study in Burkina Faso
  •    Myriam Hadnes (Goethe University, Frankfurt)

    1:00PM - 2:30PM

    7A: Religion as a factor in economic development

        Chair: Anja Koebrich Leon (Leuphana University)
        Discussant: Lakshmi Iyer (Harvard Business School)

  • Communication and Marketing of Services by Religious Organizations in India
  •    Sriya Iyer (University of Cambridge)
       Chander Velu (University of Cambridge)
       Abdul Mumit (University of Cambridge)
  • On the Road to Heaven: Historical Origins of the Religious Economic Gap in Egypt
  •    Mohamed Saleh (University of Southern California)
  • Bank-Insured RoSCA for Microfinance: Experimental Evidence in Poor Egyptian Villages
  •    Mahmoud El-Gamal (Rice University)
       Mohamed El-Komi (University of Durham)
       Dean Karlan (Yale University)
       Adam Osman (Yale University)

    2:45PM - 4:15PM

    8B: Consequences of the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

        Chair: Christopher Bader (Chapman University)
        Discussants: Michael McBride (University of California, Irvine)

  • Does religion foster pro-social behavior? Evidence from an Event Study of the Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandals in the US
  •    Ricardo Perez-Truglia (Harvard University)
       Nico Bottan (University of Illinois)
  • Negative Publicity and Catholic Schools
  •    Rey Hernández-Julián (Metropolitan State College of Denver)
       Angela K. Dills (Providence College)
  • Substitution and Stigma: Evidence on Religious Competition from the Catholic Sex-Abuse Scandal
  •    Dan Hungerman (University of Notre Dame)

    2:45PM - 4:15PM

    8A: Costly Signaling: Theory and Evidence

        Chair: Mark Isaac (Florida State University)
        Discussant: Mark Isaac (Florida State University)

  • Rebuilding Damaged Trust with Apology, Promises, and Atonement
  •    Eric Schniter (Chapman University)
       Roman Sheremeta (Chapman University)
       Daniel Sznycer (University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Risk and the Evolution of Human Exchange
  •    Hilliard Kaplan (University of New Mexico & Santa Fe Institute)
       Eric Schniter (Chapman University)
       Vernon Smith (ESI, Chapman University)
       Bart Wilson (ESI, Chapman University)
  • Trust, Reciprocity and Rules
  •    Timothy Shields (Chapman University)
       Thomas Rietz (University of Iowa)
       Eric Schniter (Chapman University)
       Roman Sheremeta (Chapman University)

    4:30PM - 5:30PM

    9A: ASREC Saturday Evening Social

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